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In an announcement made on Monday, Third-ranking US wireless carrier T-Mobile said that it has partnered with Cuban wireless provider, Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, S.
The team-up between T-Mobile and ETECSA basically underscores an interconnect and roaming arrangement, which will enable T-Mobile to provide affordable voice calls to subscribers who want to get in touch with their friends and relatives on the island. As a result of the deal between T-Mobile and ETECSA, it will also be possible for T-Mobile subscribers -- with effect from July this year -- to access voice, text, and data roaming advantages even when they take their handsets with them to Cuba. Along with allowing customers to use their T-Mobile smartphones while visiting Cuba, the deal which T-Mobile has worked out with ETECSA will also give the US wireless carrier the ability to offer a 65 percent savings on calls between the US and Cuba. Square Enix's 'Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius' role-playing game (RPG) for iOS and Android devices is set for launch in the West later this spring. China's Dakang Australia has been looking forward to sign a deal to buy Kidman, one of the Australia's biggest beef producers and owner of farm assets. German drugmaker Merck said that its experimental cancer medicine evofosfamidehas failed in the last stage of clinical tests due to which it won't seek regulatory approval for its treatment.
Google released that they are experimenting with a new mobile friendly ranking algorithm in December 2014 and announced it officially in February 2015.
This update will only impact mobile searches and will give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results only. I made my site mobile friendly today, how long will it take Google to pick up on those changes? On a side note, we were happy to note that our sites meet the Mobile-friendly requirements!
Gayathri is co-founder and President of fusionSpan, a technology consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of small staff Non-Profit associations.
In early 2015, goHenry hired us to increase the effectiveness of its digital marketing, and grow its market share. Note that “we” refers to a team effort between Conversion Rate Experts (with our expertise and proven system) and goHenry (with its highly effective team). They balanced strategy and execution with aplomb”—Dean Brauer, Founding Director of goHenry.
When we start working with new clients, we look for the big opportunities, the changes we can put in place quickly that will have a lasting—and scalable—effect on the business. We studied its analytics data to understand existing traffic sources—which channels were converting best, and where were the big opportunities for growth. We had a session with the goHenry team to discuss its current approach to making changes on the website. We used a Business Model Canvas to document the parts of the business, and to identify the “winning business model” for goHenry. We took time to understand the regulatory regime in which goHenry operates (which can be particularly onerous for FinTech companies). The winning business model for goHenry required it to grow incredibly quickly—a strategy that we’ve applied successfully with many of our clients. The success of goHenry depended on mobile users, so we’d need to build the workflow around mobile from the get-go. No different, that is, apart from one crucial detail: When optimizing for mobile, listen to what the mobile visitors are telling you. Sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked—even by companies with sophisticated mobile websites. In fact—as we discovered when we gathered data on goHenry’s visitors—mobile users can have very different intentions, likes and objections to their desktop counterparts. They were 40% more likely to have concerns about trust and security (which are tough objections for a FinTech to overcome). Gather and analyze data on your mobile visitors in isolation—otherwise valuable insights could be lost in the noise. Knee-deep in insights about goHenry’s mobile visitors, we set about designing a new mobile conversion funnel. Using our insights on mobile visitors—and our workflow for developing high-converting pages for them—we created a new landing page for goHenry.
At 2.5 m tall on mobile, our new page may have problems getting through doorways, but it had no problem beating the original page by 78%. Our mobile visitors were intrigued but had many strong objections—as you would expect when selling a new financial product for children. A long page allows us to address systematically all of the key objections, starting with the strongest. Then, as each objection was addressed, we gave the prospect an opportunity to proceed through the funnel by sprinkling the “call to action” throughout the page. Our research revealed that mobile visitors landed on the website with only a vague idea of what was being offered. Just some of the ways we used to communicate the offer on mobile (all taken from the same page).
Selling a new financial product and selling a new product for children are two of the toughest gigs in town. By using the trust inherent in the Visa brand, we wiped out issues with trust and credibility. The answer lay in the fact that goHenry is backed by Visa, one of the world’s most well-known and trusted financial institutions.

By positioning Visa much more prominently as part of the proposition—even to the extent that the goHenry brand was marginalized—we leveraged the trust inherent in Visa and made it our own.
When you’ve gathered loads of insights on your visitors, it’s crazy to focus only on the website. Facebook was goHenry’s primary source of acquisition, so it was an obvious candidate for us to work on. We knew that price was a major pain point for prospects, so we turned our attention to the pricing page. In the absence of obvious competitors to goHenry, prospects were using bank accounts as their “frame of reference.” But bank accounts are free. Pricing objections peaked on the pricing page, so we added our primary counter-objection: the free trial. It won because our research told us that half of the visitors to the homepage were originally from the same source as those on the landing page—they were just returning for a second look. Recycle, recycle, recycle—if you have winning content, look for other places you can use it. Having made a huge impact increasing sign-ups, we turned our attention to the activation funnel. Before we began optimizing the card-activation stage, we carried out dedicated usability studies.
There were a several “cognitive barriers” on the journey, things that made members stop and think, diverting attention from the task at hand. Be ruthless when designing your journeys—focus only on what’s necessary to complete the task in hand.
Our research told us that half of the children knew about the card before it arrived in the mail. It followed that if we could make more kids aware of the card, more cards would be activated.
Each interaction between finger and screen expresses an intent—and you need to understand what it is.
For maximum insights, use mobile screen recording software to capture usability tests (or simply record the test on another device). If you’re working in financial services—or any tightly regulated vertical—you’ll need to work closely with risk and compliance teams. On the website, we’re working on the sign-up funnel, as well as other key parts of the journey such as forgotten password and referrals. What’s unusual about this rebuild is that it has been done iteratively, and with conversion at the heart of every decision. We have deliberately ignored desktop in this article, despite the fact that we’ve worked extensively on goHenry’s desktop website. If you are serious about becoming great at conversion, you should download our amazingly useful free reports.
If you'd like us to dramatically improve your website, visit our "Services" page and then contact us for more information.
Tom Leung, former Senior Business Product Manager at Google speaking about Conversion Rate Experts. Plus email notification of new tools, research and conversion insights as soon as we get them. The latest ranking for foundry market has been complied that shows Samsung on the fourth spot.
The TSMC – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co and UMC are in the first and third place respectively. We may get to see a different and better picture for Samsung in the next few months thanks to Qualcomm production.
You do not need to do all the things mentioned above because it might be impossible to handle everything alone. The only way to know if your site is already indexed as mobile friendly is to see if your site has the mobile friendly label in the mobile search results. Google will automatically pick-up and re-index your site, but it can take up yo 72-hours to display your web pages as mobile friendly in the search results. Since the links appear very close to one another on a small mobile screen, this could lead to unintentional clicks on the wrong link. She has extensive experience in evaluating current IT infrastructure for small-staff associations and assisting them in implementing solutions that are scalable based on future needs.
Businesses like this tend to be “winner takes all.” goHenry had the first-mover advantage, which can be formidable provided the pace is kept up. Each time, before we make any changes on the website, we listen to what the visitors are telling us. Remember, goHenry is a product for children, so this affected the mechanics of the new funnel as well as the messaging we used. Coupled with their strong objections, we were dealing with seriously volatile visitors, liable to self-destruct (leave the website) at any time.
Done right, this can be especially effective on mobile, where attention spans are as small as the screens. Most of our clients have elements that could be highly persuasive to prospects, but that the prospects rarely see.
Every interaction a prospect, visitor or customer has with your business is an opportunity for optimization. We optimized goHenry’s Facebook ad campaign, applying multivariate-testing to its ad creatives. We communicated that goHenry is much more than a payment account—it’s an online learning tool. We added a section covering all the great free features bundled with goHenry, and an image showing how much “stuff” you get. So it followed that they would have the same objections, and be persuaded by the same appeals.

When a child’s card arrives in the mail, the parent must first activate it before it can be used. Many parents didn’t consider themselves members at this point, so weren’t sure they were in the right place. When parents were asked to load money into their account, they had to define the amount in terms of a weekly allowance (unnecessary decision #1), and how many weeks’ allowance to add (unnecessary decision #2).
Now, if you’ve got kids you’ll know how persuasive they can be, so it came as no surprise that parents were more likely to activate when their child knew about the card.
Tools like Lookback allow you to build an army of usability testers—or test recruiters—and have the videos land right in your inbox. Performance and conversion often nosedive, and expensive—and time-consuming—remedial action is necessary. If you’d like to see some example of how to improve conversion on desktop, visit our case studies page or our “Clients and Results” page. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Online Trends! If you are promoting paid apps, then contests and coupons with discount could be just the right strategy for you. If you have an unlimited budget, then things get a lot easier, but if you are tight on money, you’ll have to work very hard to successfully promote your mobile app.
Prior to co-founding fusionSpan, Gayathri headed up the Information Technology department at the National Genealogical Society and also worked at the Association of American Geographers. By sending the ads to our winning landing pages, we increased the number of sign-ups by 191% (that’s nearly three times). Many companies make the mistake of assuming that they don’t need to do any selling on their pricing page.
Then, we combine the wireframes with screenshots to create a semi-working version of the entire funnel. All the way from Germany, Marcus is a co-founder and the managing director at ( an innovative tool for website management and better visibility in the search engines). Maybe it might be difficult to get a review from the big ones, but you can definitely find some decent blogs to work with.
If people subscribe to your newsletter, it means they are interested in what you are offering. However, if you are a really busy person or you are not very good at this, you can always partner with companies offering marketing service. However, Samsung can have opportunities in the future to improve itself in this industry by ushering in more number of clients as it is the only producer of the newest flagship processor from Qualcomm. His 303 slides were packed with information on what’s in store for search engines in the future, what is Google up to and how Google is improving it’s artificial intelligence to better help users and businesses. If you want even better results, you can partner with app store optimization company which will do the job for you.
Usually, owners allow putting some links to your personal website, so this could not only be a good promotion but even an improvement for the SEO. You can choose many different places where you can advertise: Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
If you have no idea which ones are reliable, our recommendation would be ASOTop1 that offers the best app store optimization service and guides. The next speaker was Bridget Randolph, Consultant at Distilled ( An online marketing agency with offices in London, New York and Seattle).
There are so many apps in the market right now that people are unable to try every application available on the market. They will analyze your mobile app and optimize everything to help you rank high in App Store. Did you know that back in 2012 the mobile data usage was 12 times more than the internet usage in 2000?
Bridget’s main point throughout the presentation was - the mobile search landscape is changing.
There are many ways you can do that, but I will try to list only the most effective techniques that could be used to promote mobile apps effectively. This statement was backed up with numbers, “52% of UK users say that mobile is their primary way to access the web”. Back in December, we attended an event GetMobile15 where one of the speakers established that our mobile phone is the first thing we look at when we open our eyes in the morning. They know where you are, who your friends are and they can even tell if you are walking or running. Bridget explained the impact of mobile on search rankings (after Google introduced the mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor), how AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) changed the way we browse the internet and much more.
Oli Gardner is the Co-Founder of Unbounce ( a tool to help you build, test and publish landing pages without IT or software) and provided us with some useful insights on how to build the “ ultimate landing page”. He started off by stating that “clarity is the most important aspect of the conversion equation”.
He followed this statement with several case studies on landing pages that were tested using the Usability Hub’s 5 - second test. Most common mistakes among these tests included points like :Swapping places of your Headline and Subhead for extra clarityNot asking your customers to write the headline for you Other tips and tricks we learned from Oli were regarding the length of a lead generation form, how far below the fold are people scrolling, position of the call to action buttons and much more.
The team here at Web Together came back with new ideas, insights and recommendations that we will definitely be putting into practice.

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