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That’s fine and dandy, and pretty darn obvious to boot, but how do I get to brag to my grandchildren of how I made money from them?
Regardless if you have a small business, a medium one, a large enterprise or have an idea for a startup company, mobility is a competitive edge where your product or service can be just a tap away from your customer. Despite everything that’s written and reiterated every day, the mobile app market is young. In a mobile app market that reached $30 bn (ABI Research) in revenues in 2012, a lot of companies and businesses followed the app hype with their own products and services. It was the promised land of opportunities but many jumped in the mobile app bandwagon with no clear destination. Today we’re going to cover the magic of what it means to integrate a mobile strategy through mobile apps in your business and see where mobile apps could lead you.
With more than 6 bn mobile subscriptions and 1 bn smart devices around the world, the answer is most likely yes. Another example would be Evernote, who hit it big by providing one simple yet crucial service and that is: remembering things. You can code it to do all that but the first step is to build it to do one thing right, then move on to the others.
The companies that had the most success with an app, were the ones who put more wood behind fewer arrows.
Brands and retailers such as Starbucks or Walmart don’t make money by selling apps as a product. This led to the freemium model becoming more profitable in the long run than the pay-up-front approach.
This wouldn’t work in many other areas, but mobile apps are an interesting kettle of fish.
In the current market, native apps are the prevalent ones and those that offer the highest rewards. Regardless of which one you start with, it’s a good idea to implement all of them in the end to extend your visibility as much as possible. There are also a lot of app builders and tools out there that you can leverage to build an app without any programming experience. Another way to do it, is to code it if you have the budget and development team or you could hire an independent developer. But if you really want to bring out the big guns and make a killer gorgeous app, then a mobile application development platform would be your best bet. A mobile app development platform is a powerful ally in your business because they can take care of all app-affiliated necessities such as managing updates, sending push notifications, integrate ad platforms to your app, analytics, scale the app and so on.
Think about a mobile app development platform as that nice tool belt for multiple needs that helps you to never loose sight of your vision and goal. In this case, without a mobile app development platform, you’re going to have to manage everything about your app, alone.
We know it comes down to money in the end, so when it comes to budget it’s a good idea to start with a small and simple app.
A good approach is to add part of the content you need in your app and test it on a certain user base and different platforms.
Once you figure out what works and what doesn’t you can start adding more content to your app and see what monetization model(s) fits your needs. Whether you’re developing for enterprise or customers, think user experience first and beautiful simplicity. Your running shoes are on, your laces are tied and you’re smiling because you have the will and now you know. If you want to write the first line in your own app story, we’re here for you, one click away. Appscend, the all in one performance oriented mobile app platform, assists companies worldwide to quickly develop, monetize and maintain a large number of simple or complex mobile applications, for both iOS and Android. 1) Text-messaging for advocacy and fundraising: Services like Mobile Commmons and mGive offer mass text-messaging and Text-to-Give services for nonprofits. My guess is that 2010 will be the year when many nonprofits will be able to starting utilizing these new, powerful mobile tools at a much lower cost.
Two organizations that have been early adopters and pioneers in their use of social media are the National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund.
3) Nonprofits as Real-time Reporters via Social Media and Mobile Devices: This is a dramatic shift in Web communications. Whether your updating your Twitter account with Tweetie, recording a video with your iPhone and uploading it to your YouTube channel within minutes, or posting a Status Update to your organization’s Facebook Page, the news cycle has changed forever. In my Webinar on How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Utilize Mobile Technology and Social Media, I demonstrate live and in real-time each of the vendors listed above, as well as numerous mobile tools and best practices for texting, mobile Websites, and how to use social media on the go. About Nonprofit Tech for GoodWith 100,000 monthly visitors and more than one million followers on social networks, Nonprofit Tech for Good is a leading social and mobile media resource for nonprofit professionals worldwide.

Beginning April 19 we will transition to a new provider for this free wireless MLS service. While you won’t find ‘today’s hotsheet’ on the new mobile MLS, you will be able to perform this type of search using “Status Date” as a criterion. Janthai Bloglive facebook ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mobile cloud computing is gaining stream.  According to the latest study from Juniper Research, the number of mobile cloud computing subscribers is expected to grow rapidly in the next five years. This phenomenal growth is driven by new web standard HTML5, increased mobile broadband coverage and the need for always-on collaborative services for the enterprise. Google’s Gmail and Google Voice for iPhone are just two of the well-known mobile cloud apps. ABI Research released a major study in mobile Cloud computing which details how HTML5 technology, mobile applications and mobilized enterprises will lead the growth. Juniper Research believes that enterprise applications will account for the bulk of mobile cloud app revenues.
Juniper Report notes that the key to mobile’s future depends on the processing power of the cloud itself.
Earlier this year, Gartner researchers estimated that $7 billion will be generated by the app store businesses and would reach $29.5 billion by 2013. CloudTimes is happy to announce that we closed a media partnership for the Mobilize 2011 conference, on September 26 & 27 in San Francisco, CA.
Renaud Larsen, Chief Architect for Cloud at Juniper Networks said in a statement recently, “The mobile ecosystem has to traverse many complex layers, each of which adds network latency and transmission delay. If a survey will be conducted on the most glorified technology trends of the year, there are only two answers most people will say; it’s either cloud computing or smartphones and tablets. Apple’s plan to launch a new streaming music service has created a massive amount of speculation. 4PSA, a leading-edge Cloud Computing software development company, has recently announced the revamping of its Certified Trunk Provider Program, a partnership program through which SIP Providers can attest the compatibility between their SIP trunking solutions and 4PSA’s award-winning VoipNow Unified Communications Platform. It’s quite hard to understand that despite the advances in technology, the Internet, which is the keystone of free communication, is still delimited by geographical restrictions. Facebook has agreed to acquire London based Israeli  startup, Snaptu, that makes apps for feature phones, for an estimated $70 million. For the past two years, the tech industry trends have revolved around cloud computing and smartphones.  As Venture Capital firms rapidly invest in cloud computing and smartphone companies, it is important to look at how these two technologies interrelate. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remained unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. Cloud marketing has the ability to drastically change the ways in which they reach and engage their audience, particularly with regard to distributing and storing mission-critical data.
More and more companies encourage their employees to work on their devices, thus reducing the cost of computer equipment, but also increase the cost to maintain licenses and safety. Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success. The software industry is undergoing major changes by trends such as cloud, SaaS, mobile technology and the “consumerization of IT”.
They’re a symbol of our great advances in technology where we suddenly have the power of the internet in our pockets.
They said to themselves something among the lines of: I want to make a strategy game with in-app purchases featuring cute dwarf barbarians bashing each other while wearing checkered underwear.
Evernote helps app users to make sure they don’t forget the things they have to do during the day.
They have a better flow and a more organic feeling when using them because they perform faster.
For example rewards when sharing the app with a friend and getting more content out of the app for it. If there is one thing I have learned over ten years of using the Internet for fundraising and social change, those nonprofits that can embrace change quickly, empower their visionaries, and adopt new Web trends, reap the benefits of being early adopters.
There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices and that number grows daily.
The tool set is amazing and they get good reviews, but most small to medium sized nonprofits can’t afford their services. Rather than reporting highlights from your Annual Gala Dinner in your print newsletter two months after it is over, or in an e-mail newsletter just a few days after the event, smartphones and social media Apps now allow nonprofits to report live from the event in real-time. So, nonprofits need to be thinking about reporting live from fundraisers, conferences, protests,  etc. Please also see my new Mobile Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations which is updated monthly, and the Mobile Technology for Nonprofit Organizations LinkedIn Group and for additional resources and tools for nonprofits who want to go mobile. Nonprofit Tech for Good focuses on providing valuable, easy-to-understand information, news, and resources related to nonprofit technology, online communications, and social and mobile fundraising.

This service allows members to receive real-time data from Paragon using most cell phones, smart-phones, or Personal Data Assistant devices (PDA’s). When you log on to Wireless MLS, you will automatically be directed to the new wireless product, reInsight Mobile.
Enter your email address below (no spam, we promise!):We never disclose our readers' information without prior consent. Cloud-based mobile market will generate annual revenue of $9.5 billion in 2014 from $400 million in 2009, at an average annual increase of 88%. Mobile cloud computing is referred to as the infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device.
It notes that 75% of the mobile cloud-based application market is represented by enterprise users.
This would grow even more by 2014 when the mobile cloud-based application market is expected to near $9.5 billion. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer started the annual business partner conference with a blast which was chosen for the key note address.
Each of them appears as a major source of revenue for market vendors who wish to capitalize on products that are popular among users. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s upcoming cloud music service will have the ability to scan your hard drive and then mirror the users’ music collection on its own servers.
Both of them are wooing companies to subscribe to their hosted versions of vital communications and office software. We are referring to Amazon’s two newest offerings, both of which are only offered in the US. Snaptu offers a service that makes social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn easily available on regular,  non-smartphones, that make up more than 80 per cent of handsets sold globally.
Please check the prices, colour, memory and offers on respective store website before making your purchase.
A great channel to reach customers and audiences, build brand visibility and reshape the way companies do business. You know the benefits are there, from building relations, loyalty and value, they’re all there. The new system provides enhanced features and has a much better look and feel than the current wireless product in addition to saving money for the association. From a consumer’s point-of-view, a cloud-based mobile application is similar to an app purchased or downloaded from a mobile application store like iTunes, where the processing power is driven not from the handheld device, but from the cloud.
Thru smartphones mobile apps, corporate users can company data, share files, collaborate on projects and more.  Moreover, there will also be benefits for consumer-oriented apps.
Cloud apps have the power of a server-based computing infrastructure accessible through an app’s mobile interface. From these comparisons, it appears that in the near future, there will be more growth for both traditional, device-based apps and mobile cloud-based apps. Alibaba will have it released by the third quarter of this year according to an unofficial source. One thing to keep in mind is that most new services when first launched are expensive, but go down in price significantly over time as new vendors flood the market.
Using a service like Instant Mobilizer and mobiSiteGallore allow to you build a decent mobile Website in a matter of minutes, but with a little technical and HTML know-how you can custom build a mobile Website for your organization pretty easily.
There is a good reason Time Magazine named the iPhone the Invention of the Year in 2007 and that 87% of smartphone consumers in the United States chose the iPhone. When launched from the iPhone homescreen, the apps perform like any other app on the iPhone. The cloud-based apps offer improved offline data caching, where the apps will still work even if Internet connection is down. In the next four years, mobile apps will comprise an increasing proportion of the total revenues with business plans that involve subscription-based content and mobile advertising. It does not only allow non smartphone owner to access the same mobile applications, but allows the apps themselves to become more powerful. If you are going to design your own mobile Website, make sure you check out the article Mobile Web Design Trends For 2009. Perhaps an iPhone or two is something your organization should write into next year’s budget? HTML5-enabled apps also reduce server load demand which will make cloud-based mobile connectivity as a means to improve access of nations and locales with poor coverage.

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