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Mobithinking, a reputable mobile analyst firm has stated recently that the mobile ad market will be worth a huge $11.4 billion this year, and by 2016, double that, so there’s no denying that the mobile ad world is just as huge as the very successful advertising markets found online on a computer. It would take thousands of words to cover everything you would need to know about mobile advertising and the results you can get from it, however as a newcomer to mobile ads, there are most probably some questions that pop up a lot more often than others, and below you will find the answers. This is a question that you are never going to get a solid answer to, and although as the mobile market evolves, you may have a better understanding of what rates you could earn from your application, you are still never going to be certain about what kind of money could be gained from your application. The mobile market as it is now is fragmented, and it’s extremely difficult to set out a ‘best’ mobile advertising platform, however, there are a few categories to pick between, and some app platforms stand out in their own categories slightly. The decision to pay for ad space on another application is a difficult one, and as a small business or startup, it may be unviable. There are a lot more details to dip into when considering mobile advertising, but these few pointers should help you get on your feet. Home > Internet Marketing, Social Media > Why You Require To Tap Into Mobile Social Media Marketing? There are plenty of exciting and unique online marketing strategies devised every day with an aim to attract the customers, increase web traffic, improve sale leads and most importantly race ahead from the competitors. So, now a question may crop up in your mind what actually is mobile social media marketing that is creating quite a buzz in the market? You may be wondering why every other firm nowadays is chalking out mobile social media marketing strategies? There has been a significant increase in the number of people using their mobile devices to access the internet. There are approximately 6.4 billion mobile subscribers all around the world, which is good news for you as it provides you the opportunity to target many destinations using mobile social media methods.
In the year 2014, the mobile internet usage is expected to outclass the desktop internet usage. According to the Facebook statistics, an approximate number of more than 200 million users are logging into their accounts via their phones. Many companies give importance to Instagram simply because it is a photo sharing social media website.
Mobile social media marketing is certainly on the rise, which clearly means that many people are using their mobile devices when they desire to connect with the brands through social media. Deepak Gupta is a successful online blogger who shares his experience about the latest SEO trends and tips. As we all know now there are number of options to stay update with social media and in between that mobile phones are playing vital role in that.

As we all know that everything is going mobile, flowing with the trend by tapping into mobile social media marketing is a sure bet to increase customers.
The Social Messages area allows you to find previous messages you have sent, as well as create new ones. The Messages area is great to use if you are looking to find an old message that you want to repeat, copy or reschedule for a future date. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Millennial Media has released its latest SMART report into global mobile advertising trends, detailing the key changes in mobile marketing patterns during Q1 2014. Carat has published its first forecast for worldwide ad spend in 2015, predicting 5 per cent growth year-on-year driven by programmatic buying and mobile. The mobile marketing industry is ever-changing, and that applies to the people as much as the technology. However, when starting up in the app market, looking at different advertisements to feature in your app, and also different ad platforms to advertise your own application on can have a huge variable in results depending on what platform you use and how you use it, so there’s a bit of knowledge that should be consumed before opening your app up for advertisement. However, if you start to make profit slowly from your application, you could try your luck in feeding it back into the app’s success by placing a few adverts up. One of the newest cutting-edge tactics being followed today by most of the businesses is mobile social media marketing. Well, it encompasses various kinds of strategies such as the SMS text message marketing, having a responsive website design, making unique mobile landing pages that comprises of things like the company information, products, business hours and so on. It signifies that reaching out to the customers through social marketing methods will be all the more vital to topple the competitors.
This means by promoting your business on this particular website, you can look forward to attracting more customers. However, do you really know how to connect with the users through mobile social media marketing strategies? If any user clicks on the profile of your company through any social media channel and your same shabbily designed non-optimized site pops out, then it will certainly annoy the users. However, what many firms do not understand here is that it can really help them to grow their business.
The businesses with the help of the promoted posts on Facebook can reach out to the targeted audience in the form of news feeds. It is critical that you make it a point to keep yourself updated with the new social media techniques and optimize your website for the mobile age.

He is associated with a reputed SEO Company in India that specializes in pay per click advertising, quality link building and social media marketing. The Planner works just like calendar, and allows you to select dates and then schedule a happening for that date. Leverage the power of integrated and automated marketing campaigns by scheduling and delivering events, messages and coupon promotions. There are dozens of names that could be mentioned here, but the most notable would be Adfonic or LeadBolt.
Before doing this, you should ask those that have used your app, or ask a review site to have an honest look at your app so that you know how to improve enough to match up against your competitors.
It cannot be denied that certain devices such as the smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc and social media are revolutionizing the way marketing of a business is carried out online.
The list goes on and on, but these are some of the prominent ways through which the businesses are crystallizing their dream of penetrating into their target market.
The websites that are designed properly for the mobile devices are user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is pivotal that you must get creative by posting the images of your products and increase awareness of your brand. You can also have them repeat weekly, monthly, daily or yearly with offsets and day selection to create your ideal schedule. This makes it easy to quickly create and schedule a social media message for an upcoming date. This way you will be able to gain new downloads for your app, but also improve upon your daily user sessions because your customers have a better experience with your app than they do with its competitors.
In such a situation, it is really imperative to create a perfect amalgamation of mobile phones and social media techniques to manage one primary mobile social media marketing campaign. Uploading the images from your mobile on Instagram helps you to build a strong bond with your audience.

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