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Cilla sits on the boards of BBDO Worldwide, Comic Relief, Derwent London plc and the Women's Business Council and was Chairman of the Advertising Association from 2012 to 2015. She was awarded the CBE in the 2009 New Year Honours list for services to the advertising industry.
A graduate of Clare College, Cambridge and the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School, Ian joined AMV BBDO as a trainee in 1996, and since then has worked on pretty much every one of the 88 brands that the agency works with. He joined the management team in 2005 as Managing Partner, was promoted to Managing Director in 2008, and CEO in 2010. Since taking the helm of the agency, AMV has become the most creatively and strategically awarded agency in the UK, won the inaugural global Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness at the Cannes Advertising Festival, and was ranked as the 17th a€?Best Company to Work Fora€? in The Sunday Times annual survey. At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, Ian was one of 190 individuals nominated and honoured as a a€?Young Global Leadera€?. But he always had a flair for creative things and for a while considered being a sculptor, painter or set designer.
Over the years, hea€™s won countless awards including six D&AD pencils and a dozen One Shows. Paul considers becoming Executive Creative Director of AMV BBDO and being President of D&AD in 2010 as the highlights of his career.
During their career they have Creative Directed across a large breadth of clients including British Airways, Levia€™s, Barnardoa€™s, St. Since joining AMV, Adrian & Alex have produced award winning work for Camelot, Guinness, Sainsburya€™s, Eurostar and creative directed multi-platform award winning work for Snickers, Kids Co, Galaxy, Twix, Walkers, Snickers & Heinz. Ten years later, she left as Planning Director to join AMV BBDO and currently plans advertising campaigns for a broad selection of the agencya€™s clients.
She loves nothing more than tackling big challenges a€“ from helping mastermind the journey of Walkers into one of the most respected brands in the UK, to providing the strategic direction to launch the Make Poverty History campaign. Bridget is also extremely proud that in 2011, AMV BBDO won the inaugural creative effectiveness Grand Prix in Cannes, as well as being the first agency ever to be awarded APG (Account Planning Group) and IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) a€?Agency of the Yeara€™ accolades in the same calendar year. However, during the pitch, Craig helped develop the a€?Try Something New Todaya€™ strategy, which retained the business and subsequently won the APG Creative Strategy Awards Grand Prix in 2007. Craig was promoted to Joint Planning Director in 2008 and continues to lead the planning on Sainsburya€™s and Royal Mail. He is also extremely proud that in 2011, AMV BBDO won the inaugural creative effectiveness Grand Prix in Cannes, as well as being the first agency ever to be awarded APG (Account Planning Group) and IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) a€?Agency of the Yeara€™ accolades in the same calendar year.
Minutes after qualifying as an accountant with KPMG Dublin, Colin transferred into the world of media with a job as Finance Manager at Irish Independent Newspapers.
In 2000, the bright lights of London beckoned and he joined BBDO, initially in a European role.
As well as managing the day-to-day finances of the business, Colin plays a key role in general business development and acts as the commercial interface with the agencya€™s clients. Richard went to Durham University and graduated with Joint BA Hons in History and Politics. During his time at DDB and then later at M&C Saatchi, Sydney and Fallon, London Richard worked on a number of well-loved brands including Marmite, British Airways, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sony and British Gas.

He joined AMV BBDO in 2004 and has worked across a broad portfolio of client business including Sainsburya€™s, Mars, The National Lottery, Guinness, Heinz, The Economist, The Metropolitan Police and Cancer Research UK.
During his time at AMV Richard has worked on campaigns that have won IPA Effectiveness Gold and Silver, Cannes Grand Prix for Good, Cannes Gold Lions and the Creative Circle Grand Prix. Richard spent four years running the Account Management department before becoming Managing Director in July 2012. Sarah graduated from University College London with a BA (Hons) in Literature and after a spell at J Walter Thompson, working on Unilever, De Beers and Madame Tussauds, she joined Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in 2000 as an Account Director on Sainsburya€™s. She quickly rose to lead the Sainsburya€™s account, helping to launch the award-winning a€?Try Something New Todaya€™ campaign, and setting up and chairing the cross-Agency group with a brief to deliver integrated communications across several hundred customer and colleague touchpoints. She was promoted to Client Services Director in 2006 and since then has led many of the Agencya€™s largest accounts, including Aviva, PepsiCo, Camelot, Royal Mail, Birds Eye and COI. She joined the management team as Managing Partner in 2009 and expanded her on-going client responsibilities with a focus on extending the Agencya€™s cost-effective best-in-class capabilities for clients through the internal post-production facility, the Lab, and the launch of the Social Media creative hub, AMV Pulse. She has served as a non-exec Director on the Board of World Vision UK, as a youth counsellor and is currently learning to sign. Jonny led a range of innovative marketing solutions from social networking for dogs with Mars owned Pedigree, through to desktop and mobile applications with News International and The Sun newspaper, as well as working across big idea campaigns including the global launch of My Nokia and the small but daring IQ for Toyota.
Now Chief Innovation Office at AMV, Jonny leads accounts and projects across some of AMVa€™s most innovative clients including Walkers, Foot Locker, Aviva and Mars as well as continuing to infuse digital knowledge throughout the agency and creating new services such as AMV Pulse (AMVa€™s social media arm). Jonny believes innovation isn't always about creating something new, but making something better and in a world where communications and media overlap and intertwine and marketing services and product development are colliding, ita€™s the best ideas and the strongest brands that really stand out and hold everything together.
Blending his electronic engineering & software development background, with over 15 years of marketing & advertising expertise, Gregory has a visionary outlook and is keenly focused on anticipating and implementing creative uses for emerging digital technologies. His motto is a€?Tomorrowa€™s technology is todaya€™s realitya€? and his greatest interest in life, outside his wife, daughter and riding motorbikes around the world, is the development of technologies that assist human beings. Part of his mission at AMV BBDO is to work closely with creative and planning teams to help them employ innovative technology in a variety of advertising campaigns.
Hea€™s been involved in promoting many blue-chip brands such as IBM, Microsoft, Ford, Land Rover, easyJet, Nokia, Vodafone, Guinness, BT, Sainsburya€™s, Mercedes, PepsiCo, Mars, Aviva and many more. We work with 92 brands and have one simple aim with all of them: to help solve their business challenge with creative ideas that change the competitive landscape.
Whatever the challenge, we shape our solution accordingly and use whichever media forms are the best to achieve the objective - digital, experiential, print or broadcast. AMV is part of the BBDO network, the third largest Agency network in the world, with 288 offices across 80 countries. We are also part of the AMV Group of communications companies, which includes specialists in Customer Relationship Management, Public Relations, and Contract Publishing.
Design Agencies are most influential source for designers and modern world of web design fashion trends, its the attraction we see on the net with huge list of amazing agency designed sites that take clients, customers and even new designers thought to new extend of creativity. These designs are striking to make a mark for new web standard compliance sites and gives an inspiration for everyone thinking for special unique design for their own work site. Twenty three years later, she now oversees the 3 companies that comprise the AMV Group in the UK a€“ AMV BBDO, Proximity and Redwood.

In that survey, Ian was personally ranked as the 4th a€?Most Trusteda€? and the 6th a€?Most Inspiringa€? leader amongst all of the UK mid-size companies that entered the survey. Paul began his career in advertising with four years at Cogents, before moving to WCRS to work on BMW and Carling Black Label. But he reasons that if the awards ever dry up, he always has the fruit market to fall back on.
Time outside work is spent engaged in whatever sporting drama prevails and sharing the ads with the family.
He went on to train to be a teacher at Oxford University but opted for a career in advertising, starting as a graduate trainee at DDB in 1998. From taking consumer interaction with a brand truly mass with Walkers a€?Do Us a Flavoura€™ to one of the most successful health campaigns the UK has ever seen for organ donation, and guiding strategic unity for large global businesses like Aviva, she enjoys big challenges. He says that, arguably, all technologies are introduced to assist humans in some shape or form but he is particularly interested in innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence and user interfaces, which will ultimately create 'true' virtual Personal Assistants. Many of the others are well-established incumbents with household brand names that need to earn their consumers' loyalty every day. In this collection we have selected 30+ most creative design agency websites for inspiration to develop a design intended for your visitors and will convey your creative designing abilities in the website design, Enjoy these extraordinary website designs!
Within the industry, Colin serves as Treasurer of the Advertising Association, and is a member of the IPA Council.
A number are government or charity sector clients for whom saving lives is the ultimate measure of success.
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