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1983WINNERTWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE- An ode to a great series and I could re-watch this till eternity. 1982WINNERPOLTERGEIST- It's amazing how a PG film can still be so scary and so overwhelmingly involving. 1981WINNERPossession- This film is one of those rare movies that functions as a creepy ass horror film and a devastating drama. 1989- Je adore Santa Sangre <3 Tetsuo was quite interesting1988- Never heard of American Gothic before. 1979WINNERDAWN OF THE DEAD- The horror zombie masterpiece that George Romero blessed us all with!RUNNERUPS:2. 1978WINNERHALLOWEEN- John Carpenter's immortal classic with one of the best scores a horror film ever had. 1976WINNERCARRIE- Brian De Palma graced us with one of the very best Stephen King novel-adapted movies of all time.
1975WINNERTHE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW- The classic musical that is always in the horror section (though its more musical). JAKARTA – Indonesia International Motor Show 2015 menampilkan mobil-mobil yang telah menjadi bintang di dunia perfilman.
Pria lugu yang tinggal di Bekasi ini kerap menghadapi kemacetan Jakarta untuk memberikan informasi terkini terkait dunia otomotif Indonesia. This movie boasts the most believable family in horror cinema, whom you actually care about. Jack Nicholson tears up the scenery in this frightening movie that always sticks with you- even years after you've seen it. I like Paperhouse and ofcourse Dream master1987- Evil Dead 2 is SO much better than the other two, Lost Boys is good though.
Few films have the atmosphere, the creativity, the performances, the sounds, the fear, the cruelty, the shock..etc etc!

Mobil tersebut Ia beli dengan uang pemberian ayahnya yang merupakan juragan sawah di kampungnya.Bisa dibilang mobil ini sangat mirip dengan mobil dalam film.
Menghirup asap knalpot, merasakan teriknya panas matahari, menerabas hujan hingga menembus kepungan banjir pun telah menjadi bagian dari hidupnya. From the first story about racism to the second about aging to the creepy third about a boy in need of some tough love to the final story on the plane with the talented and nutty John Lithgow. It has all the background drama also where so many people died during it and Jobeth Williams gives an Oscar worthy performance. So many haunting moments are in this that it's hard to single out too many (but the scene above is definetly one).
It has a wonderful premise and dammit- everytime I watch it, I find myself looking outside atleast once.
It also boasts a helluva performance from Marilyn Burns (who went hoarse from all the screaming during filming). Dream Warriors is my favorite of the Freddy series.1986- Never seen that Texas one, want to now!
Pada atapnya diberikan beragam ornament tambahan mentereng yang menjadikannya melegenda para tahunnya.Knight Rider – KittPada tahun 1990-an, Ada sebuah film yang menceritakan sebuah mobil yang bisa bicara dan bergerak sendiri. The scene where the woman throws up all her insides is something that demands to be seen.3. Sayangnya, posisinya sedikit ‘nyempil’ sehingga tidak banyak pengunjung ‘ngeh’ dengan kehadiran mobil tersebut.Batmobile 1989Siapa yang tidak tahu Batmobile? Invasion Of The Body Snatchers- This one will ALWAYS hold up to our nightmares of conformity.5. Jika menilik dari sejarah Batmobile, maka mobil yang ada di IIMS dilahirkan pada tahun 1989. I Spit On Your Grave- One of the most disturbing films ever made for more reasons than I could write about.

The Hunger was sexy times, and I really want to see Cujo and the Twilight Zone Movie.1982- Poltergeist is very good.
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane- Little Jodie Foster has to protect herself by any means necessary.
Meski mobil tersebut adalah replika, namun hasil yang diberikan demikian detail hingga nyaris tidak ada bedanya.
Maniac- A sweaty, scary, freaky disturbing movie with some of Tom Savini's best makeup in it.9. Friday and Cannibal are classic.I actually did ALOT more with all these and saw one today that changed a placement at #1 for one in particular in early countdown. What Have They Done To Our Daughters?- An atmospheric movie about a motorcycle riding killer.10. Bloodsucking Freaks: The Incredible Torture Show- One of the most misogynistic movies in existence. I decided not to rank because its a comedy first and foremost and shouldnt be on this chart.)(Also memorable is Madhouse and Sugar Hill)WORST OF THE YEAR- Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter- And SOME cult fans take this seriously???
It features Sylvia Sidney and Andy Kauffman among others.(Also notable are: House Of Mortal Sin, To The Devil A Daughter, Savage Weekend and The Town That Dreaded Sundown)(I do not consider Taxi Driver a horror film in case anyone asks?)WORST OF THE YEAR- The Creature From Black Lake- whatever?? This has the May 2009 Vogue Italia and a seperate FREE GIFT magazine called Beauty In Vogue.

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