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Windows Movie Maker is a very accessible video editor that can deliver professional-looking results in a few simple steps.
The interface is easy to use by someone with any level of experience in the multimedia department. The entire process is divided into three main parts - capturing a video, editing the movie, and finishing it.
Once you organize these files in the Storyboard below, you can start editing your movie, by adding video effects, video transitions, titles, and credits. When it comes to text, you can add a title at the beginning of the movie, or credits at the end of it, as well as a title before, after or on a selected clip.

Finish the movie by sending it to a DV camera, or by saving it on your computer (in the WMV format). Windows Movie Maker uses a moderate amount of memory resources, so it should work on weaker computer systems. In conclusion, if you want to create a great-looking movie without having to learn complex video editing tools, then you should be very happy with what Windows Movie Maker has to offer. Luckily, the Movie Maker supports most commonly used formats, including WAV, MP3, WMA, AVI, MPG, JPG, BMP and PNG. In the Storyboard you view the separate files, so you can drag a video effect to a box over a clip, or a video transition between two clips.

For example, adding the "Film Age, Oldest" effect to our video caused it to significantly slow down, but it worked perfectly on our picture.

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