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When it comes to communicating your message, professionally produced multimedia presentations on the web, CD or DVD are one of the best ways to engage your prospects in a media rich interactive experience as they are taken on a guided tour of your products and services.
Whether you’re looking for adding cutting edge animation and graphics to your web site, creating a user friendly online application, or looking to incorporate multimedia into an online presentation, we have the capability to use flash technology to create the most effective solution. Browse through some examples of multimedia pieces that we’ve developed for our clients. Le Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci est ravi de les accueillir au c?ur de la Defense dans son espace reserve aux colloques. Premiere ecole a avoir ete creee en 1995 autour des nouveaux metiers de l’internet et du multimedia, l’IIM forme des chefs de projets et des managers du numerique qui allient une triple competence a la fois technique, creative et manageriale au c?ur de Paris-La Defense. Avec plus de 850 etudiants, 3 diplomes reconnus par l’etat, un reseau de plusieurs centaines d’intervenants professionnels et d’anciens, l’IIM reste la premiere ecole de ce secteur en pleine evolution.
L'IIM, c'est 3 diplomes reconnus par l'Etat et un cursus professionnalisant avec 6 axes Metiers : web et e-business, communication visuelle, communication digitale, cinema d'animation, jeu video, design interactif. L'equipe du service des admissions de l'IIM reste a votre disposition pour tout complement d'information.
Les formations proposees par l'IIM sont interessantes pour s'integrer au monde professionnel. Neanmoins, je signalerai que l'organisation et la communication ont ete le point noir de l'ecole pendant toute la duree de mon cursus (amusant pour une ecole de communication numerique). Trabajando codo con codo con tu negocio, el marketing y eMarketing tan necesarios hoy en dia, con garantias, experiencia y en una unica direccion, la rentabilidad de nuestros Clientes. Hoy dia el branding personal  es entendido como disciplina del desarrollo personal con el objetivo de potenciar tus cualidades.
2012 can easily be summed up by; content marketing, social branding, and a plethora of Google updates.

Social media platforms were a branding gold rush in 2012; many companies got involved with little thought. Nearly 75% of the world having access to mobile devices, today’s brands cannot ignore the value of offering a second screen value for their brands and clients.
PTS Multimedia is constantly on top of the latest changes in the marketing industry and specializes in online marketing including: SEO, Website Design, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Video Production. The classic Glacial Multimedia search engine marketing (SEM) program used by over 50 of our clients. The social search visibility package aims to increase visibility and traffic to your website by way of popular and effective social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
This package combines all the packages above with significant value and savings to offer you complete, comprehensive internet marketing visibility. With this powerful medium we can transform static, mundane presentations into rich, engaging user experiences that educate, excite and engage your prospects while persuading them to take action.
Elle reunit plus de 30 intervenants issus de differents secteurs et plus de 200 professionnels. Les etudiants doivent etre prets a tirer les vers du nez au staff pour obtenir les renseignements qu'ils estiment importants. En M de Multimedia contamos con un equipo interdisciplinario especializado capaces de proporcionar herramientas y servicios al Cliente, aportando la tranquilidad de dejar en buenas manos la comunicacion de tu empresa.
As the New Year begins we are focusing on the top online marketing trends you can expect to see in 2013. Search engines are already rewarding high quality content and penalizing low quality content; the focus in 2013 will be providing value content to searchers.
In the New Year social media will become a more legitimized means of online marketing through a true process of connecting and engaging with users; optimizing it to benefit every department within a company.

Companies have long used analytics to track the ROI of their SEO or PPC campaign; however they have done so individually.
We build and manage pay per click campaigns for you on the 3 main search engines for 95% coverage of the internet. Nearly We make sure your business is listed on local search engines accurately, clearly and with all the details that are important to you and your customers. When used together with our medical organic search engine optimization program, this package will deliver the highest level of Return on Investment for your marketing dollars.
Give us a call and we discuss how we may be able to help you with your particular situation. Ainsi, les notes des exercices sont souvent communiquees plusieurs mois apres qu'ils aient ete rendus. In addition, applying metrics to different social media platforms will become increasingly important. Analyzing analytics as a whole will help companies have deeper insight into their online marketing strategy and add value to make better decisions. Unlike the competition, we charge a fixed management fee, not a percentage of your budget, which means our goal is to get you the most traffic with the minimum monthly spend.
Par ailleurs, la formation en trois ans Bachelor semble tres mal estimee par l'ecole elle meme : le staff s'avere incapable de communiquer aux anciens etudiants quand leur seront distribues les diplomes, meme plus d'un an apres que le cursus soit termine. If you’re not already sharing data among marketing departments, we encourage you to develop a strategy to do so.

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