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Not only was this a problem with our media players, but it was also effecting streaming online music. So at this point we were able to eliminate our browsers and media players, as these were both up to date. As it turns out there’s an enhancement loaded by windows, our version being “Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit”. Keep in mind systems will vary in these areas depending on drivers, system setup, and so forth. This entry was posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2010 at 1:55 am and is filed under Computer Repair and Networks, Recommended Software, Web Browsers, Windows Vista, Windows XP and tagged with device, Don, enhancement software, home theater system, media player software, music, Pandora, playback device, problem, software wavetable synthesizer, sound, sound card drivers, startup sound, system, tab, windows sounds, windows vista ultimate 64 bit.
That particular enhancement goes by the name of “Microsoft Software Wavetable Synthesizer”.

If you’re not sure which device is your default playback device, play some music and look for the device with active levels.
We mention earlier in the article that as part of our diagnosis, we updating system drivers and codec’s. After researching the problem, we started with a typical round of updates to the usual suspects. This was simple enough as the hardware is a home theater system that’s utilized by other devices, all of which never have an issue. When opening your sound properties from the control panel, you’ll typically see 3 tabs across the top of the window. In the long run, regular updates will lead to a much more positive computing experience, and will drastically reduce the number of errors you encounter.

Those being sound card drivers, codec’s, any media player software being utilized for playback. At first this seemed to resolve the issue, but after just a few days, the problem returned.
If windows sounds drive you nuts, as they do us, this is a good opportunity to disable them. Typically the defaults are optimal, and increasing them could lead to an exaggeration of what we’re here to fix.

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