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From the Cyber PR blog: In part 2 the fine folks at Cyber PR will be addressing the next five elements for promoting new music. A few weeks ago, we published the first installment of our newly updated Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans.
Just this week, Apple and Google launched new campaigns, but the tech giants face tough competition.
In June, Google made its first foray into free, ad-supported online radio with Google Play Music, which includes thousands of curated playlists as part of its acquisition of Songza in 2014.

With ASOS, Google built a shoppable look book to put together outfits for summer music festivals, parties and holidays.
The radio stations were created by Munchery's chefs, adding a human touch to the campaign.
We addressed the overlooked importance of having a marketing plan and went through the first five of 15 elements to keep in mind when planning a new release. Pandora, Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio and Google are all duking it out for the biggest piece of the market, and they're all putting serious marketing muscle behind online music.

According to a report earlier this year from Edison Research and Triton Digital, 54 percent of online listeners use Pandora, while 21 percent prefer either Spotify or iHeartRadio. In an era of algorithms, Eddie Revis, creative media and strategy lead at Essence, pointed out that's a key to nailing music marketing.

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