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Organize your music collection (CDs, vinyl and music files) in no time at all.Automatically download album information, track lists and cover art. Mike Paulick, the author of CD Trustee, is retiring and will not be supporting the CD Trustee software anymore.
We don't want you to lose all your hard work on your CD database, so we have created a seamless way to transfer your CD Trustee database to Music Collector. Just insert the CD to have the program scan its' CD-ID, then use the CD-ID to search our central online CD database (for CDs only). Enter the Artist and Title and select the best match from our online database (great for both vinyl and CDs). Our central online vinyl and CD database will then automatically provide full album details, track lists and cover art. Music Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Upload your music database online, then add and edit albums from anywhere using the online software. Export your music collection and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you. Speed up your CD cataloging with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app for iOS and Android. And I think ita€™s great how you keep refining the program and adding useful features to it. I am a dancemusic collector since 1985 and for me must be a database extremly flexible what exactly your software are! Love the fact that Various artist I tested the search function and love that albums can be entered with search ability on song & artist. Actually my collecting started approximately 62 years ago -- time flies, but the music has always been rewarding.
Thank you for such wonderful software, as it fulfills a wish for cataloging all my music and having the flexibility and convenience of locating exactly what I want .
Any CD on your database that doesn't have the cover artwork I'm able to get a copy from Google images 99% of the time.
I've wanted to organize my collection of Early Music for some time and didn't know to turn. I've been using Music and Book Collector for many years now and every new version is a surprise and always beyond expectations.

I really like that it doesn't eat gobs of memory and there's no 'terminate-stay-ready' embedded in the software and sitting in my systray. I believe this is going to save me a great deal of money, as I have a tendency to purchase duplicate CD's because I can't remember if I already own it. Now, I can see the light at the end of the CD cataloging tunnel and it's not an oncoming train. My wife loves her movie database - enters all the movies she has watched in the last 15 years or so. When I purchased Audiograbber I liked the CDDB feature and thought there had to be a database program to catalogue CD's that also used CDDB so I started searching and evaluating various programs.
Since that time I have also started collecting DVD's so when I had enough money to register decided to purchase Movie Collector at the same time. I have a fair number of obscure classical CDs that don't exist in any on-line database (yet), but even then MC attempts to help out with as much info as it can clean from the discs.
I have 1,300 CD's to catalogue so you can see typing that into a database would tiresome (especially if you are like me with two fingers). The slower version of the ending theme Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto which played during the first few episodes of Sailor Stars was never released on CD but can be downloaded here. Please download and run this special CD Trustee to Music Collector conversion tool instead, and follow the instructions on screen. This may take a while as this will import all your data and will copy your cover images to the Music Collector.
Only the CLZ-software provides all a real vinyl freak can ask for and I can imagine that your software would also be very practical for professionals. It's going to take me quite a while to catalog my huge (5,000+) CD collection and then I'll start on the vinyl. The more I go through the process, the more I discover, and the more I realize there is a lot more to learn. I'm finding them so easy to use that I'm thinking of purchasing the Book Collector version.
The online music retailers are going to be very unhappy and so will my friends, to whom I give all my duplicates. Gebbia I live in the desert southwest in the wonderful state of Arizona in the great country of the United States. I've been going through my Artists List, changing names to the style of "last name, first name".

I evently came across your version through the "google" search function and you have everything in your program that I wanted plus more.
It is very easy to use, the interface is attractive and the extensive reports that can be printed out in various formats make this program the best for my purposes. I have a lifelong, anally-retentive interest in which bass player is the cousin of so-and-so's keyboard player, and have always maintained a data-base (of sorts) of my music.
I have been looking for something like this for some time but haven't found anything like it. So far I have entered 170 CD's into your programs database so you can see very easy to use.
The Tuxedo Mask theme features a trumpet lead, and some songs substitute voices for certain instruments. I really enjoy Music Collector, it keeps my collection very well organized alphabetically by band name, title of cd, year released, label and number of tracks.
After many manual reformattings of the Sort Name for entries in the AL, I just now discovered what you've provided in the "down arrow Generate" button. I reached the 25 limit and decided to buy it as it did everything I required and I was extremely impressed with your work. As a teenager in the 70's I used a type-writer to detail track listings, personnel and the really boring bits that no-one else is interested in, such as recording studio, artwork etc.
I found that by saving the jpegs of CD covers from Amazon in the My Pictures file I can import them into my Cd database.
I bought the Davilex Music Manager and found it cumbersome to use whereas yours is user friendly. Included on this album is the movie version of “I am Sailor Moon” performed by Peach Hips (the main five cast) from the Make up!
And it's not the first time I've said that to myself as I've continued to process our music collection into Music Collector!

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