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This exclusive Soviet music pack contains over 14 minutes of specially composed music to enhance the experience of playing as the Soviet Union in Hearts of Iron 3. There are four separate suites all created to enrich the atmosphere of defending the workers republic in the struggles against fascism. Seasoned wargamers will recognize his work from other original music soundtracks like Europa Universalis 3 and Hearts of Iron 2 The war in Russia changed the course of World War II in Europe – will you? You can write your own review for this product to share your experience with the community.
You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam. By keeping your Furby Boom!'s Sickbay, Poop Station, Shower and Pantry gauges full, Furby Boom!
From special QR codes - By scanning special Furbling codes with the In-App camera, you can unlock limited edition Promo Furblings.
You can speed up the time it takes for your Furbling to move to the city by making sure it's well cared for.

Furball: When playing with your Furby Boom!, you choose an option to play as your Furbing or your Furby.
Singalong: A game identical to Tap Tap Revolution, When the gauge on the left is full from a chain of notes, You can turn Furby Boom upside down to activate freestyle. Just like for the original soundtrack for Hearts of Iron 3, these additional music suites have been composed by critically acclaimed Grand Strategy game composer Andreas Waldetoft. Using the two levers on either side of the shower head, You can control the tempurature and pressure of the water spray. When playing without your Furby Boom!, you move your Furbling with your finger, and try to block as many goals as possible. You choose three different items to put in the blender, and feed the resulting smoothie to your Furbling. You move your Furbling with your finger and try to block as many goals as possible from your Furby Boom! If you're playing with Furby Boom, it can give you advice on what your Furbling will like, incase some things that will make it go "yum yum yum", some things that make it burp, some things that will make it go "ugh" (thinking it's sour), some things that make her puke, some things that make her fart and some things that will make it fly into the air and make smoke come out of it's ears and makes it's eyes go funny and it toots (thinking that the smoothie tastes spicy).

The Golden Furbling lives in a blimp with a picture of it (when you have less Furblings and the City is not full it shows a picture of the Golden Egg instead).
Then, using a medical bag full of things, you can create a medicine to cure your Furby Boom!
When playing without Furby Boom!, Blue or red confetti will shoot out when a balloon is popped. If you're playing with Furby Boom, it's current personality will be reflected in the furbling. If you're playing without Furby Boom, You hold your finger on the egg, and a random personality is picked for it.

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