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Music Editor Free has so many other powerful effects likeA amplify, equalizer, normalize, echo, envelope, sample rate conversion, reverseA and much more.
Small music tool makers don’t always last forever, the victim of any number of circumstances that can cause them to fold. The BIAS Authorization Manager Server is functioning for authorizing and de-authorizing BIAS products at this time. Oh, yeah, and perhaps because it was so unsurprising as news, I missed the fact that Adobe killed its little-used, generally-disliked (ahem) Soundbooth editor at the end of April.
DSP-Quattro is almost a full-fledged DAW, but focused on audio editing features, and several readers recommend it. There are times when editing and batch views like the ones above are just the right tool for the job for many users. Maybe I’m missing something here, buts what’s the point of waveform editors nowadays anyway? Maybe you’re missing the part where I explained what I thought the answer to that was? The hardest part of all of this is that there isn’t a way to brand all of these things. What mastering features are enhanced by a waveform editor that can’t be done in Pro Tools or Logic? I used to make fun of a friend of mine for using Peak until I needed to do a lot of sample editing.
For my first example, perhaps Apple’s purchase of Redmatica will prove fruitful for Logic users.
Thanks for reminding me of this long forgotten task; sample editing, and sending samples back and forth to the Emu via SCSI! The Little Phatty Editor Librarian is designed to be the ultimate tool for organizing and creating presets for both the Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions.
Through a MIDI connection from the Little Phatty to a computer, this program can receive single presets or an entire bank of presets from the Little Phatty - as well as replace individual presets or an entire bank.
Attention all Little Phatty owners, here’s a great accessory for storing, editing, mutating, morphing, and creating presets. Sign up for the Moog Newsletter to receive information on Moog products, events and special offers available only to subscribers.

If you have a MIDI controller (keyboard, synthesizer, etc.) connected to your computer, you can record scores in real time, with help of MagicScore music notation program. Acoustica Basic Edition is free but has so many feature to full fill all your non-commercialA need.
Music Editor Free is a commercial music editor and free version comes with some limitations. Peak in its last release had a cleaner look, but I imagine something like this is what popped to mind when you heard Peak. There do seem to be a lot of casualties of favorite Mac waveform editors over the years, however. Reader Daniel Courville suggests this wave editor, with its own lovely features like automatic silence detection, effects stacks, metadata editing, high-quality DIRAC stretching, clip lists, and more. Its interface is easily the least-friendly of any of the options here, but some swear by its industrial-strength mastering capabilities. With lots of editing tools, live recording functionality, and CD mastering, it puts the waveform front and center in a way a DAW might not.
So, while I’m sure some Peak lovers will miss this tool, I think the platform looks bright. Version 4 was recently released with a ton of new features, and the $99 price tag has always been hard to beat. I myself enjoyed using Peak for some of these sessions because the workflow involved chopping a very long audio file up into about a dozen individual pieces. Seemed like a big deal last year when version 7 was mac compatible, but now I never hear about it. The Little Phatty Editor Librarian now available for use on both Mac and Windows platforms. We would like to thank all the BIAS customers and friends for the opportunity to have served the audio community for over 16 amazing years. And there’s still something to be said for dedicated waveform editors, even when multi-purpose DAWs share some of the same functionality.
With multitrack editing, batch processing, and repair, it does what Peak did but often more easily and at a fraction of the price. And true to its lineage with sibling Premiere, there’s lots of video-style editing and post-production power.

If users of any of these tools would like to talk about your workflows or other tips or impressions, please get in touch. I guess it depends on the project, but I don’t think Podcasting is all that difficult in Logic. Also have basic audio editing function like Silence, Trim, Cut, Copy,Paste, delete , insert & more.
You can even play HD video right in the editor without transcoding, and you get session management, broadcast-compliance, and speech alignment features that will appeal to video workflows. It isn’t as useful as, say, Audition is above when it comes to broadcast features or matching dialog to video or HD video playback. No, but when you do it 12-20 times in a row, it sure is nice to have something slightly simpler. Using the LP Editor Librarian, presets can be organized to create custom preset banks – a terrific feature for musicians preparing for their next gig! And you can pick it up as part of a CS suite, including Adobe’s recently-introduced subscription-based pricing. File management in larger projects is a chore or … well, means turning to a wave editor. A Little Phatty OS update function is incorporated, too, simplifying Little Phatty OS updates. Once you decide to purchase the product, click “Register On-Line” button (you’ll need an active Internet connection for this).
Clicking the Register Online button will take you to the Moog Music Online Store, where you can order the program.
After completing the online transaction, the registration code will be sent to your email address in one to twelve hours.
Once you have obtained a registration code, enter this information along with your name in the appropriate fields and click the Enter Code button a small confirmation message box will appear once.

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