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AccuRadio – This Internet radio station has predefined music channels including about 30 different oldies music stations. AOL Radio – Links you to hundreds of different Internet radio stations, including about 30 different oldies radio stations. Jango – Has a concept similar to Pandora in that you can customize the play list to suit your taste.
Radio Tower – Is another aggregator of online radio stations but it has way too many ads on the page to suit me. GotRadio – Is yet another on online radio network that plays on songs that you select on demand.

If you like to work and listen to music (and your employer doesn’t firewall streaming music), give these a listen.
Beyond that, you can build a station with as many artists as you want and hear a station with just those artists. I find it far more satisfying than any of the other online options you’ve mentioned in terms of playing a great mix of music that perfectly suits my tastes.
Like the Free Christmas Sheet Music for "White Christmas" Sheet Music page?Send this Christmas song to a friend! You can design your own listening station by telling the Pandora service what you like to listen to – songs, artists, genre or all of the above.

You will probably settle on Pandora or AccuRadio like me but if you are in the mood for some old school DJ talk, one of the regular Internet radio stations my suit you as well. As you listen to different songs, you can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down so that Pandora will learn your likes and dislikes.

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