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Some of the most popular websites, such as Buzzfeed and the New York Times, are welcoming sponsored posts.
The native ad: Purina sponsored an article on Mashable titled “5 Heartwarming Stories That Prove Dog Is Man’s Best Friend”. Why it worked: Mashable is best known for its tech news and its “X number of (insert practically anything here)” articles.
In this YouTube video, Microsoft reminds young adults that Internet Explorer can be added to the list of life-changing products that the 90s gave us.
How you can do it: Focus on the user’s experience as they read, view or listen to your native ads. Samsung — Galaxy smartphone users had the chance to receive a free copy of Jay-Z’s latest album thanks to Samsung. Under Armour — Pair up Tom Brady with the Will Ferrell co-founded site Funny or Die, and you’ve got an interesting sponsored video.
Like most news publications, the 14 organizations that participated in a recent CUNY study of native advertising label the content to distinguish it from their independent editorial content. However, in general, the use of the same storytelling conventions and formats as news in sponsored content has prompted user confusion and drawn the attention of the Federal Trade Commission. All of the news outlets in the study label their sponsored content at or near the beginning of the item and a few offer further explanation of the content and where it comes from. It’s worth noting, however, that none use the word “advertising” in their labels, as recommended by the FTC in its native advertising guide for businesses. Among the publications in my study, the New York Times and Texas Tribune have the most direct labels. Labels alone may not be enough to enable readers to understand the source and intent of the content. Part of the problem may be that most sponsored content is both an article in form and an ad in sponsor and intent.
The Contently study, which pre-dated the Federal Trade Commission’s December guidelines, concluded with a call for publishers to do make labeling more evident and maintain high standards for content.
The Federal Trade Commission added its weight to calls for clearer labeling of sponsored content and other native advertising in December 2015. The FTC issued a new Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements and a companion guide for businesses involved in producing or publishing native ads. Michele McLellan is a writer, editor and consultant who works on projects that help strengthen the emerging local news ecosystem, whether it is online news start ups working to become sustainable or traditional news organizations that are trying to shape their new role in the digital world. An Edelman survey of 5,000 readers found that their favorable impression of brands in native advertising increased *only* if it was in a trusted publication *but* native advertising did nothing to improve the reputation of the media brand. MediaShift is the premier destination for insight and analysis at the intersection of media and technology. Kennzeichnend ist das Listen-Format im Sinne von „Die 10 besten…“, „Diese 99 Tipps bringen… „, etc. Ebenfalls haufig umgesetzt werden ahnliche Anzeigen von Portalen wie der Hufffington Post oder BuzzFeed. Dass Video-Content durch bessere Bandbreiten und einer rapiden Entwicklung auf Seiten der Endgerate (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.) aus der Online-Vermarktung kaum mehr wegzudenken sind, ist nicht erst seit kurzem bekannt.
Fur Interessierte haben wir ein etwas ausfuhrlicheres Whitepaper zum Thema Native Advertising erstellt, welches ihr euch gratis downloaden konnt.
Arda ist Consultant und Project Manager bei xeit und bloggt hier uber News, Interessantes, Wissenswertes oder auch mal Kurioses rund ums Thema Online Marketing. Social Media: Jeder zweite Schweizer Internetuser nutzt zumindest gelegentlich Angebote im Bereich der Foren, Blogs oder Online-Communities. The beauty of native advertising entering the realm of programmatic buying is that marketers can now deliver engaging content preferred by consumers at massive scale. With so much marketer and consumer attention on native advertising, it's surely an opportunity not to be missed. Your omnichannel campaign will benefit from a consistent story across channels and devices.
There are several types of native ad formats such as social, sponsored content and in-feed. The key to a successful native campaign requires full integration with the publisher site and its content. Successful native campaigns are highly dependent on implementing the right strategies to achieve your goals. There are many flavors of native advertising, and each has appropriate measurements of success.

There's a lot to look forward to in the coming year with the merging of programmatic and native. So far, the only difference between the natural local results and local advertising is that the ads don’t get a pin on the map.For retailers and service providers with a brick and mortar location who aren’t in the Local 3 Pack, local advertising showing up in the Local Finder is good news.
Enrico Nunnari e il nuovo publisher manager di UpStory, la piattaforma native advertising sviluppata da BizUp e specializzata nella distribuzione di branded content su un network di oltre 3.000 siti premium, vertical blog e social influencer. Nel 2015 quasi il 50 per cento del traffico della rete nell’ultimo anno e passato attraverso una CDN, ovvero Content Delivery Network. Questo video spiega l’importanza e le funzionalita di una CDN, soffermandosi in particolare su Akamai - leader mondiale nei servizi di rete per la distribuzione dei contenuti – e Meride, la piattaforma CMS tutta italiana, implementata per la distribuzione e monetizzazione dei video online. This article received more than 20 000 shares — meaning that Purina generated many impressions, without even mentioning dog food. This is an emotional, tear-jerking article that fills dog-lovers with warm, fuzzy feelings.
Seventy percent of agency creatives feel that a user’s positive experience is the most essential aspect of native advertising. But at first, people had a hard time understanding why they should try G Series, which has separate products for before, during and after the game.
It’s probably safe to say that many people who work out regularly have an interest in Gatorade and listen to music while they’re at the gym — so Gatorade provided the best of both worlds for them.
When fans “checked-in” on the popular app, they had a chance to win gear and seat upgrades from Verizon FiOS.
The Patriot’s QB starred in an almost-3-minute comedic skit about an extremely creepy friend. I would venture to say that the list of excellent examples of quality native advertising is a going to grow a lot this year and mobile will be the primary reason. They said they were well aware of the need to maintain audience trust in the crowded news and information market. The key, they said, is to provide engaging content that is relevant to the audience and to generally avoid making direct sales pitches.
Among a number of recent studies, Contently earlier this year showed sponsored content to more than 500 people and asked them whether the content was an article or an ad. In addition to being the senior program consultant for Knight Digital Media Center, Michele has served as a Knight Community Information Challenge Circuit Rider who advises community foundations that are supporting news and information projects in their areas.
Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen eine Banner-Kampagne als beste Befriedigung aller Anspruche galt. Trend-Formate – sicherlich begunstigt durch die verstarkten „social-Attribute“ – sind Listicles von sogenannten „Brand Publishern“. Watson geht sogar so weit, dass die Erstellung des Contents vom Redaktions-Team ubernommen wird, um inhaltlich konsistent zu bleiben.
Der Shift hin zu Facebook (wo deutlich mehr „native“-Attribute erfullt werden als auf anderen Plattformen) wurde vom Blauen Riesen zusatzlich stark vorangetrieben. Allerdings moderieren wir die Kommentare und behalten uns vor, beleidigende oder offensichtlich fur die Suchmaschinenoptimierung abgegebene Eintrage zu editieren oder gar zu loschen.
Consumers agree—nearly two-thirds of them find native advertising interesting and informative, according to the Association of Online Publishers. It's important to understand the benefits of each in order to get the most from your marketing efforts. Make sure you're conscious of the look of the page, the tone of the editorial and style of photography to ensure that consumers will relate to your ad. In terms of programmatic native advertising, those goals are likely branding and engagement.
One thing to remember is that programmatic native in particular allows for the ability to optimize based on performance data—just like display or mobile campaigns. As with most digital innovations, the industry will discover new opportunities and define standards that have yet to be determined. Check out our infographic for details on how to make the most of your native programmatic buys.
In his role, Tim leads the company's strategy and vision to create cutting-edge supply-side collaborations.
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L’autore, Claudio Vaccaro, ceo di BizUp e UpStory, propone un percorso di lettura che analizza tutti i vantaggi dei formati native, evidenziando in che modo e possibile utilizzarli per distribuire i contenuti branded su siti web di terze parti secondo logiche coerenti con il contesto editoriale e rispettosi dell’esperienza utente che offre la piattaforma in cui essi sono inseriti. Nunnari ha alle spalle anni di esperienza professionale che lo hanno portato da New York a Teads, dove ha ricoperto il ruolo di publisher manager per il network premium e per lo sviluppo del network sulle app mobile. This way, your audience is engaged and exposed to your brand — without forcing it down their throats.

Spending on native ads grew 39% in 2012 and was estimated an approximate 22% growth in 2013. The piece shares stories and videos of the sweetest pups — one who saved its owners life, one who mourned the death of its Navy SEAL owner, and three others. As a result, more than 485 000 stations were added by users and more than 519 000 hours of Gatorade-chosen music was listened to. This partnership was for three specific NFL stadiums, meaning that a potential 230 000 people could see Verizon’s name each Sunday — all while focused on winning freebies.
As a result, Samsung consumers are happy, non-Samsung users are interested and the company has generated more than 25-million impressions on YouTube. In addition to laughing, viewers saw Under Armour’s logo at least a dozen times throughout.
All the big publishers (NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, etc) and ad networks (Airpush, MoPub, InMobi) are going to take native mobile ads to the next level this year. She founded the Block by Block Community News Summit for independent online community publishers and she created and publishes Michele’s List, a database of promising local news start ups, in collaboration with the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism.
Vereinfacht gesagt, ist Native Advertising eine Uberkategorie, welche einige bereits bekannte plus zusatzliche neuere Werbeformen unter sich vereint.
Auch bei den Facebook-Videos ist damit zu rechnen, dass diese 2016 und wohl auch noch daruber hinaus stark zulegen werden.
And a third are more likely to trust native ads over other traditional advertising formats such as display banner ads.
Plus, you can measure the performance of these creatives to determine how your marketing dollars are best spent.
For example, in-feed native uses technology to dynamically create an ad that integrates with the content on the publisher's page, while sponsored content is a result of the advertiser working directly with a publisher to create content. Instead, Google now considers Maps “a core Google search site.”As a result, Google Maps will now require location extensions for ads to show up. Il concetto di user experience nella fruizione dei contenuti Native e centrale in tutto il volume, ed evidenzia la necessita per i marketer di passare dal concetto di impression a quello di attenzione per valutare il successo di una campagna di advertising: la capacita di generare engagement nell’utente e diventata infatti la metrica fondamentale per misurare l’efficacia della pubblicita online. In UpStory si occupera sia dello sviluppo del network dei publishers che dell’ottimizzazione degli editori che gia utilizzano i servizi della piattaforma. Knowing the pros, cons and capabilities of each format will help you make the decision on what's right for you. Sponsored content is best aligned with top-of-the-funnel metrics, while in-feed ads are measured more like display with metrics such as click-through rate and cost per action.
So standard text ads won’t show anymore.Also, if you had opted out of Search Partners but still use location extensions, you’ll be able to see your ads in Maps. Il libro fornisce le linee guida e le best practices per l’integrazione dei formati nativi e la monetizzazione dei contenuti, e mostra in modo pratico le strategie e le tecniche per pianificare, attuare e misurare una campagna di Native Advertising evidenziando i kpi che ogni advertiser dovrebbe tenere in considerazione prima di attuare questa nuova forma promozionale.
Add the Brands are poisoning the well because lack of trust in the editorial translates to lack of trust in the advertising. Using Predictive Analytics 47 How Virtual Reality is Transforming Shopping 29 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? And if you opted in to Search Partners but aren’t using location extensions, you won’t see your ads.What this means is that more businesses will join the pool of ad auctions for Google Maps. Il libro e disponibile sia in formato cartaceo che in ebook, e puo essere acquistato nelle maggiori librerie e su Amazon. Google wants that reflected in the results.Google expressed the importance of location extensions in the notice they sent to advertisers. They say if you are using location extensions, you could see an increase in impressions and clicks. Using location extensions, users will be able to find nearby businesses after clicking “More places.”Local Advertising in the Google Local FinderAds can now show in the Local Finder results. They won’t show in the Local 3 Pack, but if you click “More places” it’s possible you’ll see an ad there. However, if they stick, these latest changes can have a significant impact on local advertisers.Since Google has already sent notices to AdWords advertisers, the second ad update will probably stick around.
After all, they’re trying to “create a more seamless, relevant ad experience on Google Maps.”As for ads in the local finder, who knows?

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