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You can use hyperlinks with HTML format unlike plain text where the links appear broken while in the case of a PDF newsletter, they render browser security issues. The main problem people face with this format is that their HTML knowledge is not enough for them to develop their own newsletters.
Newsletters with too much graphic content and formatting take longer time to load and become a disadvantage at times. Newsletters written in plain text format will always be delivered to the subscriber since email clients have no issues with this kind of format. On the other hand, some readers might get distracted with flashy looks and color contrasts. Since plain text does not allow hyperlinks, rather longer links in your newsletter will appear broken due to email client restrictions.
PDF newsletter format can be downloaded on your PC, it can also be directly published on your website, or sent as an email attachment.

To create a PDF newsletter, you need to have special software, or if you are using Microsoft word, you can download and install an extension that lets you save y our documents in PDF format. The PDF newsletter could be viewed in browser or downloaded hence it makes it compatible across the majority of browsers. So now, I hope that after looking at the pros and cons of each newsletter format, it will be easier for you to decide which one to choose.
Home >> Homeschool Writing >> Kids Writing Resources Are you looking for some activities and resources that will encourage your children in their writing? In today’s post we will give you a brief review the three majorly used newsletter formats and their advantages and disadvantages along with examples of sample newsletter formats. If you plan to promote a product through your newsletter, use of graphics and product pictures can really help you get more customers. If you appreciate trendiness, graphics and images, you might say that a simple newsletter is lacking majorly.

This situation gets very out of hand with affiliate links since they all look like a URL spread over two, three lines. This makes it easier for you to add any kind any number of images along with playing with the fonts and layout.
Some readers however would not have PDF installed hence they might have issues in reading it. Therefore, if your subscriber is using an email client that does not support this format, they will not receive your newsletter.
After you have your PDF newsletter ready, you will have to download it to your server hosting the website or auto responder.

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