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When it comes to dealing with search engines, keywords play a vital role in determining your ranking position in search results. To make a good impression, create an attention-grabbing title tag – one that is worth clicking on.
A meta tag is the section under your title tag which contains a brief description of your page. After optimizing your page Meta tag, the next thing to do is optimize your permalink (also known as permanent link). Optimizing the content body of your page is the most important part of on page optimization. Once you’re done with the optimization process, I would recommend for you to monitor your website traffic.
According to econsultancy, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, sites only spend $1 converting them. We’re going to talk about seven landing page optimization mistakes eCommerce companies make and through this discussion, help spread the word about the importance of landing page optimization. When a visitor sees the ad and clicks on it, they have a certain expectation of what they want to see. If your landing page headline is not the same or incredibly similar to your ad headline, the odds you’ll lose the conversion and the sale are high.

Testing may seem like a daunting task, and if it seems too complex, get ahold of a landing page expert. If you look at your analytics, you’ll most likely find that most visitors to your site are new visitors, so let’s treat them as such.
If you need to include a lot of text, use images, icons and color to break it up for easy readability.
The paradox of choice from Barry Schwartz explains that choice has made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied. Have you ever searched for a product online, only to end up on a landing page with row after row of choices – most of which don’t apply to what you were looking for?
One of the best ways to speak to your new visitor is to present them with an email sign-up form. While these are just seven of the landing page optimization mistakes ecommerce companies make, they are some of the most important.
Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this on page optimization and how it can benefit my website. Therefore, pick the right keywords in order to achieve the best outcome for your on page optimization. So pay attention to not only the amount of keywords that you’re using but also the quality of the content.

With more than $3 billion spent on paid search alone, you might think that increasing traffic to your site is the best way to increase revenue.
They spend so much time focusing on driving traffic, social media and page rank, that they forget the landing page.
After a period of time, you can eliminate the poor performers and stick with the most optimized landing page. Many ecommerce sites make the mistake of treating new and returning visitors in the same fashion.
This study says that sites spend nearly $100 getting people to their site, but then they only spend $1 to keep them there. And two, you can also add other SEO methods such as link optimization and image optimization.
If you take them to a page with children’s, men’s and women’s jeans, they’ll probably bolt from your site because there are too many choices.

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