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Web-marketing can be classified as Keyword Advertisement, Banner and EDM (Email Direct Marketing).
You can use the mail templates to create a professional and customized mail in few minutes. Different types of classification will help users to organize their client’s information successfully. System will show number of times on forwarding emails, recipient’s names and email addresses.

Allow user to register right away, those that are already registered will show up in the system.
EDM must be the best advertising technique because of its cost-effectiveness and its quick exposure way of presenting one’s product. EDM’s self-served email promotional service is a very fast and effective way for promotion. It helps companies to update their customer with the newest product information and companies can build up a relationship with their customers from this.

The EDM system is very easy to use, it helps user to create the most effective advertisement in the least amount of time. EDM also has a very reasonable pricing option, with remarkable results that everyone can see.

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