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Create Online BrandBuilding a brand for your services and products is very crucial to reach your target clients and boost your sales.
Our skilled team at Brain Technosys will offer you with a personal branding tool kit that can assist you develop your own brand. Satisfying our customers is our foremost motto and therefore we personally offer you with tailor made techniques for creating a online brand. We offer you all the crucial tools for branding from designing a site to creating a portfolio to boost your sales. At Brain Technsosy, we offer you with a brand identity for your business in every aspect for instance price, benefits, quality, customer commitment and awareness.
Due to the rise in competition in business nowadays, Branding has become a very crucial factor for the success of a company. Our Brain Technosys expert team has built a branding tool kit that can assist you from the scratch towards building your online brand. By subscribing to our newsletters you will recieve latest promotional offers in your inbox.
Please feel free to fill our contact form and our business analyst would get in touch with you shortly with a quote. Creative Commons AttributionTDKtalks website and site contents by TDKtalks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Canada License. The idea behind is to have an account over every major online social platform with your brand name on it.
You can register an account for free and continue with online search regarding availability of brand-name on all major social platform. Now, depending upon availability you can click on thumbnail of various services to visit registration page for creating a new account using your brand name. Launching your personal brand is easy when you can visualize exactly what it is you want to create. Having a clear picture of what you want the final product to look like will guide you in the creation process. Once you have a picture in your head of what you want to create, you can begin to put together a plan of execution. Emmelie De La Cruz is speaker, trainer and consultant in the areas of social media and personal branding.
We sincerely thank all of our guest experts for the outstanding job search and career advice, expertise and experience they share with us in our mission to fuel your flying colors! If you are a CEO, Sales professional, Marketing Manager, Recruiter, Creative Professional or any kind of developing thought-leader, you need to have a bullet-proof personal brand online. This Action Plan for Personal Branding Online is available for download via e-mail after your payment is submitted. Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a nice to have any more for Artists.
Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a useful skill for Artists to have, it is a real necessity.
Event DetailsSearch Marketing Expo Australia is one of the newest concepts which mainly focus on the interactive marketing.

Welcome to Small Business Sense!Feel free to browse around to check out our latest and greatest articles from the site. Developing your personal brand is essential for the advancement of your career and development as a leader. Unfortunately, personal branding has become a “commoditized” term that has lost its intention as people have irresponsibly used social media as a platform to build their personal brand and increase their relevancy.
Personal branding, much like social media, is about making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a leader and how this will shape the manner in which you will serve others.
View your personal brand as a trademark; an asset that you must protect while continuously molding and shaping it. Have you defined your personal brand? Are you consistently living your personal brand every day? What I didn’t tell you is that 70% of professionals believe they have defined their personal brand and 50% believe they are living it. But when you “peel-back-the-onion,” you realize that their focus was centered on self-promotion rather than a commitment to advance themselves by serving others. At first, this is a bit of a challenge. However, when you start to see yourself living through the “lens of a brand,” your perspective will change and you will become more mindful about how you approach the personal brand you are trying to define and aiming to live. Don’t confuse this with “acting a part.”   To the contrary, you should focus on being more of who you naturally are and want to be so that you can perform and serve at your optimal levels.
Developing a strong brand with a good identity is very crucial to attain your business objectives rapidly.
Therefore, we at Brain Technosys assist you to uncover the right kind of brand that can assist you reach great heights and offer the best services to your target clients. Brands can be of three various types namely primary brands, secondary brands and tertiary brands.
We assist you in creating the perfect brand identity from creating business cards to profile that comprises information about your services and products. Once you’ve created the perfect brand image for your firm, we at Brain Technosys assist you in marketing it. This way you can strengthen your presence on the web.  This social media branding application searches the existence of your accounts on multiple social networking websites and notifies you about the availability. These were some of the key search terms on Google when people wanted to begin building a brand. If you are not crystal clear on what you want, it will become very easy to get distracted because you are not sure of where you are going. If you do not hold yourself accountable, you will not be successful in creating or maintaining your brand. Through her courses and workshops, she teaches millennials how to use social media strategically and develop a digital identity that will help them succeed professionally.
This action plan gives you a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly guide that you can take action on to build, grow and protect your online brand and reputation. As an Artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat.
As the demand for online shopping is increasing, this expo is gaining its overwhelming popularity among the visitors.Search Marketing Expo Australia is organized by Third Door Media, a leading organization popular for its effort to provide quality products through a virtual environment and also by community engagement. They believe social media can immediately increase their market value for their personal brand rather than recognizing that the process of developing their personal brand is a much bigger responsibility; a never-ending journey that extends well beyond social media.
Keep in mind that we have been conditioned to want to be more like others. As such, we   are more likely to be accountable to others and what they want us to be rather than being true to ourselves.

We at Brain Technosys assist you to create a brand for yourself that is distinct and attractive, with the assistance of several effective techniques and strategies.
Uncovering your brand involves figuring out your objectives, creating you vision, mission and a personalized brand statement.
Primary brand focuses on the core value or profits of a company while secondary brands are often extensions of the primary brands. Here, you can search over 537 social networking platforms and USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database to secure online presence of your brand. Still, you must understand that only having accounts over multiple online platforms will not solve the purpose. Many of the personal branding articles share ambiguous advice without real actionable steps to act upon. Make sure that you are committed to your vision and ready to begin designing your blueprint to success.
By breaking up projects into small manageable tasks, you can begin to see progress as you cross each item off your to-do list. When she’s not working with students, she’s training higher education administrators on social media and managing John Jay College’s student life channels. As an artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online. Here not only regional but also overseas visitors will gather to witness the future strategy of marketing. We also help in deciding the right position that can work for you in determining the advantages and services of your organization. Good SEO (search engine optimization) and above all the usefulness of your product will matter at last. With purpose fueled by passion, you are able to imagine all the possibilities available to you and paint a clear picture in your mind of what your brand looks like, who it touches and what it communicates. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social Branding as well as the CEO of a 12 year old Social Media Agency, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online. New and existing big brands from different corners of the world will come to showcase their products and get a global exposure. What it does require is countless hours sitting in front of a computer and a determined mind to get things done. Here is the secret formula to launching your brand in a nutshell: Vision + Plan + Action= Brand.

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