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The world needs some meat and so does the clothing industry.  Well, Lady Gaga seemed to agree with the meat part so why can’t everyone else? Home What Changed From V-1 Video For Backgammon For Monopoly For RPG's For All Other Games Choose Your Dice Product Reviews An In-Depth Review Buy SEALED Meyer Dice Tubes Buy REMOVABLE CAPS model Questions or Comments? Today, MONOPOLY is the best-selling board game in the world, sold in 103 countries and produced in 37 languages. Matt McNally (2003 US MONOPOLY Champion & Chairman of the World MONOPOLY Association) presents a Meyer Dice Tube to Kaname Okada (Vice-Chairman of the Japan MONOPOY Association) as a gift at the Japanese National MONOPOLY Champioship in December, 2010.

Another happy owner of a Meyer Dice Tube is Yutaka Okada, 2000 World MONOPOLY Champion & Executive Director of the Japan MONOPOLY Association. For information on how to order yours, click on the "Buy SEALED Meyer Dice Tubes" link in the left column! Click on the "Choose Your Dice" link to see the 10 different colors of STANDARD dice available for your Meyer Dice Tube.
Due to the high quality materials and the fabrication methods, the Meyer Dice Tube is virtually indestructible, so don't worry about it breaking if it falls off the table.

Darrow sold 5,000 handmade sets of the MONOPOLY game to a Philadelphia department store.  People loved the game!
The red hat also has white lace trim with an elastic band for a comfortable fit around your head.

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