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Effective online marketing blogs run the gamut of topics and approaches, and the word “effective” is subjective: a blog that is spot on for you may bomb with someone else.
Sherpa chose its effective online marketing blogs for 2012, naming individual blogs according to marketing categories. The familiar Mashable blog is a huge repository of news and trends from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other giants of social media. If you can look past its long-scrolling, narrow column of content, Webbiquity offers plenty to enjoy.
The name SEOmoz is synonymous with the search engine optimization community, so it stands to reason that its daily blog is full of actionable advice, such as using links and content to reach business goals and making the most of local search. Beyond its targeted messaging and remarkable content, good design is a make-or-break aspect of your website. Never underestimate the power of a good press release – even in a crowded web environment, a newsworthy story will attract attention. Everyone uses email for online marketing, so a good email marketing blog is worth your time to visit regularly.
The Verge is a fun, hip blog that covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Asa Shatkin is founder and creative director of Shebang Internet Marketing Group, responsible for the development of inbound marketing focused websites and campaigns. Asa is a regular blogger for "The Marketing Blog" and contributes articles that focus on effective internet marketing. FREE Internet Marketing GuideThis ebook can serve as your essential guide to setting up and implementing a successful internet marketing strategy, step by step. If you are considering a website redesign, this Ebook reviews the best (and worst) motivations for a redesign. Based on real data from 4,000 businesses, learn why these are the most important and cost effective factors for effectively driving traffic and qualifying leads for your business.
JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings. But the best blogs all share common elements – they’re easy to understand, crafted by experts and make you want to come back for more. This site’s marketing blog covers the gamut of categories – from site design to lead generation, landing page strategy and tons more. Where else, for instance, would you learn that Puppy Bowl was among the 20 most social TV shows of its week?
This B2B blog “focuses mainly on online tactics and front-end website traffic and lead generation (rather than, say, lead nurturing),” as the site’s president, Tom Pick, told Marketing Sherpa. And did you know there were 96 ways to gain SEO “wins” that contribute to your brand strength? Gnome Flash is a fun design blog where you’ll find examples of some of the coolest looks on the web.

It offers a range of  reporting and feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information, and community content.
It includes checklists for your landing pages and assets and walks you through the 7 steps to make your site a success.
Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. And because HubSpot is so well known, the blogs attract plenty of comments, which may provide you with extra insight from people going through the same challenges that you are.
Whether you’re looking for tips on tweets or recommendation on optimization, these blogs attract C-level guest bloggers who explain their topics in easy-to-understand terms. A place to get idea-starters on everything from fonts to photos, courtesy of today’s Picassos of the pixel. With such a wide-open subject to cover, Get Elastic gets particularly detailed on trending and tactical topics.
This blog created for small-business needs can teach you to sell without “selling,” create moods with color, and repurpose content like a pro. Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. Blogs like these can give you great insight into what kind of content gets liked, shared and commented upon.
Recent posts included an interesting look at the rise of brick-and-mortar “pop-up shops”  based on e-commerce sites like Etsy; and advice on how to handle negative reviews. This blog works with Shift Communications to provide text and video to address questions like “Can public relations affect SEO?” And pieces like “50 most overused press release words” make the subject more fun. The blog can be traced back to one blogger (if not the very first blogger) named Justin Hall, who began personal blogging back in 1994.
In fact, many would argue that it’s essential for someone promoting a business or product. The first 60 days are crucial to ensuring success and building credibility.Blogging experts say one post per week is the absolute minimum.
Ideally, you want to update your blog two to three times per week to keep things fresh and current and to maintain readers’ interest. This may sound like a lot of time, but once you start, your blog must be dedicated to writing new posts and putting new content on your blog.Tips for Writing Your BlogA common writing tip given by the popular bloggers is that you need to enjoy, love, and have a passion for what you are writing about. Here are a few more basic tips:Along with having a passion for your topic, lists are also good to incorporate into your blog. We’d like to think that people are going to read your blog word for word each time, but people do skim.
In another week, use a video or have a guest blogger write a post.Your blog is your domain to keep people informed and build rapport. Be sure your posts are informative and entertaining.Use catchy titles or headlines for each entry. You can also put these headlines in your other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be sure to include a link to take readers directly to your blog.When writing, you can put your posts into categories. You can use as many categories as you like, but a best practice is to keep the categories in sync with your subject matter expertise. Let’s take a look at the current most popular providers, although the number of providers is constantly growing. Check the internet for any new providers on the horizon.BloggerBlogger is a free site where you can get your blog up in minutes. A nice feature is that, when you create your blog, you can choose an available URL; later, if you change your mind and want another URL, you can easily make the change.
Now it’s time to start promoting your blog to the world.One of the first things to do is to go back and list your blog on all of your summary or informational pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. If you are a speaker or writer, be sure to list your blog in your bio box or signature.Another way to promote your blog is through the many online communities that offer a place to list your blog. In the next issue, write about your blog and tell everyone about it.Look for interesting people to do a guest post on your blog.
While I don’t recommend spamming or making inauthentic comments just to get publicity, strategically comment on certain blogs that interest you and that may also interest your readers. You never know who may find your comment and check you (and your blog) out.Write an article.
At the end of your article give your name, business name, and blog information.When people leave comments on your blog, respond to them.
You will want to encourage readers to subscribe to feeds so you can build your readership fan base.
This is a great site that enables you to create and import widgets that link to specific sites. These are kind of fun, and you may find some that you want to put on your blog.CoverltLiveOne day, you may be known as a serious blogger and you may be asked to live blog at an event.
If you don’t feel like bringing your laptop to the event, you can still cover it using your iPhone through the software.
Get the app and you’ll be able to launch and run live events, publish live commentary and photos, run audio and video, email event links, and more. You may have noticed on a lot of blogs that they have a share link at the bottom that includes other social media site icons.
Run (don’t walk) to add this feature to your blog today so it will get shared around the world. This sharing tool will help your readers share your blog with other platforms and networks.

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