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If you want to increase your search engine rankings it can be hard to know where to start, or where you should be focusing your time.
For this reason I have put this check list together so you can quickly check off 25 of the most common SEO procedures for your website.
Follow this list and check off each item as you go, if you have any queries feel free to respond below or send me a message.
Always make sure you check for messages from Google and take action as soon as you can.  Google Webmasters reports on any errors search engine robots find when browsing your website, such as HTML improvements, pages Google can’t access etc. If your site is built using WordPress (and I highly suggest it is) you should install this plugin as a priority.  WordPress SEO is regularly updated to meet the latest SEO guidelines and is trusted by over 2 million website owners.
Responsive design is a necessity since the advent of Google’s mobile ranking update.  Check how your site appears on multiple screen sizes and that it matches Google’s criteria for mobile design. Page load speed is a growing factor for search engines, leading to countless frustrations from consumers (especially mobile users), speed can also have a big impact of your bottom line.. How fast your web pages load and what might be slowing them down can be easily checked using free tools like PageSpeedInsights – The tool also gives a lot of advice to improve your load time too. Use Google Webmaster Tools to check that your site doesn’t have any duplicate content that may be affecting your site being indexed.
By no means essential but if you want to rank well on a local town, city or neighborhood level you should spread local keywords & locally relevant content throughout your website.
Make sure you have written a keyword focused page title & description to be shown in the search pages. High ranking pages are usually written around a very specific topic and the content is geared towards one or more surrounding keywords.
XML sitemaps help search engines to crawl and indefx your website more quickly, you can create a sitemap using XML Sitemaps Generator, think about how often your pages will be updated and how often search engines should re-visit. Search engines don’t understand images all that well, so we use alt tags to describe what the image is about.  Image alt tags can help to direct traffic from Google Image Searches and increase the relevancy of your pages.
You might have great content but don’t neglect a good user experience.  Can people easily get around your website?  Earn some extra brownie points with the search engines by giving a good UX. Google reported last year that they will now reward websites that encrypt shoppers information through secure HTTPS URLs.
It is always good practice to see where your competitors are getting their backlinks, especially if they have a proven track record in the search results.  You may find some new opportunities yourself or learn more about the specific key terms they are targeting.
I would recommend that you are active on at least one or two of the big social networks but at the very least you should claim your brand name & link your page to your website for any future use. Social media shares & comments all contribute towards your search ranking and are now an expectation of what search engines would call a “Good online brand”. In addition to explicit links that point to your website search engines now pay particular attention to positive online reviews (especially for local business). About UsElvin Web Marketing are award winning experts in online marketing for small business. We produce out-of-the-box fully branded, SEO friendly, Responsive websites for local small businesses. Disenar una tactica de marketing online es una labor que solicita de mucho tiempo para buscar y mucho tiempo para disenar algo que de verdad encaje con los objetivos que teneis con tu marca predeterminados.
Una tactica es el como de los objetivos de marketing y de negocio que tiene tu marca, asi que tenlos muy claros para despues poder preparar algo completamente ajustado a tu situacion. Ademas de tener claro lo que quieres, te sugiero tener super claro el presupuesto que teneis para ejecutar tu estrategia, pese a que sea un aproximado.
Aunque parece mentira, el hecho de tener poco presupuesto hace que las mejores ideas surjan, asi que no te desanimes si teneis poco.
Haz un analisis de lo que teneis o has obtenido con tu marca en acciones preliminares antes de ponerte a inventar cosas nuevas.
Publico – una campana enfocada solamente a visitantes que son visitantes (con las audiencias modificables de Facebook® podrias importar los correo de tus visitantes y asi apuntar esa campana solo a ellos). Para bajar esta plantilla de checklist teneis que efectuar las siguientes acciones sociales o la alternativa de suscribirte al newsletter. Para entrar al documento tan solo deberas que suscribirte al newsletter. Si ya estas suscrito deja tus documentos de todas maneras para entrar al contenido. The post(noticia) Checklist para disenar una tactica de marketing online que de verdad funciona appeared first on Social Media Marketing by Vilma Nunez. Nota: La creacion de esta noticia le pertenece al autor original que aparece en la firma de mas arriba. A youth entreprenuership program for students ages 15-29, delivered by Enterprise Renfrew County on behalf of the Ontario Government.
Ontario students, that want a summer job they love, will have a chance to be their own boss this summer. Summer Company provides practical hands-on business training, mentoring and essential business skills they need to thrive.
If you are a student between the ages of 15 and 29 who is in school and will be returning to school in the fall then you may qualified for the Summer Company Program. In the fall after you have successfully completed the Summer Company program you may qualify to receive an additional award of up to $1,500.
Please be advised that we cover all of the County of Renfrew and sometimes our Renfrew location is closed due to business travel.
The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) has been created to serve the diverse needs of the province’s small business community.
No type of organization, including charities and non-profit organizations, is exempt from Canada's Anti-Spam legislation.
If you use electronic channels to promote or market your organization, products or services, Canada's new Anti-Spam Law may affect you.
Q: Do you use email, SMS, social media or instant messaging to send commercial or promotional information about your organization to reach customers, prospects and other important audiences? Based on the live pitches, the judges select six winners who are presented with reserved entry into the Summer Company program, a Nymi band from Nymi and a Muse brain-sensing headband by InteraXon. If you want to enter the competition but do not have a recording device contact our office and we can assist you with the recording, For more information or assistance contact Kim at: 613-735-8224. Summer Company offers mentorship, training and awards of up to $3,000 to students aged 15 to 29. Helping young entrepreneurs succeed is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. Almost 7,000 students across the province have launched a summer business through Summer Company since 2001. In 2015, Ontario renewed investment of $250 million over two years for the Youth Jobs Strategy. Through the Self-Employed Summer Co-operative Education Pilot, high school students enrolled in the Specialized High Skills Major (SHSM) program can earn up to two co-op education credits while particpating in the Summer Company program.

Enterprise Renfrew County in partnership with Community Futures Development Corporation Renfrew County is proud to host the Small Business Forum.
Greg has combined his passion for small business and his 25 years of self-emplyment experience into providing a unique insight in what entrepreneurs must do to not only survive, but to enjoy the experience. Having dealt with many of the trails and tribulations facing business owners, Greg offers his audiences and clients practical and actionable ideas to improve their organizations. Greg the current Chair of the West Ottawa Board of Trade as well as being business advisor at Invest Ottawa and the Entrepreneur in Residence in Renfrew County.
Robert Fraser is an entrepreneur, small business mentor and public speaker that focuses on getting your business connected in the new digital world.
Robert Fraser is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist of The Social Business, an Internet Marketing firm specializing in inbound Marketing, Website and Social Media Marketing. The program is intended for businesses in retail, service, hospitality and small manufacturing sectors, primarily targeting individual entrepreneurs and small businesses in the County of Renfrew. Based on their experience and knowledge, coaches will provide feedback, provide suggestions, generate ideas, and empower the client to make more effective decisions. On March 12, 2015 Enterprise Renfrew County had their first Starter Company applicant approved for the $5000 Starter Company grant.
The Youth Jobs Strategy was initially introduced in the 2013 Ontario Budget and invested $295 million over two years to help connect 30,000 youth with the tools, experiences and entrepreneurial support they need to find employment or start their own businesses. If you have a great idea for a business and the entrepreneurial drive to see it through, then Starter Company is here to help you start your company. You may qualify for up to $5,000 in funding, plus receive the invaluable guidance of a business mentor. Starter Company is an Ontario program that provides young people with the resources and knowledge that they need to start and grow their own business.
To qualify for funding of up to $5,000 you need to be able to contribute at least 25% of the grant amount in either cash or kind. For more information on Starter Company fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. During the past 25 years if you have used our services or attended any of our workshops and events we would love to hear  how we helped you with your business. ERC orignally started as the Renfrew County Business Self Help Office and opened in 1988. During 2013 we will be giving you a glimpse of the growth and development of Enterprise Renfrew County from 1988 - 2013. Enterprise Renfrew County would like to thank all of our event sponsors for their generous support for our Bridges to Better Business Event. This annual event is a one-day learning and networking opportunity packed with great ideas to help entrepreneurs succeed.
The combination of the keynote address, discussions, panel of successful entrepreneurs, sponsor displays provide a cost-effective business tool that will help entrepreneurs gain invaluable insight into the operation of a successful business. Chris Emery and Larry Finnson are two of Canada's great food entrepreneurs who are known for delivering humorous and inspiring presentations. In celebration of ERC's 25th Anniversary, ERC is offering you a chance to have you name entered into a draw for a chance to WIN a Samsung Galaxy Tablet!
The purpose of this handbook is to provide general information on the nature of a not-for-profit corporation and guidelines on how to incorporate such a corporation. Not-for-profit corporations incorporated in Ontario are governed by the Corporations Act and the Regulations made under it. Both the federal and Ontario government provide a six month grace period to all OSAP borrowers after leaving full-time studies. Ontario is making it easier for recent college and university graduates who choose to start their own business.
Ontario is providing $6 million over three years to increase sales of local food by making it more widely available and building awareness of the variety of food grown and produced in Ontario.
Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this investment today, during Ontario Agriculture Week, while visiting Fresh City Farms in Toronto's Downsview Park. The economic and health benefits of a thriving agriculture sector and locally produced food were two of the reasons that led the province to create the Greenbelt in 2005.
Ontario’s Greenbelt, the largest permanently protected Greenbelt in the world, is home to more than 5,500 farms. Starter Company is a youth entrepreneurship program that is geared towards youth between the ages of 18 - 29 who are out of school.
Our aim is to assist young entrepreneurs with business planning, financing and to discover if being a full time entrepreneur will be their future career. Today, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and the Canadian Paralympic Committee announced the opening of the 2015 Parasport Jumpstart Fund that will help more kids get in the game.
Applications are now open and Canadian sport and community groups are invited to apply for the 2015 fund. The Parasport Jumpstart Fund, which is also supported by the Government of Canada’s Sport Support Program, will help cover the cost of sports and recreational programs for children between the ages of four and 18, who are financially disadvantaged and living with a disability. The fund supports the creation of a new program or the expansion of an existing successful initiative and may be used towards registration, transportation and equipment costs for children within approved parasport programs.
A one day learning and sharing event for women in business, managers and any woman who is considering opening a business. Creating a successful business is something that we all have an interest in doing but understanding how to do so through marketing can be difficult. Participants will also receive a complimentary digital package that features two fantastic resources to further the conversation and help provide clarity around this topic. The e-book is a perfect guide for business owners who are interested in marketing in a way that elicits an emotional connection with their customer base to grow a strong, profitable business. Keirsey and Bate's Please Understand Me was first published in 1978, since then millions of people have been introduced to Temperament, individuals, businesses, schools, churches and marriage and family counselling centres.
This session promises to shed light on our own personalities and open a better understanding of those on our teams.
Did you know when you spend one dollar locally, you are contributing to the strength of your communities economy?
Youth Services: Thrive Youth Resource Centre - Not sure what services are available for youth in the County of Renfrew?
There is a two year transition period for workers who already meet the existing fall protection training requirements set out in section 26.2 of the Construction Regulation. The new training requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation will be in addition to the current training requirements under the Construction Regulation. Please Note: Upon receipt of this form we will contact your to obtain additional information and discuss your story.
Ideally at least 100 words of content.  Over the past few years Google has been culling millions of websites with “thin pages”.

Quizas tu tactica este inspirada en optimizar lo que tienes, sin embargo eso no lo sabras si no haces este analisis.
No vaya a ser que quieras inventar algo muy pasado o muy desencajado de tu realidad como marca. No importa cual es tu decision, hay tacticas para un solo canal, el dilema es cuando son multiples canales y estas de copy-paste, eso NO mola.
Tiene que entenderse muy bien lo que deseas trasmitir, te lo opuesto sera complicado que consigas una buena conversion. Olvidate de limitarte a un solo tipo de contenidos, deberas que intentar producir diferentes formatos para inventar llegar tu sms a todos. No hemos eliminado en ningun momento los enlaces oficiales, ni tampoco intentamos perjudicar su posicionamiento en los motores de busqueda. Summer Company is a unique program, which assists young entrepreneurs with starting and running their own eight to 12-week business over the summer. If you are accepted into the program you will receive an award of up to $1,500 at the start of the program to help with start-up costs.
Once you have done this you will be notified if you qualify to submit an application to the program. It is advised that you call the office to ensure the office is open and to book an appointment. Videos are judged through online public voting (40%) and expert judges’ scores (60%). Eric developed Neutun-an app that works with smart watches and wearable devices that warns the wearer when an epileptic seizure is imminent. This additional funding will bring the total four-year investment to more than $565 million, providing employment and skills development opportunities for up to 150,000 youth.
The Social Business works with small and medium-sized businesses, helping them to understand and take advantage of today's communication with customers and potential customers.
ClubIT works with progessive companies and organizations that know the value of technology and want to get the most out of their IT investments. The key components of the program include providing businesses in Renfrew County with coaching, educational seminars, business visitations and personalized ongoing service from Enterprise Renfrew County. To strengthen working relationships with community partners in order to expand and improve services to small business. As part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund, The Starter Company program offers business training, mentoring, and a grant of up to $5,000 to eligible applicants who are Ontario residents ages 18 to 29, and who are starting or expanding a full time business, not attending school full time, and will be in effect until March 31, 2016. And thank-you to our volunteers, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs who took time out of busy schedules to attend. The event provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop valuable networking contacts and share innovative ideas with their peers.
As the creators of Clodhoppers candy they took Chris' grandma's recipe and developed it into a multi-million dollar business. They have appeared in media and publications such as CNN, Fortune small business magazine and they appeared on CBC's Dragons' Den in February 2012, where they convinced marketing maven Arlene Dickinson to invest in their premium candy OMG's. Click Here for the complete handbook prepared jointly by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, ServiceOntario and the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee for Ontario, Charitable Property Program of the Ministry of the Attorney General.
This handbook also provides basic information on incorporating charitable corporations, which are a special type of not-for-profit corporation. Incorporation of not-for-profit corporations under the Act is at the discretion of the Minister (or his delegate). In our store you will find fashions for all seasons, from basic to high tech outerwear (jackets, pants, work shirts and vests), to comfortable wicking sleepwear and cozy bamboo sleepwear.
When shopping in our store, you may purchase a readymade garment, or choose, from our more than 250 designs, the style, fabrics, colours and size of a garment and have this item manufactured for you. During this grace period, no payments on a student’s outstanding full-time loans are required. The One-Year OSAP Grace Period for Entrepreneurs provides the owner or joint owner of an eligible new business located in Ontario with a six-month grace period extension before having to start making monthly payments on their full-time OSAP loans. The government will provide the funding to the Greenbelt Fund, a non-profit organization that helps encourage consumption of local food in the Greenbelt and across Ontario. The Greenbelt permanently protects almost 2 million acres of environmentally sensitive land and farm land in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) from urban development.
Starter Company and Summer Company are programs that are geared specifically towards young entrepreneurs.
During the day, you will have many opportunities to make business connections, network and to learn some new business skills.
Each dollar spent in Renfrew County will circulate 3-5 times, making each dollar spent worth 5 dollars! These workers will have until April 1, 2017 to complete an approved working at heights training program. Dolan's innovation led to securing new business partnerships, developing a user base, and expanding into his latest wearable technology endeveour to monitor a range of chronic conditions in addition to epilepsy. Their youthful and energetic style and never-say-die attitude led Clodhoppers to a point where it was ranked amongst the top candy brands in Canada according to A.C. Ontario pays the interest on your Ontario Student Loans (including the Ontario portion of Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans) while interest still accumulates on your Canada Student Loans (including the Canada portion of Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans). During this six-month grace period extension, Ontario will also pay the monthly interest on ALL of your outstanding full-time OSAP loans. As the GTHA continues to grow, the government is committed to enhancing and expanding the Greenbelt to protect this resource, helping to ensure that Ontario continues to grow fresh food to be served at tables across the province and around the world. After the grace period has ended, you are required to start making your monthly payments (of principal plus interest) on your outstanding full-time OSAP loans. The grant money will be used to purchase equipment, and supplies to increase production to meet supply demands. Chris & Larry have been recognized for their sales and marketing techniques in media and publications such as CBC's Venture, CNN's Mavericks of the Morning and in Fortune's Small Business magazine. The reader is, however, referred to the Corporations Act and the Regulations to examine those sections not set out here. In 2006 Clodhoppers was sold to Brookside Foods, a leading Canadian chocolate manufacturer.
Year round, commercial & residential service, capable of handling any type of service required.

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