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Over the past year, we’ve been evangelizing – sharing the good news about businesses taking control of online data.
As we discussed in yesterday’s announcement, the days of considering a business’s local presence and digital presence as separate matters are behind us. Get Help With Your Online Marketing Here!Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Carl Gates and that's me down there in the About section.
You might think that any company which is targeting a strictly local audience with its promotional campaigns will not be able to utilise online marketing techniques in the process but you would be mistaken. The changes that Google has made to its search engine ranking algorithm in recent years with regard to the location of the people that conduct searches means that local businesses can use websites in much the same way as international conglomerates do to attract new customers and raise public awareness of their organisations. If the town or city in which your small business is located happens to be home to another company that has already established an effective online presence, placing banner ads on the website of the company in question could be a very good way to drive traffic to your corporate website. Web directories have been touted as the path to instant SEO success in the past and whilst this is certainly not the case, they are very useful tools for companies that are trying to attract customers in a particular geographical area. Whether you are only interested in selling to local customers or you supply products that could conceivably be sent to any country in the world for a reasonable cost, an e-commerce site will make it much easier for you to convert interested visitors to your site into actual sales.
You can make sure that your site is more appealing to your target audience by organising prize draws with a very local focus for those that register to receive your corporate newsletter via email. Whatever your goals as a small business owner, it would be a mistake to ignore the enormous marketing potential of Internet marketing. Matthew Hobbs writes on a freelance basis for WickedWeb digital marketing agency, a company in the UK with 3 office locations, a growing number of accolades and awards, and a team of 50 strong experts.

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These things may be a little tricky to those of you who have never dealt with code like this before.
If you are stuck on anything and need help, you are more than welcome to drop by the support forum at any time and ask around. I have long heard from my current clients that when they first started out trying to rank their website online they went with your traditonal Search Engine Optimisation agency.
There are many ways in which small business owners can leverage the power of the Internet to attract new customers and increase turnover, the most useful of which I have listed below. As long as you are clear about the areas in which your firm offers its services, your site should naturally appear higher in the results of searches that are initiated by local consumers. Whilst it may be possible to increase the visibility of your site by organic means, it could take some time. Make sure that your firm has entries in all the directories that cover your area to maximise the chances of local consumers or potential business customers being able to find your website. If you are operating on a strictly local basis and have no desire to expand, you could offer a cash on delivery service for the goods that you provide.
For example, you could get together with a cafe or restaurant in your town or city to offer a free meal for two as a prize, or perhaps a night in a local hotel. Take advantage of everything that digital world has to offer and make sure you are not left behind by more Internet-savvy competitors.

The problem was is that they never really got the service they deserved from these agencies due to the sheer number of clients they look after or unless they were the "Big Fish" who had a very large marketing budget.I am an independent SEO specialist who works with a very small number of businesses, the reason for going down this route is that it enables me to give each of my clients a personal one to one service with the added benefit of being able to work from home.
Given the fact that so many people use the Internet to find local service providers nowadays it makes sense for small business owners to develop and maintain an online presence.
With this in mind, many entrepreneurs prefer to ride on the coattails of established local companies when they first set up shop in a new location. In order to encourage as many people as possible to click on links to your website, each entry should be informative and to the point.
However, if you wish to sell to people all over the country, or indeed the world, you will need to set up a secure online facility that enables your firm to accept credit and debit card payments with ease.
By ensuring that only those people who live in the area will find it easy to claim their prizes, you will be able to avoid wasting money on promoting your business to consumers who are highly unlikely to become loyal customers in the future. To get these answers right now, just enter your business name below to run a FREE visibility report. If you can negotiate a reciprocal agreement rather than paying cash for such advertising, so much the better.

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