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Mobile is the new frontier in advertising, with a monstrous 27.8 billion more search queries than desktop searches by 2015. These facts, along with the prediction of double digit growth in mobile advertising during the next five years are sending a transparent and unmistakable message to business owners: mobile is where the people are!
So with all this growth going on, how does a small business use this opportunity to drive customers to their doors? Look into various ad platforms – There are more and more mobile ad choices now, and the big dogs have started to make their presence known as well.
Research firm IBISWorlds tells us that sometime within the next five years, the geolocation in these ad platforms is going to be able to pinpoint consumers as they pass by your place of business, inviting them with ads and coupons. The Mobile Marketing Certificate course provider, eBSI Online Academy, is a electronic Business School out of Ireland that specializes in Internet Marketing certification courses.

Pew Research tells us that that 74% of smartphone owners use their phone to receive real-time location-based information, such as directions, which is acted upon typically within an hour.
Ideally move to a responsive design that automatically resizes the screen and provides the optimal user experience for your visitor. Ranking organically to show up on mobile search, in addition to advertising for those terms can give you a double dip.
Facebook and Google are devoting increasingly more resources to mobile, and don’t neglect looking into platforms like Jumptap, mMedia, Mojiva, and Foursquare.
This means simply that the ad complements the content on the site it is running on, thereby improving the chances of consumer interest. They offer certification courses in general Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Generation, Content Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.

With GPS and Google Maps keen to help its users find you locally, who are you to deny them! For students, Udemy provides a safe and organized platform to access quality online courses and training tutorials authored by industry experts and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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