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Welcome to the wide world of marketing, where possibilities are endless, your creativity boundless and opportunities limitless.
To help you out, we’ve supplied you with marketing 101; a quick guide to roles and responsibilities.
Starting at the top, management identify, develop and evaluate a solid overall marketing strategy based off the brand’s objective, market characteristics and budgetary factors – yes, even in a hub of creativity, you can’t escape math.
Elusive and mysterious to the untrained eye, digital marketing is all about stats, numbers and tracking.
You can’t launch a product into the deep seas of advertising and expect it to catch a killer wave – this is where product branding comes into play. Product and branding also includes forming business partnerships, representing the company at events and making sure the brand’s advertising strategy is on point. Mark was previously CIO at Vodafone UK where he was responsible for IT, supporting 19 million customers.
Prior to this, Mark spent six years at Cable and Wireless as CIO and in other senior IT roles, and three years at Boots the Chemists. Mark has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Brunel University and is a Fellow of both the Institution of Engineering and Technology and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.
As head of Oracle Digital, Neil Sholay is responsible for Oracle’s go to market strategy and thought leadership for Oracle in the Digital marketplace. Paul Dowie is the Director of Shared Services and Customer First working across local government in Scotland. Paul joined the Improvement Service from the Environment Agency for England and Wales , where he had leadership roles in programme and project management, business planning, change management and IT service management.
As Head of Digital for Sopra Steria, Alasdair Hendry is responsible for helping organisations both in the public and private sectors evolve within the digital marketplace. Previously, Alasdair has worked for several large Systems Integrators on both large and small scale projects as both a Technical and Solution Architect. Heather Niven is the Innovation Lead, for Science City York (SCY) helping companies boost performance and growth by stimulating the development of new products, processes and markets. Dr Michelle Govan is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Security & Forensics at Glasgow Caledonian University. Roger Willison-Gray is the Information Systems Director for David MacBrayne Group and is leading the implementation of the Digital Transformation across the group. Roger has previously worked for IBM, Logica and CSC delivering digital solutions in the travel and transport sector to major clients including BAA, Transport for London and Virgin Atlantic. Roger is a passionate evangelist for the adoption of cloud and digital solutions believing that organisations can be greatly enabled through their digital journey.
After graduating in Technology and Business Studies from Strathclyde University in 1986, Caroline left Scotland to work in the City of London.

She has been a volunteer business advisor to the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust for 10 years.
To the left, you’ll see a hysterical woman screaming into the phone; and to the right, a terrified man spearing his keyboard into the computer screen.
If you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself behind the scenes on the planning, development and launch of a product, you’ve landed in the right spot. Because companies generally don’t want to pour money down the drain, all aspects of pricing input and output have to be weighed up before any plans are put on paper, and overseen as they are carried out by marketing and sales teams. Every media outlet is there to be utilized and it’s your job to make sure you are projecting the brand’s vision, mission and message in the most effective way possible. They can tell you how many people are visiting the site, where they are clicking and how long they are spending on pages.
Using market research statistics and consumer feedback, the product and branding team have a strong idea of where the company should sit in the marketplace and what demographic the product or service is targeting – otherwise known as forming brand identity. Designing advertisements and marketing campaigns are the exciting elements of your day to day duties – so the more you know about business and commerce, the better. He is leading the Department's ambitious plans to digitalise its business, as well as being responsible for one of the largest and most complex IT estates in the UK.
With responsibility for strategic growth areas of Social, Mobility, Cloud (Private & Public), Big Data, Internet of Things and Customer Experience. Sholay has experience of working on large scale IT infrastructure and transformation projects across all industries and regions. Sholay also spent two years with ATG as Wireless Industry manager and two years with the e-business systems integrator Infogain as a consultant and later as practice manager for their advanced technologies group. He has worked on a range of shared capacity and services initiatives that have helped councils deliver significant cash savings and service improvements including the successful recruitment and public information online services.
A significant part of this was supporting the modernisation of the service, business process and technology legacy of over fifty organisations.
With overall responsibility of services and offerings around Agile, User Experience, Geographical Information Systems & Data and Digital Transformation, Alasdair has a vast experience in Digital Delivery and has worked on some of the largest UK Digital Delivery projects. All the hyped up digital buzzwords only serve to make it seem more complex than it actually is. Heather also specialises in helping to streamline and transform the internal processes and service delivery of major public sector organisations, facilitating transformational change in cities.
York, a city-wide open innovation platform and process supported by NESTA, in which SCY partnered with City of York Council, has won 2 global awards - the Living Labs Global Awards for social innovation in 2012 and 2014 as well as the Guardian Public Service award winners for innovation and overall winner in 2012.
He engages with stakeholders across Scotland to increase awareness of the Data Protection Act and to ensure policies and practices are developed with personal privacy in mind. He provided written and verbal guidance on electoral law and practice in Scotland as well as contributing to the development of electoral policy and legislation.

She undertakes proactive technical research to consider the threats and malicious ways in which technology can be exploited, and the extent to which technology acts as a silent witness to interactions and activities; specifically, establishing the theoretical and practical implications and potential opportunities that exist around the natural movement of personal data on multiple devices via cloud formations. Roger has over 30 years’ experience in the ICT Industry, he is a professional engineer, accredited project manager and a seasoned systems professional. Over his career he has been involved in the birth of the World Wide Web, the digitisation of mobile phones and has seen the evolution of personal communications from desk based centralised systems to the cloud.
Currently she is employed by Oracle, the largest enterprise software company in the world, as Director for Oracle Scotland.
Fast paced and ever changing, marketing is a bustling hub of bright ideas and unrestricted creativity – but with so many marketing roles to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you? From internal communications (newsletters and throwing notes over your cubical wall) through to press releases, copywriting, social media management and reporting on events, it’s your responsibility to develop the right tone, capture the interest of your desired audience and sound your message loud and proud.
That vital information is then transcribed for the average brain to understand and filtered into each department’s strategy plans.
He restructured Vodafone's IT operating model, introduced Cloud-based technologies, and with the launch of 4G piloted real time customer experience analytics.
He began his career in the Aerospace industry and has also spent time as a management consultant. He is responsible for 'Customer First' - supporting 'smart' public services, encouraging greater channel shift and enabling integrated working across the wider public sector. Sopra Steria Digital takes an approach aimed to demystify digital by making the process simple. David leads on stakeholder engagement in Scotland with the business, local government and justice sectors. She is a Fellow of the RSA and sits on various Boards and Committees including E Skills, Scotland IS, Scottish Government ICT Advisory Board, a Trustee of Common Purpose and a member of the 2% club. Sholay is a frequent speaker on the subjects of Future IT, Social, Cloud, Customer Experience, Mobility and IT Transformation. Sholay started his career as a graduate with Sun Microsystems working for four years, initially as an engineer and then as part of the newly formed Java market development team which was the team that originally evangelized and brought the Java platform to market. Paul is involved in a number of national groups including the National Digital Public Services Strategy Board and the Local Government ICT Strategy Board.
In this role he acted as telecom domain expert for the company and was responsible for developing BEAs telecom strategy and bringing to market BEAs telecom product line; WebLogic Communications Platform.

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