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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting a website made visible in the main search engines, aiming for the first positions in order to boost traffic to a website. Be aware that Organic SEO takes time, and for some generic terms it is simple impossible to compete, that is why many people decide to use a combination of SEO and paid clicks in order to achieve high visibility. There are several factors affecting SEO.  We can divide them in onpage factors and offpage factors.
These are the main points for any good optimized web page, (there are other small issues to consider and other advanced stuff such us mod rewrite configuration should be needed to look for friendly urls when using dynamic technology). But although a good onpage optimization is best practises and will definitely help( Be careful not to keyword stuffing your site or you will be penalized) , it is not what will boost your website to the first results in any search engine. Google PageRank is an scale Google uses to judge the importance of websites, Google assigns PR from 1 (low) to 10 (high), based on the relevant links to the site in question and how closely the content of those sites relate to it.
Be aware also that not all the links pass on PR to your Website, the nofollow html atribute prevents PR to be transmited to one site to another ( most of the blogs, for example, include nofollow automatically). I will also be publishing a complete white paper on Onpage – Offpage SEO techniques very soon.
Still want more?, why not to listen to some SEO Podcasts or keeping on resesearching even more SEO Resources? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks) and Back End Technologies (MYSQL, PHP, Apache etc.).
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Advertising Experts and SEO Experts, B2B Videographers, Consultants and other Pros to get things done within the budget and time.
Infusionsoft), Social Media Marketing using Hootsuite, Search Engine Marketing using paid marketing i.e. CEO’s and decision makers of reputable organizations from all over the world with majority of Tech Pros).
SEARCH Strings to find professionals with particular skillset, job experience and have been training this to Recruiters as well.
Getting your business found online in local search is important source of enquiries for many different companies. In this guide we will look at both SEO and PPC, with a broader focus on how to promote your business.
Optimising your website for local search through can, if done right, help you reach your target market, generate new leads and increase revenue. Firstly, search results pages online include organic search results - ten results per page - and paid or sponsored results, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) - two or three adverts placed at the top of the search page and down the right hand side. Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves making changes to your website and effects only organic search results.

To get your website to rank in search results you need to ensure that you have optimised both on page factors and meta-tags (title, description and keywords) for all pages of your website. Meta tags describe the contents of your website to search engines; in organic search results your website listing will appear on Google with a page meta-title, meta-description and destination URL.
This title will show up as the first line of your result on Google and any words will be bolded if they are relevant to the search query for which your website has shown.
Again, each page's meta-description tag should accurately summarise the pages content; don't fill your description with keywords or write a description that has no relation to the page as this will have a negative effect on your ranking. Meta title and descriptions for your homepage could include your business name, important information and your location to optimise your site for local search. All page URLs should also be optimised to ensure better crawling from Google search spiders; The URL should contain information about the page in order to give users and search engines information about the content of each page. Web pages should also be given meta-keyword tags that list the most important keywords for that page.
Pet Shop, Pet Supplies, Manchester, Pet Food Manchester, Manchester Pet Beds, Dog Beds, Dog Leads, Pet Accessories.
Although Google now do not take keywords into account in their organic search results, keywords are still important for other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.
In addition to the basics above Google takes into account over 200 factors when ranking a website in its search results, including inbound links, keyword density, age of the website, page content etc. By adding the location of your business this ensures that you get found in local searches online. For example, if I were to search for 'Pet Shop in Manchester' then Polly's Pet shop Supplies would show up in my search results and by clicking on the Google Places red pin I would be able to view the location on Google Maps and then get directions to there or see store opening hours and customer reviews. Adwords is Google's online advertising programme that allows you to reach customers and grow your business online, no matter what budget you have to spend. Adverts work on a pay-per-click bidding system, meaning that you are only charged when somebody clicks onto your advert in the search results, and you do not get charged when you advert is not displayed.
Your adverts will only be shown for searches and products that you offer and can also be optimised to only show in selected geographical areas - e.g. Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing strategy that allows businesses to increase website traffic through paid referrals from other websites.
For example, an affiliate programme for Polly's Pet shop Supplies could offer bloggers who provide content links or display adverts (which click through to Polly's Pet shop Supplies website) 5% commission on sales, that a visitor purchases when being directed through to Polly's Pet shop from the affiliate website. Affiliate marketing provides a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your business website and increase sales.
Email marketing is an affordable strategy of reaching existing customers and generating new leads with company updates, new products, discount vouchers and offers. For example, an e-shot campaign for Polly's Pet shop Supplies would include photographs of new products in store, which when clicked on would take the viewer to the landing page where that product is placed. Google offer free tools online to help local businesses optimise their website for search results. Google Analytics allows you to monitor all traffic coming to your website through organic search, paid search and referral traffic.
You can also set performance and conversion goals so you can view how many visits have turned into successful transactions; reports can be customised to your individual business needs.

Google Webmaster Tools allow you to submit a site map for your website, view any crawling errors and submit site changes etc.
If you would like to use a template without the link back to CSS3 Templates, all I ask is for a donation of £20 GBP.
Here I aim to help people with their websites by sharing some great tips on how to enhance your website appearance.Click here to read tips!
Once your website has been launched, there are many things that need to be thought about, such as SEO, Marketing, gaining valuable Traffic. SEO targets organic free traffic from Google, Yahoo, Live and the like, while SEM makes use of paid listings in these and other search engines. You need to get many keyword rich links to your site from sites with a high page rank and related content. Quantity is not as important as quality, A link from a PR6 content related website is estimated to be equivalent to 125 PR3 sites, so focus on getting links from quality sources and make sure your keywords ( and related semantic keywords ) are included in the link pointing to you. There are many other traffic and link building techniques I have not time or space here to explain.
Stay tuned, in the meanwhile here it is a Great List of SEO Resources and play around with the tools provided and also these ones. As we rapidly see the decline of traditional mediums such as magazine advertising or the Yellow Pages - learning how to market your business online becomes ever more important. If a search is performed for 'Pet Food in Manchester', Pet Food and Manchester will appear in bold on your webpage listing title (as above).
By creating a Google places account you can promote your business by listing photos, address details and opening hours and receive customer reviews. For example, Polly's Pet shop Supplies would have an ad group for 'Pet Food' which would include the keywords 'Dog Food', 'Cat Food', 'Rabbit Food' etc; negative keywords can also be chosen so you do not show up for them. They can also work similar to PPC advertising and offer money per click to the affiliate advertiser.
Buyer incentives like spend A?50 online and get 10% off with a voucher code could also be implemented to entice the viewer to the website and make a sale. You can see which landing pages have been visited most, the average number of pages viewed per visit, average time spent on site and where in the world people have visited your site from etc.
Google's Webmaster Tools Forum is also a great place to ask questions, find answers and interact with other users online for SEO tips and best practices. Please also let me know the URL of the site where you will be using the template without the link back. See relative blog posts and forums in All Online Marketing to be up-to-date with the latest traffic generating trends.
Our experienced team of SEO, PPC and internet marketing experts can help you with your internet marketing strategy.
To find out how we can help your business, contact us today and speak with a member of our friendly team.

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