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The arrangement with MSN Latino gives Zune the exclusive naming rights to MSN Latino’s music channel, which will be rebranded as Zune Musica through 2009.
Zune is Microsoft’s music and entertainment brand that includes a line of wireless digital media players, the Zune Marketplace online store, and Zune Social online music community.
Michele Valdovinos gives a presentation and participates in an extended Q&A discussion about multicultural children based on a Phoenix Multicultural and Nickelodeon study of 1,300 multicultural children in 16 United States markets.
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I've just finished working my way through Derek Gehl's newly revised and updated "bible" for profiting on the Internet, "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Version 2006," and I'm blown away by the sheer volume of money-making information he's managed to pack in! I'm talking over 1,300 pages of the *exact* test results, case studies, and strategies that Derek used to grow a $25 investment to over $54,700,000 in online sales! And after testing out a handful of the strategies, I was blown away by how effective -- and profitable -- each one was! Where to find FREE tools and resources that you can use to create a web site -- in less than a few hours! These strategies will work for ANYONE, no matter WHAT stage you're at with your Internet business -- or even if you haven't started one yet at all!
You want to start your own profit generating Internet business -- from scratch -- in as little as 48 hours and see profits in your first week. During his esteemed career, Diddy has spared no expense when it comes to music videos and historically given his videos a motion picture feel.
In 2016, Diddy does away with the theatrics and relies on his earned star power to make anything he puts his face on pop.
Dressed in all black and dancing around with nothing but white walls around them, the quartet have no choice but to let their personalities shine. Welcome bands and musicians!  After releasing my band’s last album and spending countless hours trying to find the right websites, the best blogs and the smartest band promotion tools, I made a promise to document everything I learned and share it on a website dedicated to online music marketing.
The top music blogs for you to contact.  No CD promotion is complete without a good music blog strategy! Learn how to set up a Fan Page for maximum impact, find out the best Facebook music apps, secrets for getting more fans and vital tips for running your own Facebook Ad campaign! April 2, 2016 by admin Internet has now brought markets all around the world quite close and it is not much quicker and easier to market your products and services to a global market than it was before.
Before you actually begin to market your piano music online, here are some set of principles that you should follow in order to gain popularity. Before approaching people who are unknown to you, it is best to market your piano music among your friends, students, neighbors, relatives and other people who are known to you. People in your warm market would most likely be the ones who will refer your music to others in their warm market.
Not only you have to make your warm market happy but you have to keep them overwhelmed with your musical knowledge and skills. The first rule of marketing is that your first impression should be captivating in all manners.

There are several ways and tips with the help of which you will be able to make a prominent presence with your piano music in online market. If you wish to market your music online, it is crucial to have a website that would be marked as a presence of your music online. Website must be user-friendly and your audiences must be able to buy your music online easily. Make sure that your website includes some sample pieces of your piano music so that your client can listen to it without the need of purchasing. An impressive way of capturing more and more audiences and keeping them connected with your music is through radio stations. Tip: Just make sure that the piano music pieces you are submitting on these piano radio stations are best of your work in this area. One common mistake that piano music composers make is that they do not focus on networking.
Join different piano music marketing forums and post messages and be part of fruitful discussions related to piano and music. Have your website connected to these accounts and in cases of forums share your website link in your posts. Marketing on these forums would enable you to focus on specific market of piano players or students. Another most popular method of marketing piano music online is through You Tube that seems to have captured all the audiences out there internationally.
There are endless methods for marketing your piano music online but the ones that we have shared here are the most popular and effective ones.
Veteran author, speaker and teacher Bob Baker reveals guerrilla marketing tactics to build an effective artist website, make the most of social media sites, and use the latest digital music promotion tools. One of the groups expected to have a prominent placement on the Zune Marketplace homepage and be artist of the month on MSN Latino in May is Belanova, a Mexican electropop band.
The collaboration between Zune and MSN Latino will include all pages within the MSN Latino Zune Musica music channel including editorial, graphics, photos, in-page video, special-event coverage and sponsorships related to music, such as the Latin Grammys and Latin Billboard Music awards. If you do, spread the word to your friends and share your stories with us.  Have fun, it’s a great time to be in music! Online or internet marketing proves to be the best platform for marketing your piano music and make people all around the world hear and appreciate it.
It is important to exceed expectations in order to gain acceptance in this huge global online marketing place. You would not be able to excel at marketing music online without having a website of your own for music. Gather their email addresses in order to keep them updated on when your new pieces are added to your website. This is the most influencing way of marketing and you can connect to different radio stations. With proper efforts and good piano music, you will certainly be able to gain popularity for your music.

The Zune-MSN Latino collaboration will include a Zune-branded artist of the month and links into Zune Marketplace for users who want to buy music of featured artists.
Online users will be able to venture across sites, download music and join Zune Social, a social networking music community. Teaming up with director Hype Williams (who directed “Flava In Ya Ear), the Bad Boy founder recruits Styles P, Lil’ Kim and King Los for a new age spin on a tried and true theme. For piano music to gain recognition and success locally or internationally, it is important for music to be good. Usually these radio stations get your piano music to be played without any cost and you may get paid from some radio stations too. Connect with social media or other forums of online networking with the aid of which you will be able to stay connected with your existing customers and market. You can also create videos with your piano music performance and can upload them on You Tube. These online marketing techniques are not only effective for you reach out a larger group of audiences for your piano music but these methods are low-cost too.
In “Victory,” which had a reported budget of $2.7 million, the rapper ran through a post-apocalyptic world and in “Been Around the World,” the mogul did an elaborate dance routine with Jennifer Lopez. If your piano music composition is appealing, it is more likely that people hearing it will recommend it to others and it will get promoted online too. Keeping connected with these people would enable them to remember us and we will be able to get more referrals from these existing clients who trust us.
In order to amplify the effect, you can your performance shot at a site other than your studio according to the theme of your music.
What the Pros Are Saying About Guerrilla Music Marketing Online: "When it comes to low-cost, creative music promotion, Bob Baker is your #1 source for hypnotic marketing ideas. Online marketing is the most convenient and cost-effective option for marketing your piano music and expertise with the use of internet. As they will listen to your submitted music, a link would appear that could direct them to your website. That way you will not only stay connected with existing clients but would get exposure to those surrounding them too. Internet has billions of users and the market is just huge so why not give your music exposure to this huge market.
Recording artists are given solid, hands-on advice, plans of action, and savvy insider info that can turn online contacts into loyal fans.

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