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Our search engine optimization training course will give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a successful search engine optimization campaign and obtain better web site search engine positioning on the world’s most popular search engines and directories. Small business owners wanting to learn how to promote their web sites on the search engines. Owners of e-commerce sites that want to increase their site’s visitor to customer conversion ratios.
Search engine optimizers (SEO) or search engine marketers (SEM) wanting to improve their industry skills. Persons wanting to learn how to optimize web sites for search engines in preparation for starting their own search engine optimization business or applying for a job as an SEO or SEM. As a certification student, you will have a tutor assigned to guide you through the lesson material, grade your assignments and provide personalized feedback. To learn more about the differences between our standard Subscription and our Certification upgrade option, please see our Benefits Comparison Table.
Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% impressed and satisfied with your Search Engine College Subscription, simply YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME, no questions asked! Yes, I want to become a Search Engine College member now and be granted access to ALL courses in your curriculum for the low price of USD $99 per month.
Once you enter your billing information, you will be given the option to pay via PayPal in the *Choose Payment Method* step. With a CPA campaign, payment comes from generating leads and conversions instead of sales in a typical affiliate marketing program. When an organization's data is inaccessible or incompatible with other systems, its in danger of creating data silos. Mastering these four pillars of search optimization can help increase your online presence and profitability.

Mobile payment options have transformed the retail industry and the implementation of the technology can vary. Cloud computing offers various advantages to companies using it for supply chain management. Successful application of the value chain can help businesses maximize profits and increase efficiency. Regardless of how smoothly an operation runs, it's still at risk from situations outside its control.
After Square Wallet struggled, the company is making another try at the increasingly competitive mobile payment market. Doritos and other major brands increasingly are going online for their Big Game ad blitzes. The FTC's recent digital disclosure modification provides updated rules for the digital arena encompassing social media platforms. Walmart Corporate Social Responsibility is impressively reported in their 2013 Global Responsibility Report. As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve, having the right search engine marketing training is essential to a stronger bottom line. The importance of being within the first few SERPs is expressed best by the iProspect Blended Search Results Study published in April 2008 which states, “It continues to be apparent that brand equity is conveyed upon companies whose digital assets appear among the top search results by roughly a third of the search engine users. Interactive marketing professionals need a search engine marketing training program that encompasses the best practices for reaching their target audience and maximizing marketing budgets.
In addition, USF also offers advanced specialized certificate courses for a deeper dive into critical interactive marketing topics.
Your monthly member subscription of USD $99 provides you with access to ALL Search Engine College courses, including this one.

If you make a 70 percent overall pass for your combined assessment items, you will also receive industry-recognized SEC Certification in your unit of study. I understand I can cancel my subscription at any time if I am not completely delighted with my membership. This practice is used to increase a website’s visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). In response to this growing need, the University of San Francisco offers the first and only 100% online, end-to-end digital marketing training program.
Professionals can also earn certificates in Advanced Web Analytics and Advanced Social Media, with additional courses to follow.
According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, SEM methods include search engine optimization (or SEO), paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. The Certificate in Internet Marketing provides interactive marketers with a dynamic, online education that delivers the essential information necessary to make a real impact in the virtual world. This report also states that, “Having a background in search engine optimization and PPC advertising is just about the best possible way to prepare for the new ways of doing business this technology enables.” However, it’s also important to understand how search fits into the broader interactive marketing environment. That’s why marketers should enroll in a search engine marketing training program that includes other pertinent digital marketing fundamentals, as well.

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