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The new release of the JayCut video editor will appeal to beginners as much as to professionals. Brothersoft has made several videos to introduce Brothersoft’s channels, go to watch them at once! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For the last two months since my favorite online video editing service JayCut got bought out by Blackberry, I've been looking for a new online video editing service that is equally robust. I've only spent about thirty minutes with We Video so far but I already know enough about it to know that I want to have my students using it in a couple of weeks when they start a video creation project about early sectional differences in US History.
Because I will be introducing We Video to my students, I'll be writing up detailed directions on how to use it soon.

Fueled by a passion for web video and creativity, JayCut was founded in 2007 and has since worked with some of world’s leading brands and received several prestigious awards. The easy learning curve, intuitive design and high-end capabilities make it the perfect application for anyone looking to start editing without the intimidation of having to buy an expensive and difficult editing program. In the video editor you can upload your own media clips or use stock media clips to produce your video.
Meet the JayCut team, a group of Swedes sharing a passion for ground breaking web technology and interesting business opportunities. The video editor provides tools for trimming the length of display and or sound of each element you add to your video project.
By combining academia with a lot of hands on experience they are working towards a common goal — to change how the world interacts with online video.

What makes We Video collaborative is that you can invite other people to create and edit with you.
The free plan allows you to upload your videos to YouTube and Vimeo but does not allow local downloads.

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