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The principle of removing an unwanted object is simple - you have to choose a part of the image that is similar to the object's background (usually near the unwanted object). Repeat step 3, each time from a new background cloning location, until the entire object vanishes. Select the option Polygon from the Type dropdown list and mark the Magic Selection box (figure no. In order to (actively) select the area within the picture, move the mouse and point the location where you wish to begin the selection.

Within the dialog box click the Create New Layer button - , this will open the Add New Layer dialog box.
RIGHT click the mouse button on a part of the image, which is similar to the unwanted object's background. If this box is marked while performing a selection (Free or Polygon), the selection's lines will fix themselves automatically upon the borderlines (line edges) (figure no.
In order to finish the selection (and close the polygon), either right-click the mouse on the image, left-click outside the image or double click on the image (figures no.

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