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Sales pages with lousy graphics are just that ? Lousy!They look low quality and that reflects on the product you are promoting.
Heck you will make your purchase price back double on your first graphic saving designer costs alone. Even if you just grabbed the free stock photos for your blog you would be in profit after your second post!
Yep, graphics scare the hell out of me but i know for a fact how essential they are to my or any of our online businesses. I will also say that i now own all of Tony's products and have to say, hand on heart, that they have made a difference to my business in some positive way.
Michael Originally Posted by MoneyMaker Guy Thanks Tony, just grabbed your WSO. Terry Originally Posted by vandrews What can you say about a product that truly delivers what it says.
I have bought similar items in the past that did not deliver and can honestly say, that this is a must have if you want to save yourself a pile of money. All the best, and I would encourage anyone who wants their graphics questions answered to pick this one up!
With this training, you will be able to easily learn to make your own graphics: header images, banners, ebook covers, software boxes, etc., using only Free Software Tools, Free Resources, and Royalty-Free Images and Clip-art!! The author of this product does not want to give you a college-level graphics-design education, but rather a few quick tutorials to get you up to speed quickly on doing just what you need to be able to do, in order to do what you want to do.

If you pick up this product, then two hours from now, you will have all of the knowledge you need in order to create all of the graphics you need for your sales pages and websites. If you are so inclined, you could use this Fast Training to learn how to create graphics that you can sell on Fiverr and similar websites. And you don't need Photoshop or any other expensive software - Tony shows you how to do it all using a free program.
You get nine videos and a PDF reference guide that take you through the entire process from downloading and installing this free program, to producing the finished graphics. And because it's aimed at internet marketers, you're not just producing any old graphics, you're creating headers, ecovers, banners, etc. I have been looking for free graphics to illustrate posts and products, I paid more for 6 images than the cost of this whole product.
GRAB TONY MARRIOTT'S "MONKEY GRAPHICS" tutorial and create POWERFUL PRO GRAPHICS for your sites TODAY!!! Thanks Dave Originally Posted by Marshallartes Cannot thank you enough for this!! The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
The way Tony goes about the tutorials is as if he's next to you explaining what to do in a very friendly and yet professional manner. No, I show you where to find 100,000s of royalty free images, most available for commercial use.

Yes, there are a huge resource of royalty free and public domain pictures and images available and I show you where. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. You are going to get a complete crash course in graphics creation using all free resources. I use only free software and one of my own website based tools that you have free access to.
Over 2 hours of video tutorials take you from the installation of the free software to the creation of various graphics. Amazed to see what was in the package, and having a quick look the videos seem to say a lot to me already, looks like I might just become prety good at this. You can be pretty sure that the cost of this WSO will be returned 10 fold the first time you create your amazing graphics and put them on your web page. I've looked online for free tutorials and usually get lost - and piecing it all together is more of a chore than buying a $9.90 WSO from a fellow Warrior and get everything I need.

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