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For more templates and more page options that you can integrate into this website template, visit Start Bootstrap! Running time: 0 mins The practice Nieto Sobejano is most interested in projects that seem to emerge from the attempt to connect anomalies, associations of random, arbitrary facts, which are freely available and need only an idea to explain them.
The QAA monitoring team has concluded that we are making commendable progress in implementing the action plan from the Review for Educational Oversight. Since arbitrariness is hardly compatible with the coherence that the practice of architecture demands, Nieto Sobejano feel obliged to establish certain rules to work within the existing or created limits that allow disparate elements to compose an intelligible portrait, as with the pieces of a puzzle.

This interpretation of the project as a mosaic, of fragments forming a unitary whole, questions the existence of a conscious starting point as an original and unique moment.
It acknowledges, rather, that the key element of an architectural piece resides in the ties between unrelated events. The idea that every work mirrors another suggests an architecture conceived as a combinatorial mechanism, a play of multiple reflections in which work only takes on meaning when viewed as a whole.Based in Madrid and Berlin, the practice Nieto Sobejano has developed a reputation for projects that marry a contemporary architectural language with traditional settings or historic structures. They teach at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and the UniversitA┬Ąt der KuI?nste of Berlin.

Their work has been published in various Spanish and international magazines and books and has been exhibited widely.

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