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If you are struggling to understand the fundamentals of online video publishing, as well as how to use videos to do marketing, this video article with Lasse Rouhiainen gives you some good basic information on how to get started.
Having Lasse been a long-time fan of MasterNewMedia by sharing and commenting back on much of my work, I have kindly invited him to join me for an online video interview focusing on the basics of online video publishing and marketing. What do you need to do and which are the key problems you will need to face to start publishing your video clips on popular video sharing sites like YouTube? Robin Good: Hi guys this is Robin Good from Rome, Italy, and today I am with Lasse Rouhiainen, who's not where you think he is, because yes, he's from up there in the Scandinavian countries (he will tell us more about it), but he's somebody who has moved as a pioneer away from his nice and sunny warm land down to the cold, icy south of Spain (ironic tone).
He's also part of a major public training evangelism program on how to better use new media, that is part of the Spanish government sponsorship for creating a better culture around the use of these communication tools.
He acts like some kind of expert, tutor, advisor, to many people, especially in the filed of tourism, to help these agencies and these tourist operators understand how they can use YouTube and similar services to get their messages out.
Lasse Rouhiainen: I would say that the number one mistake is that they wait until the video is perfect.
The number one mistake I would say is that people want to act like somebody they are not, or they are waiting too long before they start to do a lot of videos.
The most important thing it's the same as thinking that you would have some customers visiting your office, and you would have a chat with them. Then you can do short commercials, which are only like 10 seconds or 20 seconds, or something.
I would say that when you start, I would start by doing a series of short clips rather than one really long one, because when you are trying to do long one, when you start you just get nervous. Start with selecting like two or three topics that you like, and your customers like, and I would do a video series of those topics. You're serving a specific audience, which in theory is speaking about touristic destinations.
Lasse Rouhiainen: Yeah, that's a good point, and I would add that I also work with other sectors, but tourism is by far the biggest. I would think that it's the same question, as you have to think what your customers need to know right now about yourself, about your products and services. Try to think what kind of questions your customers are asking, and make a video based on those questions. Just try to focus and think about the video from the viewers' point of view, and don't just talk about yourself and how great you are and all those things. That way the video would be really interesting, and that way it can also become a viral video where people start sharing it, if they find it that it's adding value and is something useful. Everybody says "I want to get a viral video", but while the definition is somewhat clear to everybody (that is somewhat of a video that gets spread by word of mouth and people telling other people more and more rapidly so that you get thousands and thousands of views), the strategy behind getting a viral video, is that something that you have a formula for?

But rather I would think that I would like to do video marketing which is profitable, it means that it can move your products, or move your business ahead, or get you more customers or get better relationships. Rather than having one viral video that has millions of views, I would do several videos that don't have millions of views, but have let's say hundreds of viewers, and those viewers are in your target market. For the many other interesting questions that you guys may have for Lasse, you got to come for the next part, because this is only part one of several ones, I guess.
It’s a very well known fact that the most vital component of business is the promotion of the product, so as to make the people aware of the product being launched by the company and also to make the customers aware of the various features provided by the product which may grab their attention of the customers.
In this busy scheduled life no one has ample time to devote in watching online marketing videos. If a person thinks that in online video marketing nobody will be able to cross check the points given in the video, so the viewer can be easily fooled then he is very wrong.
The online video meant for marketing should be made attractive as much as possible so that the viewer feels like going through the entire video. Online video marketing has entirely revolutionized the field of marketing and is becoming much more popular day by day. I like how the author calls out the fact that I’m a YouTube Partner recommending people sponsor YouTube Partners.
I also like this review because Bushnell simplifies an important distinction I make between sponsoring webstars (content partnership) and running ads (media buy): Mr.
Who’s Nalts?Kevin "Nalts" Nalty the only career marketer who also is one of YouTube's most viewed entertainers. Lasse who is a passionate video marketing evangelist, works a lot with the tourism sector, helping travel agencies and professionals get familiar and proficient in their use of online video to market and promote their offerings. What I wanted to get from him was some simple and immediately applicable suggestions on what is probably the most difficult part of a video publishing career: getting started.
I had faith because I really liked the weather, and nowadays thanks to Internet you can work wherever you like. I got Lasse here, because Lasse is an interesting guy who's working on how to market your videos on the Internet, how to make your message effective by using video. My first question to you Lasse, because my readers like you are very much web publishers of all kinds, is: what have you discovered, while you've specialized in this sector of video publishing, is the number one mistake that people make when they put their videos up on YouTube?
It's a simple step, and I think now in 2009 more and more video content will be in different formats on the Internet. Click the "play" button, and just record how we are and what we do and communicate better with our customers. One thing that most people ask me nowadays, when it comes to video, tough, is: what is the ideal length of a proper clip?

You can do video which is like half an hour, or one hour video where you show a conference or something like that, and that kind of video is kind of like a relationship building video or credibility video.
Do you recommend to these people how to take their specific topic, how should they find something that they feel compelled to talk about and that they get a little emotional and interested while presenting, and not being boring when they present?
I would say that most people like to do viral videos because those are the videos that they hear in the newspapers, on TV, or Internet. They think that "the only way for using video in my business is that if I have one million views". This promotion which in other term marked as marketing leads to segmentation of the market and this tries to convince each and every segment of the market on behalf of their product. This is done in two ways; one is the email marketing where one company sends mails to customer’s mail id for promoting their product and the second one is the online video marketing which is done by hosting video ads on internet and distributing the link of this video to the customers. So, if the length of the video is very large, the probability that video will be viewed decreases exponentially.  The solution to this problem is to make the video concise by giving only a brief description of the product but it should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the viewer. This is because the viewer can be initially fooled by the video but later when that person comes to know the reality, he may report abuse against that video on net and will also not promote any of the promotional videos of that company to his or her friends which will adversely affect the business of the company. It is far cheaper than promotional ads on television though not so effective but still keeping in considering the cost incurred it is an effective means of marketing. But rather than summarizing it here, I think I’ll just copy and paste some key phrases from it. I sometimes forget to acknowledge that conflict of interest; andwhen I remember it usually comes off as being defensive. Nalty also makes a good case that they don’t just command a strong audience, they also understand what speaks to their fans.
They like to be like actors and in online media today and Web 2.0 you just have to be yourself. There are various modes of marketing for promoting the product like giving textual ads in newspapers, distributing pamphlets and email marketing and the other one is the visual form of advertisement through television ads and online video marketing.
So it’s better to do a fair business by giving the customers the correct information which will be beneficial for the company in the long term.
Just like you want the American Idol judges drinking your Coke… let Pepsi buy up the 15-30-60s.

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