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In every field, professionals tend to believe that when they have a problem they can wait and it will be solved by itself. Online Behavior discusses online marketing measurement & marketing optimization techniques, tactics, and strategies to help website managers and analysts to understand and optimize websites. Built between 1931 and 1933, the White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal was the first massive construction project of the Gulag.
With such picks, millions of Gulag prisoners manually unearthed rocks and dug frozen ground during the massive Gulag projects in the 1930s and 1940s. Prisoners mine gold at Kolyma, the most notorious Gulag camp in extreme northeastern Siberia. Losing the will to complete your to-do list on a daily basis at work can happen if you don’t maintain your momentum. Some people love getting competitive, while others may shy away because it gets too intense. Here are some free Thanksgiving coloring pages and games that my kids enjoy!  I click on the image to take you to the full printable size.

Seneca wrote that “Time heals what reason cannot”, but often times this is not true for businesses.
Those who died of hunger, cold, and hard labor were replaced by new prisoners because the system could always find more people to replenish the labor camps. Over 100,000 prisoners dug a 141-mile canal with few tools other than simple pickaxes, shovels, and makeshift wheelbarrows in just 20 months. It was one of many tools sent by the United States government to the Soviet Union during World War II. It shouldn’t take a meeting, or a tight deadline to get you out of your chair and interested in your work. Since office workers sit on their behind all day it’s a welcome relief to take a stroll to the water cooler. See if you can get your department to agree to one new great idea every quarter that helps the work environment. Toiling sometimes in the most extreme climates, prisoners might spend their days felling trees with handsaws and axes or digging at frozen ground with primitive pickaxes.

Initially viewed as a great success and celebrated in a volume published both in the Soviet Union and the United States, the canal turned out to be too narrow and too shallow to carry most sea vessels. Set a goal for yourself, and gather other co-workers to join you on walks and keep track of how much you walk while at the office. While the bit of chaos can be off-putting at first, it  may free up your mind to be more creative in tackling more high profile projects.
It could potentially lead to a company-wide initiative to improve the bottom line, or something simple like a new recycling plan. Others mined coal or copper by hand, often suffering painful and fatal lung diseases from inhalation of ore dust.
Don’t get stuck in a rut, instead challenge yourself to find new ways of improving the work around you.

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