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For example, install a plug-in on your browser which tracks how much time you spend on non-work-related websites. Some people, including myself, have found that stretching or doing some yoga moves helps quite a bit. When I send an email request, I can flag it as a task which adds it to my Outlook to-do list and I can set a reminder for the recipient and a reminder for myself to follow back up.
In closing, it’s important to remember that workplace productivity improvements are well within our reach. You may or may not love your current job and you may or may not believe that you can find something in your current job to love, but you can. A young employee complained to me recently that she wanted to change jobs because her boss was not doing enough to help her develop professionally.
People complain to me daily that they don't receive enough communication and information about what is happening with their company, their department's projects, or their coworkers.
Have you made statements such as, "My boss never gives me any feedback, so I never know how I'm doing." Face it, you really know exactly how you're doing. One of the most serious causes of work stress and unhappiness is failing to keep commitments. Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhappy people as much as possible. In their landmark book, First, Break All The Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently (Compare Prices), Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman list twelve important questions.
If all of these ideas aren't making you happy at work, it's time to reevaluate your employer, your job, or your entire career. Personal email, stock quotes, cat videos, instant messenger, this blog post, phone calls, telemarketers, vendor solicitations, eBay, online dating, your kids, food, TV, your office mates… The list goes on forever.
If you asked me to show you the 14th email I sent when I joined American Public University System over four years ago, I could do that in a matter of seconds. We just have to deconstruct our days to understand the areas that are pulling us away from doing better.

Especially if you feel positively about your performance, you just want to hear him acknowledge you. Many employees spend more time making excuses for failing to keep a commitment, and worrying about the consequences of not keeping a commitment, than they do performing the tasks promised. When employees answered these questions positively, their responses were true indicators of whether people were happy and motivated at work. And it’s not all about keeping an upbeat attitude, healthy lifestyle, or positive relationship with coworkers.
Studies show us that each time you get interrupted, it takes you some time to refocus and catch back up to where you left off. Or, if I need to retrieve an obscure email thread about project X with so-and-so, I can do that in just a few clicks. As every email comes and goes and every file is named and saved, I make sure I apply my organizational system to this content in real-time and file the content appropriately and immediately. Sometimes that involves visiting the kitchen for a snack; other times I may visit a co-worker for a quick project update.
And if you are in a long meeting (more than 60 minutes), make sure you incorporate breaks too. So that means there are hundreds of items on my to-do list, and hundreds on everyone else’s. I can even categorize tasks for further organization, marking things by project or priority. Take a look at yourself, your skills and interests, and find something that you can enjoy doing every day. If you're not positive about your work, think about improving and making a sincere contribution. Create a system of organization and planning that enables you to assess your ability to complete a requested commitment.
You've never been trained to participate in meaningful conflict, so you likely think of conflict as scary, harmful, and hurtful.

One of these key questions was, "Do you have a best friend at work?" Liking and enjoying your coworkers are hallmarks of a positive, happy work experience.
So constantly switching between activities (like doing your work, replying to an email and checking IM), leads to lower productivity and often lower quality work.
Conflict can be all three; done well, conflict can also help you accomplish your work mission and your personal vision.
But, for the sake of this article today, I’m going to focus on five things that I try to do each day to ensure I have success in the office. Then, close your browser and make a pledge that you won’t go to those sites until you eat your frog, or until your lunch break, or maybe never?
A couple minutes of decompressing can help you relax, clear your mind, and recover some energy. But, if we put forth a reasonable effort, we can begin to climb out of the office doldrums and distractions. Of course, you can always make your current job work or decide that it is time to quit your job. Take charge of your own growth; ask for specific and meaningful help from your boss, but march to the music of your personally developed plan and goals. If your workload is exceeding your available time and energy, make a comprehensive plan to ask the boss for help and resources.
To do so, I carve out some time during each day where I turn the technology off so I can eat the frog and accomplish some of my work efficiently.

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