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The process of consultation is an extremely important concept in the context of managing an organisation. Consultation is an active process in which organisation management opens formal and informal communication channels between the organisation and its stakeholders. To invite stakeholders to provide advice to the management of the organisation about their needs, wants and expectations.
To invite stakeholders to comment on plans that have been created by organisation management to provide this value requested by stakeholders.

To quell any criticism that organisation management have not taken account of, or are not listening to the needs of stakeholders in developing strategic and operational plans.
Organisations exist to create value for stakeholders and consultation is a process by which the management of the organisation aims to better understand the needs, wants and expectations of stakeholders, so that value can be created.
In other words, tell the organisation what value it wants and how it can provide this value. Likewise, management should not construct a plan for a new sport program without consultation with people who likely be program users.

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