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While this year’s Halloween marketing efforts seemed a little weaker than years past (see this great crop of Halloween brand videos from last year), there were still a healthy number of brands delivering some tricks and treats.
Surprisingly for a candy brand, Skittles debuted their first-ever Halloween commercial this year. Chupa Chups, a maker of lollipops, created an innovative choose-your-own-adventure game on Instagram taking users through a haunted house.
Today, we thought we’d provide some examples of engaging videos from seasoned Viners. Published around Halloween time, his video created by laundry detergent brand Tide is a clever and funny spoof of the movie “Carrie”. Target, which makes some pretty creative Vines, used the medium in a unique way with this one. With all the social media and video-sharing sites out there, what interested us about Vine?
It’s Digestible – Since Vine videos are only 6 seconds long, they are easy for people to quickly watch and digest.
It’s Looping – The looping nature of Vine videos—they play through and then jump back to the beginning and play again—makes them hypnotic and addictive. We figured Vine could be a fast, simple and fun way to present our company to the online world. The challenging thing about Vine (and what makes it cool) is it straps you with some serious limitations.
Filming – The Vine app that you use to create videos requires you to hold your finger on the screen of your device to record. Editing – While the Vine app allows you to trim the length of clips, you can’t do a whole lot of editing tricks with it.
While these limitations may scare you off from Vine, they are a part of what makes it such a fun, creative challenge. Sidenote: Our favorite MONSTER example of the creative power of limitations is Jaws, a movie that would have turned out totally different if Speilberg wasn’t limited by a malfunctioning mechanical shark.
So we came up with what we thought was a decent little concept and set out to create our first Vine video. That’s why when you distill the role of your website, or social media, or content marketing, or public relations, or email marketing, or event marketing, or a thousand other things, down to how many leads they produce, your data isn’t really accurate because it’s discounts everything that came before the action.
In a previous blog post, we shared some information from the Q&A session with Google’s VP of Global Small Business Marketing. Here’s some advice from Google on how to better your chances of getting your business seen in search results.
Google has become a huge part of our everyday lives (just think how often people throw around the term “Google it”). Dijk notes that this is a difficult question and, unfortunately, there is no secret recipe. Dijk notes that while social marketing seems new and complex to many small businesses, it has actually been around for thousands of years.
There is a lot of data out there, but the thing small business leaders need to ask is: What is important to my business? Google has started to show more and more serious commitment to Android tablet applications. This new tool will let developers see how their app is working against basic guidelines for tablet app distribution and quality. If, for example, the right screen sizes or Android version for tablets weren’t targeted by a developer, they will be reminded to do it. At first Android tablets were super-sized smartphones, so apps weren’t really optimized for screens that were so big. The title tag is the one who plays the most important role in search engine rankings, and is nearly always the heading chosen by Google for each of its listings. In order to obtain the best results possible for each page on your siteyou should have a unique title tag. You should also remember that as this title will be used as the main heading for your listing by Google, and you’ll want to make sure it is still attractive to potential searchers. Tuscaloosa Web Design firm specializing in Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Programming, Branding, Logos, Print, Graphics, email marketing, promotional items and more. May 9, 2015 by Dan Kern 2 Comments Google made the day of SEOs everywhere on May 6th, 2015 when it announced that it launched the new Search Analytics Report.
For years, we’ve grown accustomed to optimizing our landing pages with [not provided] keyword data. In the previous Search Queries report, we only had the ability to segment by desktop and mobile search data. What this really means is that you are empowered with great data to go back and re-optimize your website pages. In this example, I’m going to re-optimize the Guitar Amps directory page on my guitar blog, Six String Soul. We want to get the most keyword data that we can, so it’s best to maximize the date range per below. Whether you chose to use the data from within Google Webmaster Tools or run the keywords through Keyword Planner, you can now make use of the keyword data by re-optimizing your page. Body Content – Use your keywords in subtitles and paragraph text, from top to bottom, in order to make it clear what your page is about. Meta Description – While this is typically not a ranking factor, consider that your keywords will be boldfaced in the meta description for your page if they match the keywords entered by the user. Some of you may argue that exact match keyword targeting is becoming less important (especially after Rand Fishkin released his Cracking the SEO Code for 2015 mozinar), and I mostly agree that this is where Google is heading (and partially is now). Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t abuse the keyword data and over-optimize your pages.
Yes, definitely a discrepancy, however I get less concerned with absolute accuracy and am more interested in regaining (and using) the keyword data that we now have for landing pages.
Want to receive blog post updates that offer you insight into SEO, content strategy and other inbound marketing advice that can help you advance your skills and grow your business Sign up below. Inbound links are one of the critical success factors for any web site.But how do you convince people to link to you?
Write individual e-mails to specific webmasters whose web pages compliment your own and tell them that you would like to trade links with them.

Mention two positive items about their web site, so that they know that your e-mail is not a generic spam. Include directions to the specific web page where you have added the link to their web site.
One method for getting high-quality links is to write quality articles and submit them to other web sites for publication.
These links are better than links from link pages, because there tend to be very few outbound links on the article page. Send this article to webmasters who maintain web sites on topics similar to the topic of your article. Create dynamic content on your web site which other web masters can include on their web sites by linking to it.
Most web forum software allows you to create an HTML signature that includes a link to your web site.
Start with big slow directories like the Yahoo Directory and the DMOZ Open Directory Project, but don’t stop there. You can use Google or another Internet search engine to find directories relevant to your web site. Enter your keywords in the dialog box below to execute a pre-built Google search for sites where you can add you own inbound links. Submitting to web directories is one of the best ways to get inbound links to your web site, which will increase your Page Rank and raise your position in the SERPS.
The best directories to submit to are directories which are specific to the topic of your web site. Enter your keywords in the dialog box below to execute a pre-built Google search to locate sites where you can add you own inbound links.
If you do submit to these directories, you may want to create a second e-mail address just to catch all of the spam email you will receive. Enter your keywords in the dialog box below to execute a pre-built Google search for top site lists related to your keywords.
Link networks enable webmasters to automatically share links with a large number of other web sites. For more information on setting up a reciprocal linking program on your site, read How can I add a reciprocal link manager to my web site?
You can use an existing web ring service such as WebRing, or you can create your own web ring using the PHP-Ring webring script. Write press releases about your web site and submit them to press release distribution services. If you build a great web page which is useful, informative, or entertaining — people will link to you.
This is the best way to build links, because it follows the natural way that the web is supposed to work.
This page is complete and comprehensive, the best I’ve seen on the SEO link-building topic.
The goal was to create a visual story around Halloween with a do-it-yourself theme (learn more about the campaign in this Ad Age article). That post explored the benefits and challenges of using Vine and provided a couple examples of our own first-time Vines. Since you can click on a Vine video at any time to make it stop playing, they turned this Vine into an activity decision-maker. They regularly produce fun, simple Vines with standout sound effects that effectively spotlight their seasonal products. For those of you who’ve never heard of Vine before, here’s the site description: “Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion.
Limitations are often good in that sense—they make you think differently and find workarounds. How often do you see something from a company you’ve never heard of before and leap into action? But you also may get 10 emails from the company before the brand even sinks in and you make a connection with what they sell or what they do.
During the event, experts from Google presented on a number of different SEO and Web marketing topics—providing practical tips and insights for businesses looking to expand their online reach.
In today’s post, we’ll share some key search engine optimization (SEO) tips from another Google presentation. If people are looking for a particular product or service and they discover your business in the search results, you have a chance to increase your brand awareness and potentially add a new customer or client.
We turn to Google search when we have questions or when we need to find businesses, products and services. By following the practices described above, you can expand your online reach and open the doors to an eager audience of potential customers. During the event, a variety of Google experts discussed how online marketing can help small businesses succeed on the Web.
Where would a local small business hesitant about online marketing and advertising get started?
They wanted to expand so they started using Google AdWords, online video, social media, and other online marketing efforts to expand globally. It’s not about likes, it’s about people engaging with your content and sharing your content. What is an average customer spending in your store?  How much will getting a new customer cost you?
When it’s very cold in the Midwest and pipes are freezing, as a small plumber you have a huge opportunity. Just recently they announced that the Google Play store will have support for tablet app screenshots and Google recently incorporated its developer dashboard with a new optimization tips tool. What this means is that when developers upload a new version or an updated version of an Android app they will get instant feedback on how well-optimized for Android tablets their software is. Once they have addresses the un-optimized app components developers can upload a better-suited version for larger-screen Android devices. Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t support tablet-specific apps, and the company created coding tools and guidelines for apps to work properly on phones and tablets with a single apk installation file instead. An analyst report shows that Android tablet sales are finally starting to catch up with iPad sales.

It’s best to place your target phrase near the start of the tag, and to repeat it in the middle or in the end.
You should also add a call to action or wording that will make your listing attractive to searchers. It lets you position it properly so that it’s found in the most significant points in the purchasing process or when people need your site.
Is there a way to build a website so that it pleases both customers and visitors, like Google, Bing or other search engines.
You have to take the basics into account as well as spending your time and money on fancy, social stuff. In the Search Analytics report, you’ll find that many more of your ranking pages will show keyword data (some sites may show keyword data for all pages).
In the Search Analytics report we can see the data for tablets as well, which will become increasingly important now that Google has announced that they will no longer show non-mobile-friendly websites in its mobile search results. Oddly, they are very similar to the control that we had in Google Analytics before Google decided not to show us keyword data any longer (due to user privacy). You now have your data on display, and you can use this real-world keyword data to go optimize your web page by using more exact keyword phrases within the metadata, body content, and internal links. Now that you’ve got your data in a CSV spreadsheet, you can easily copy the entire column of keywords. You should be, and you should consider (if you have the bandwidth) editing the anchor link text for those internal links to more closely match the keywords that you’re ranking for and which you want to improve your ranking for. This can make your SERP listing stand out, increase CTR and increase the likelihood that Google improves your ranking as a result.
Ever since Google changed Image Search to not send initial user clicks directly to source web pages (where Google pulled the image from), we’ve seen traffic from Google Image Search. Dan is an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Inflow and previously the Director of SEO at F+W Media (a content and ecommerce company), has presented on SEO at numerous conferences including the Digital Book World Conference, and enjoys teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers how to optimize websites. I was wondering if you also noticed a high discrepancy in the number of clicks reported by the old report vs the new report?
I find it best to focus on the optimization abilities and not to get too caught up in the data accuracy. This is my personal marketing site where I teach small businesses to grow their business online, and help other online marketing professionals enhance their skills. Do not write an article about your web site, but write an article that would be interesting to people who would also be interested in your web site. Explain to them that they can post your article for free on their web sites, in return for a link to your web site. If your web site is about football, post in web forums that have something to do with sports.
Like a low-budget horror movie that’s so poorly produced and frenetically put together it makes you smile the whole time you’re watching it. When you enjoy what you’re doing and when you’re energized by it, that comes through to people.
Like that growling green creature that lives in our basement, they’re part of the MONSTER family. It’s about engaging with your audience, which may actually only be a small percentage of people. Dijk provides this example: If you own a restaurant and you see your lunch is empty on certain days, those are the days you want to focus on drawing people in. A new optimization tip tool will alert developers when they miss out on tablet support whenever you submit apps to Google Play. However, what developers have to do is take advantage of them and code properly for different screen sizes. And remember that the goal of SEO is to create a great, seamless user experience as well as recommending your website for relevant searches. I also like to get the most data that I can, so I select all four of the following: Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position per below. However, if you would prefer to work with Google’s estimated search volume data (from Keyword Planner), then you can also download a CSV file of the data (per below) in preparation for running it through Keyword Planner. Well, you can better target the most relevant (and highest searched) keywords that Google is reporting for your page. Hopefully this method of re-optimizing your website using Google Webmaster Tools’ new Search Analytics report will give you the data you need to increase your web traffic, and ultimately your revenue, leads or whatever your business goals are. I compared the two out of curiosity and there’s definitely a difference in number of clicks counted for the keywords.
If your web site is about supermodels, you will only annoy people and get yourself banned if you post to a web forum about fishing. Oreo has a slew of great, fun, engaging Vine videos—to the point it was hard for us to choose just one. Too often, businesses attempt to simplify and distill the process that creates a lead to a single effort. This point aside, it’s also great to see the data appear more accurate (per Google), although there are still some accuracy issues with the initial rollout (as Michael Cottam points out). Sometimes the queries from Google Webmaster Tools aren’t exactly related to your page.
Sometimes the old report even gives other top keywords for a certain page than the new one.
I tend to think that optimizing image alt tags may create a liability for over-optimization considering Google’s Panda algorithm, so optimize at your discretion.
In fact, testing can tell you just about anything you want to know.The great news is that there are some truly amazing tools and services. However, when you create a system to test and track any new feature or idea you can be sure you’re making the most of your efforts.

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