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You are right, there are many options for creating sales and squeeze pages, however you with some little effort create your own page style! I see the sales page gives you 10 but you can then customise from these 10 squeeze page themes yes? I just got a copy of OptimizePress Plugin so I thought to install it on my test site, and see how things are. Also, something to pay attention to is that the plugin require ionCube Loader to be installed on your server, most web hosts has it installed already, but in some cases you will need to install it or upgrade it to the latest version. Once you get the plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site, head to the OptimizePress settings page to validate the plugin with your API License Key.
These default settings (global settings) will be used across your site, but it can be overridden when needed on single page bases. This is a brilliant addition to the plugin, once you go through the 4 steps of creating your page and save it, OptimizePress plugin will fire its live editor, which has an amazing live preview. I’ve seen and tried most of the drag and drop page builders that are available in the WordPress market, every page builder is totally different than the other, and provides different way to deal with page elements and templates. OptimizePress 2.0 comes with a powerful page building plugin for WordPress, get to know this awesome drag and drop tool, it's the best I've ever seen. Hey buddy, practically it’s the best in the market in my opinion, no other platform that I know can compete with its features and flexibility. Stay UpdatedWelcome to WPLeaders, your trusted source for WordPress news, themes reviews, plugins reviews, and other related cool stuff.To stay updated, and gain quick access to our content, join our news letter. What’s more, only about 22% of the businesses in the world are satisfied with their conversion rates.
There’s really no logic behind it, but luckily you can add a landing page to your own WordPress site without spending much time or money.
We’ve covered how to build a WordPress landing page from scratch before, but that can be a huge task for beginner WordPress users.
Unfortunately, not many landing page plugins are worth your time in the WordPress plugin repository.
OptimizePress is the king of landing page tools, and it integrates with WordPress just like any other plugin. Those gripes aside, the system is made to market your websites with ease, so once you pay for the plugin you have a wealth of tools at your disposal. Complete your own launch funnels to guide your customers through the sales process, and build authority blog sites so you have some leverage when trying to sell a certain product. In my opinion, if you have a little marketing money to spend, want to get the most value for that money, and you don’t want to worry much about the technical side, go for OptimizePress. I particularly enjoy the MailChimp integration for those who want to start boosting their email list size while selling a product or announcing an upcoming website. SeedPro sells a Coming Soon and maintenance page plugin, which is somewhat standard at first glance, but the plugin really pulls its weight with its designs. While in the Ultimate Landing Page plugin above you can punch in your own CSS for solid customization, this plugin is more user-friendly with quick settings changes for things like colors, fonts, backgrounds and headlines. The Parallax plugin isn’t all that well-known, but it certainly deserves a mention on this list, because it is an option worth considering for those who want a minimalist-style landing page. I particularly enjoy the advanced lead generation components that help bring in emails and other information so you can call or email folks who sign up on your landing page. Overall the landing page process is fairly easy in terms of setup, you still have to remember that marketing is needed in order to push people to your landing pages. Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any questions about landing pages in WordPress. Tom Ewer is a professional blogger, longtime WordPress enthusiast and the founder of WordCandy.
Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. I would recommend you check out the Slider Revolution plugin, it has a full-screen setting as well as a video background setting.
When bringing this up to Inbound Now, they will tell you all sort of reasons your Site is slow.
I don’t think you were harsh at all and I think others will definitely benefit from you sharing. Your article is really awesome and provide a great help to me and many other visitors as the plugins solve the various problems instantly. Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use?
It seems like everywhere you turn these days landing pages are all the rage and for good reason.
While there are quite a few SaaS providers that will allow you to create amazing landing pages, they often come with a recurring monthly charge that’s not affordable for every website owner. Depending on the tool you choose, going down the self-hosted plugin route can also give you more say in how your landing pages are designed and optimized. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best WordPress landing page plugins that are currently available.
As the number of options and competition for landing page creation tools has increased, plugin developers have really had to step up their game.
That said, it’s still worth experimenting and learning as much as possible about the different options before you make a final choice. Other key features to look out for include the number of page templates and layouts you get access to, a drag and drop editor tool for creating your own designs, integration options with other plugins, a library of reusable page elements, and the ability to save your designs for future use on your site or elsewhere. As one of the more popular landing page plugins on the market, Thrive Landing Pages lets you create highly customizable, conversion optimized landing pages with relative ease.
While this plugin comes packaged with 122+ templates, you’ll still be able to customize each one as required.
Pretty much any element on your landing page can be clicked and edited, or you can add new elements like text, icons, custom HTML, videos, or images as required.
Using a live editor that’s similar to Thrive Landing Pages, this plugin lets you create and edit in real-time using a modular system that makes almost any layout possible.
When you take a look at some of the pre-built templates included in this package it’s easy to see why OptiizePress has become so popular. WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin from Inbound Now that allows you to create an unlimited number landing pages on your WordPress site.
WordPress Landing Pages comes packed with a visual editor as well as multiple shortcodes for things like custom lists and buttons.

Inbound Now also offers two additional plugins that integrate nicely with WP Landing Pages – WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls to Action. If you want to start experimenting with dedicated landing pages on your website without making a financial investment it’s good to know that quality free options such as WordPress Landing Pages do exist.
InstaBuilder claims to provide you with full control over your sales funnels which it not entirely true – it’s a landing page builder at its core. Being 100% honest, and keeping in mind that is a roundup, not a review, there is one concern with the InstaBuilder plugin. I’ve listed the Pro prices above but there is also a free version available in the WordPress repository that has reduced functionality.
For a long time, SeedProd has been a leading contender when all you need is a basic landing page, with a good headline, email opt-in form and links to your social media accounts – perfect for launching a site. The downside of this plugin is that, at their single site price point ($29), by the time you add one of the pre-made premium themes at $15, you’re already halfway to the cost of the Elegant Themes Developer package at $89 – an option that provides significantly more value. Divi works with any WordPress theme and will allow you to create totally customized layouts within any content area. One more point worth noting is that at the entry level price point, you also get access to everything else that’s offered by Elegant Themes. If you’ve ever worked through the process of building a landing page from scratch using HTML and CSS, you already understand how labor intensive the process can be. All of the plugins that we’ve presented in his roundup can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to design and launch a beautiful landing page. Some of the plugins covered in this post are capable of much more that just creating landing pages or include additional plugins or access to themes.
By Joe FylanJoe uses WordPress almost every day and enjoys writing about his experiences for a number of different blogs. I tried building a landing page using Divi plugin, but the issue is that I can not change the background (I want the landing page to have a different background from the background of my current theme which is not DIVI theme). How can a particular page have a certain background which is different from the theme background? If your theme doesn’t allow a different background for different pages, you can specify one for that page using custom CSS.
For me an important consideration is that a landing page re-directs to a thank you page once the desired action is taken.
Have a look at the unbounce WordPress plugin as well (ranging from $49 to $199 for agencies). I had the most appalling experience with a landing page builder (not mentioned above, and I won’t name it) that led to 5 second loading times, poor graphical inset and just general nastiness. Superb Collection, i hope with this Thrive Landing Pages plugin will help to make my WordPress site more flexible. I’ve used OptimizePress (plug-in, not the limited theme) and found it to be incompatible with many, many other themes and plug-ins. I did fire my WordPress post editor to take notes and write my first OptimizePress Plugin review to show you the awesomeness of this useful plugin. And, as you can see in the screenshot above, the plugin gives you a lot of control over many Design, Tracking, SEO, Email Marketing, Social settings, and much more.
This is really easy integration and it’s all done by API, so it will be super easy to configure. Which makes me ask one important question: Why isn’t every business using landing pages if the evidence is so substantial that they work so well? In fact, in my experience, a landing page is typically one of the easiest components of a website to implement for those with limited technological knowledge. You can browse the templates and customize them however you want to fit your branding strategy.
The only problems I have with OptimizePress is the somewhat high pricing and the fact that you have to buy everything in their package, even if you just want to try out the landing pages.
Along with sales and landing pages, OptimizePress includes membership portals to help you improve your customer retention and give exclusivity to your most loyal members. The templates are nicely organized, and you can integrate a form from Gravity Forms or the Contact Form 7 plugin to bring in submissions with your landing or coming soon page. You’ll never find landing pages more beautiful than on SeedPro, so if you want a little wow-factor, consider looking into the Coming Soon Pro plugin from SeedPro. Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page is rather similar to the Ultimate Landing Page plugin we just talked about, but it has more email list management integrations like AWeber, and the customization is a little easier in my opinion. Simply grab a template, change the background and include whatever shortcodes you want to make it look just right. You can create unlimited responsive landing pages full of content, with a completely custom look (thanks to unlimited backgrounds, favicon support, custom parallax animations, custom css support, columns, titles, buttons and more). This is one of the best plugins for incorporating media, so if you have a nice product video, you can throw it on the landing page right next to an email opt-in form or something similar to that. You also get a few other marketing tools such as squeeze pages to further improve your conversion rates. With WP Mobile Splash Page you can create quick and concise mobile landing pages that load fast for users on the go and have easy to click links to your products or services.
Although you can always use a WordPress theme that includes a page-builder (like Total) to build landing pages.
Landing pages are more of a solution when you know potential customers will end up coming to the site.
Thanks for the information, I tried some of the plugins before but they are actually not free.
A properly configured landing page has a much higher chance of converting than a page that contains extraneous information. Using a plugin means that your landing page is created right from within your WordPress installation and that usually translates to lower costs for you.
This can be appealing to those who like full control over their marketing materials and would rather take full ownership of their landing pages instead of paying extra money to have them hosted elsewhere. Almost all of the plugins covered in this post are competitive, full-featured, and easy to use. Keep in mind, key considerations when choosing your landing page plugin should be time-to-market, value, and support. If you’re feeling confident, you can even build a layout from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor.
Not only does Thrive Landing Pages make great landing pages, they make the process very simple – from zero to done in 15 minutes or less.

Capable of creating high-converting landing pages, Optimizepress also bills itself as a complete solution for sales pages, membership portals, launch funnels and authority blogs. As this tool is available in both plugin and theme modes if you are simply creating a website to capture leads then the OptimizePress theme package could be a great option. Once installed the plugin creates its own Landing Pages menu in the WordPress dashboard where you can manage your content.
Both of these supplementary plugins add additional functionality that make your landing pages even more useful. Although InstaBuilder claims to be different that the other landing page builders, many of the features are similar. Although it looks to be an awesome plugin, there is no discernible business, team or community behind it. This means you can capture visitors attention with a headline, have them click through to a video and then present an opt-in form. Sometimes you just don’t need a feature-packed landing page builder and that’s where SeedProd comes in.
A major positive for this plugin is that you can literally be set up in seconds, but that comes at the expense of a reduced feature-set. As you create landing pages, you can save specific custom element to your library for future use. That includes the Bloom Email Opt-in plugin which in combination with Divi Builder, will provide you with amazing functionality for growing your email subscriber and newsletter list. Not only that but once your page is live you’ll be able to test and optimize with relative ease. If you’re currently using a landing page plugin and would like to share your experiences, please do so in the comments below. I’m using the Headway Themes framework and running the Divi Builder plugin on that, and I can specify a different layout and background for every page on the site if I would want to. If your theme does not have a custom CSS box already, you can get a free plugin for writing custom CSS. I then migrated to Insta builder with some success – I do appreciate this guidance as I may need a 3rd revision! Divi Builder is a plug-in that enables me to quickly build customized pages, landing pages and moderately precise layouts.
When I need very specific layouts and a sales funnel with multiple pages in sequence, depending upon the upsell, downsell or other flow. More Details DemoI’ve been promoting the OptimizePress Theme since it was first released 2 years ago, such a great premium product helped many online business owners to build their sites in several ways, especially when it comes to launch products, building email lists, creating landing pages, sales pages, and even building and membership areas. Let’s take a look at some of the best landing page plugins for WordPress to help you move customers into a sales funnel and make them feel comfortable about buying from you.
I wouldn’t give them any awards on the name creativity for their plugin, but the system has some nice templates and an easy setup process for helping you transition within just a few minutes. Therefore, when you pay for the landing page plugin you get access to the community on their website, along with a blog, marketplace, and a quite responsive support team. This is a great chance for companies to change the way these templates look to fit their brands. This plugin is a great way to let your readers know what you’ve got in the works, plus integration with various email marketing platforms (such as MailChimp, Aweber, Mad Mimi and others) gives you the ability to reach out to potential customers before you launch. The templates work well on most devices, so you won’t have to worry about those people who browse the web on their phones – which is pretty much everyone now.
The absolute best part about this plugin (other than the fact that it is compatible with most themes) is that there are nearly unlimited styling options, so you can create a pixel perfect mobile landing page that matchers your desktop site.
Page builders give you tons of flexibility to create any page layout you want, including fully responsive landing pages. However, I just started using their landing page plugin and am now looking for a decent alternative or will end up hacking the code up myself. Which is a good thing because the ability to design and deploy marketing pages quickly and easily means your offer is in front of prospects sooner rather than later and is generating leads faster. The plugin includes a few basic templates and there are more available for purchase on their website. If you can’t find a specific integration among the dozens listed, Zapier is also supported which means that almost any app with an API can be connected.
Every other plugin in our roundup has a name and a face behind the product but not this one.
When is comes to building a landing page, Divi Builder offers over 40 content modules that quite literally cover almost every possibility you could imagine. This combines the power of an easy-to-use drag and drop builder with the speed of pre-built custom elements. Additionally, a plugin like Divi Builder will allow you to use the landing page you built today to reduce the development time of the one you build tomorrow. Headlines, body text, font styles, images, and layouts can all be tweaked in order to maximize your desired results.
If you’re trying to save a little time, this plugin also comes bundled with over 100+ templates which places it just behind Thrive Landing Pages in terms of pre-built options. While it’s capable of much more, it is most certainly suited to helping you to create high-converting landing pages with relative ease.
These two features combined mean you’ll be able to create, deploy and test new landing pages faster than ever before. Speed of deployment is a competitive edge when it comes to growing your own business and completing client projects. You will have to specify the exact page you want the change to apply to, or you’ll change your whole site to that.
And although technically, their trio work well together, and their tons of free templates for landing pages are awesome, they will not convert as much as they say.
After sitting there, waiting for a long time for your page to load, they will definitely leave.

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