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In the wake of Microsoft’s recent announcement that it’s getting into the fitness tech space with the Microsoft Band, AdGooroo examined Paid Search advertising for fitness devices in the U.S. Specifically, AdGooroo examined Paid Search activity on 109 fitness device-related keywords on U.S. Note: The advertisers cited in this report may be sponsoring additional fitness device-related keywords that, if measured, would alter the report’s figures. The clear leader in the category is device brand, Fitbit, with $1.5 million in spend or 14% of total spend generated by the entire keyword group in the first 9 months of the year.
On the opposite end of the spectrum were Garmin and Amazon, the only two advertisers not to use PLAs for the keyword group during the period studied.
Perhaps a hallmark of a hot category, there was particularly intense competition on fitness device keywords in the first 9 months of the year.
AdGooroo CEO Richard Stokes discusses the findings of AdGooroo's 2015 report comparing Paid Search performance metrics for the Yahoo! When starting a paid search campaign, whether you are using Google AdWords or another popular platform, you will always want to make sure that consideration is given towards on-site usability first and foremost. There is no use in paying for site traffic when your visitors could struggle to find the information they are looking for or find it difficult to convert.
If you already have a paid search campaign running, check your bounce rates and the number of clicks compared to the number of conversions, if bounce rate is high or conversions are low you should think about whether the on-page elements satisfy the search.
Perhaps the most effective method to implement in order to improve conversion rates is the Conversion Rate Experts’ Method.
Here is a list of on-page elements that can help improve the user experience from paid search visitors. Too many headlines could create a confusing and inefficient design which can make it difficult for the user to find what they are looking for.
Text content is essential to keep your visitors on the page and to aid in turning those visitors into customers.
Navigation is hugely important, quite often this is the basis for a paid campaign to help websites create a well-targeted and easily manageable account structure. It is also important to have a clean and structured navigation so a visitor can find their way to the information they need if it is not on the page they land on.
Users should also be able to easily find important information such as terms & conditions, shipping details, payment options, contact information and anything else relevant to your specific website. Place these call to actions so that they stand out, but prevent them from obstructing other important information on the page. Love Film does this well by including a number of call to actions on the Home page that are clear, are placed to capture attention but to not obstruct the other information a user is presented with.
The most important information on the page should be visible ‘above the fold’; this ensures that any elements present to capture the attention of a visitor are visible without the need to scroll.
At the very least, the information above the fold should persuade the visitor to keep reading or navigating through the site.
Briefly mentioned above, there should be an easy method of contact for anyone who chooses to. Make the route to conversion as simple as possible; this can be achieved by optimising the structure of the path and by shortening it where possible. If you want someone to simply sign up to a newsletter or register for an account on your site, make it simple and allow them just to enter their email, pick a password (if relevant) and away they go. Forms can be a great way of receiving useful leads, these are easily recognisable and are very simple for visitors to fill in and submit. Restricting the number of fields within a form can also improve the number of people who choose to make contact. Trustworthiness is an important consideration for many websites if you are selling products or simply collecting an email.

When people set-up paid campaigns, they usually set all ads to send users to the Home page of the website. Ideally each group of keyword targets should send visitors to the relevant sections or pages of the site.
Part 2 of this article includes guidelines for paid search being accessed via mobile devices. Usability Geek is a Usability & User Experience (UX) blog that provides practical and useful information. Our readership comes from various fields including those of Usability, User Experience, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA).
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In my 13 years working in this industry, more often than not when account performance changes radically in a very short period of time, I find that the best approach is to take a breath, role up your sleeves, and start looking for any changes you have made to your Campaign settings, Ad Creative, Ad Extensions and keywords.
1) Check your geo-targeting settings for new location targets, new exclusions and Search Intent settings. 1) You should be ad testing on a regular basis, but make sure you did not accidentally pause or delete ads that were driving successful performance. 3) Are your location extensions current and complete for all of your brick-and-mortar locations?
1) If you recently added a large number of new keywords, make sure you did not inadvertently add extremely general broad match terms. 2) Bids are the major driver of what position your ads will show up in if all the other elements of your campaigns are in good shape.
There were three other advertisers in the ranking who market their own branded device(s), including Nike ($318,000), Jawbone ($122,000) and Garmin ($110,000). Looking at this another way, the Top 20 advertisers actually spent as much on Product Listing Ads ($4.9 million) as all 1,464 total advertisers spent on Text Ads during the 9 months studied. The Top 20 keywords, in fact, averaged 47 advertisers competing on each term, with branded terms averaging 35 advertisers and generic terms averaging 61 advertisers. Therefore there are many things you should consider with regards to site usability before setting a paid campaign live. This is the first question you will want to ask yourself, because you are likely to find that searchers will not hang around for long before they return back to the search engine to continue their search. Typically you will want your visitors to either purchase something, subscribe, sign-up or make contact. People are generally impatient online and this may cause users to go elsewhere for the information they need.
You will need to find that fine balance of text, to give enough information to the user but not too much that it could potentially lose that visit.
You do not want to hide the copy way down the page where people are unlikely to find it; you want it to be one of the first elements they set their eyes on so you are presenting the information they are likely to be interested in immediately. This is true for many Ecommerce websites, quite often people will purchase more than one item and therefore will need to utilise the navigation to find the products they are interested in. If you are not actively highlighting the page elements that enable users to purchase, sign-up and convert – you are likely to miss out on many conversions.
The quicker you can capture the attention of a visitor, the better – keeping them on page is important initially and the other elements should help convert the visitor.
You might be surprised at the number of people who like to enquire without reading anything. This goes back to the point about patience online; people don’t have a lot of it so a long route to conversion can easily put someone off. If you just have an email, this requires a user to load up their email client, copy across the email or fill in subject line information.

Even if some are not compulsory, the sheer number of fields could be enough to prevent that initial contact.
If the visitors are unlikely to trust the security of their information or don’t believe their personal details will be safe, they are very unlikely to convert. This may work for some websites who specialise in one particular thing relevant to all target keywords; however, these are generally few and far between. This ensures the user lands on a page that is most relevant to their search, if the other on-page elements (as discussed above) are in place, it can significantly improve the rate of conversion.
In addition the article contains practical guidelines on optimizing landing pages and e-commerce websites. Of course, Google is famous for making changes to the AdWords product suite, so you should not rule out the possibility that something beyond your control has changed. If you are managing an account with a thousand keywords, this probably will not take very long, but if you are managing very complex accounts with many Campaigns, Ad Groups, creative elements and keyword counts in the millions you need to find a way to work efficiently and effectively. If you increased or decreased them considerably, make sure it produced the desired results. These ad components not only enhance the performance of your paid search ads, they are now included in Google’s Quality Score considerations.
If so, consider finding more specific related terms, or do extensive Negative Keyword additions for irrelevant queries. If you recently thought you needed to get more aggressive with your bidding, run some reports and make sure you got what you paid for.
Make sure to audit your campaigns now and again to ensure that all of your landing pages are currently active, functional pages that are relevant to peoples’ searches. Pretty soon, your accounts will not only be back on track but will be outperforming your original expectations.
According to our findings, advertisers spent $11 million sponsoring the 109 terms in the first three quarters of 2014 on U.S. Apple ($163,000) has been selling other brands’ devices on its site, but in September announced its own Apple Watch due in 2015. View side-by-side comparisons of Impressions, CTR, CPC, Competition and more across the Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Education, Automotive and Business categories. By considering the following tips, you can make sure that you get the most from your paid visits while also improving the overall usability of the site. The more information you can get a user to read through, the more likely you are to convert them.
Since Google AdWords is synonymous with paid search, there is also be an explanation of its terminology and its paid search advertising options.
If they are not, and you have enough data to make a decision, it is time to test some new copy.
Make use of all of this real estate, and do be sure that your destination URLs are unique for each sitelink in a campaign. HINT: Google was kind enough to add an “Undo Changes” button in the Change History section.
So head over to the 2nd part of this article for more guidelines on how you can optimize your website for Google AdWords and any other paid search campaign. Make sure to include compelling calls-to-action, promotions when possible and descriptive elements that reinforce ad relevancy. Hint: use your web analytics reports to see if the number of error page site entries has increased unusually in a short span of time.

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