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This model provides a framework for the development for health promotion practice and policy of youth organisations and acknowledges the underlying necessity for good practice in this area at all times.
One of the most prevalent health care issues in the United States is the rising rate of obesity.
Obesity and tobacco use are the source of almost every preventable illness targeted by wellness plans and single-handedly cost employers most of their health care dollars. Addressing obesity during health promotion planning is much more complicated than including weight loss incentives in corporate wellness plans.
Obesity is a disease that has extensive roots in the media, at the supermarket, around our technology and is firmly imbedded in our American culture of excess. We have a host of industries that have a parasitic existence built upon the tragedy of obesity: diet pills, miracle diet plans, special clothing, extra charges for seats on public transit and a plethora of other questionable marketing strategies that focus on heavily overweight people.
For such a complex problem, obesity has a fundamental simplicity: for every calorie consumed, there should be a corresponding output of energy to burn it.
Prepared and packaged foods are a relatively new addition in North American society during the last five decades. Health promotion planning to reduce obesity should include the consumer food and beverage industry.
All consumers do not have the knowledge necessary to make good food selections or the motivation to change their current eating habits. How many employees know what the difference is between mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated, saturated or trans fats? Can this step be broken down to include low-cost but healthy alternatives if organic food is beyond the allowable portion of the pay check that can be spent on food?

Will an average American by-pass the vending machine full of soda and make a selection from a range of bottled waters and juices? Reducing the prevalence of this disease will take a cross-cultural collective effort of health promotion planning between all levels of North American consumerism and corporate marketing to make obesity an unnecessary part of the American lifestyle.
Writer Bio: John Bates is a leading wellness industry consultant and prolific writer about all aspects of health and wellness programs. We also provide a free service that allows you to get wellness quotes from up to 30 different wellness companies by completing one brief request form. The One21seventy Health promotion CQI tools are an evidence-based package and have been recognised as an effective resource in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community settings. Health promotion is integral to comprehensive primary health care, this makes health promotion CQI integral to quality improvement across a range of primary health care services. Pre-audit information sheet (HP) – explains eligibility requirements and how to prepare for an audit of health promotion activities and projects. Health Promotion Audit Tool and Protocol – enables staff to collect information on five key elements of health promotion practice from each health promotion activity or project (Figure 1). Pre-SAT information sheet (HP) - explains how to prepare for a health promotion systems assessment. Health Promotion Systems Assessment Tool – enables staff to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the four system components and items that support health promotion in their service (Figure 2).
Health Promotion Audit report – presents the health promotion audit and systems assessment data in graphs and tables, ready for teams to interpret and identify areas for improvement.
Useful references for health promotion goal setting, planning and evaluation – provides resources to support teams in setting health promotion goals and planning strategies and actions to improve health promotion practice.

Other support for health promotion CQI includes training workshops (by negotiation), Helpdesk support, workplace support, secure data entry site and storage.
If you would like more information about the Health Promotion CQI package and training please contact us. It is the most common, most expensive and least addressed disease among the workforce today.
Wellness plans should ensure that healthier choices that are easily identified and readily available as better choices of vending machine fare and as workplace cafeteria options. A more parochial role initiated by the food and beverage industry and education facilitated by corporate wellness plans should focus on consumer direction and the marketing and sale of health promotion products.
Does the employee population understand how to read a nutrition label and how to apply that information to their grocery list? The CQI tools and supporting resources can be successfully used by multidisciplinary teams with varying levels of health promotion experience.
With each completed audit cycle, the report shows changes in the quality of health promotion and system development over time. Higher fat and carbohydrate foods combined with the reduced physical activity to produce an average weight gain in North Americans of disproportionate size.

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