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Always loved Tinashe remixes (Gold Fields anyone?!), but when I saw Jai Wolf’s name attached to this track I just knew it would be extra spicy. After leaving for a three-month stay, Becket landed a $1,000,000 commission to design a new Jai Alai Auditorium in Manila. Adjacent to the old Congress building along Taft Avenue, the Jai Alai Club soon became the place to see and be seen. Dinner and cocktails were available at the top floor in the glass-enclosed and very airconditioned dining room called the Sky Room. Jai Alai – means “happy feast” in Basque, the game was initially the sport of Manila’s elite.
Every night, the fabulously wealthy or the heavily indebted visited the Jai Alai Club and gambled on the crooked play of the imported Spanish Basques. Jai Alai is a very competitive and sometimes, very dangerous sport played in a three-sided court similar to a handball or racquetball court, only much larger, one hundred eighty feet long, fifty-five feet wide and eighty feet high. During the Japanese raids against Manila’s “Open City” at the end of 1941, the Jai Alai building was set up as a makeshift hospital and morgue by the U.S. When the Japanese marched into Manila in January 1942, they found transmission equipment hidden within the Jai Alai fronton that had been used by the underground resistance to communicate with the military defense on Corregidor and Bataan. After the war, the Jai Alai building was the first badly damaged spot to be restored to its pre-war state.
The fourth floor was outfitted for the entertainment of the servicemen with a canteen, jukebox, cabaret, broadcasting studio, valet shop and phonograph studio. The tremendous fronton where the best jai alai players appeared was converted to a huge dance floor and a theater seating 5000.
Unfortunately, the building did not survive the post-war years, decaying to a sadly abandoned structure and was demolished in 2000 – defying preservationists who rallied to save the building, one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Asia. Here’s a photo of my Tita Charito and her mother, Adelaida apparently waiting for a parade to go by on Taft Avenue past the Jai Alai building. I have the black and white picture of the Jai Alai mounted as a poster in my guest room here in Florida. It was such an elegant place… Always a thrill to go up to the formal dinning room upstairs from where you could dine and look down at the games through glass panes. I came across your site while researching about Manila, as I have been in Love with that Place, since I pent a decade or so way back in the 70s and 80s, and Visited Manila couple of times in the last 10 years, and I am shocked to see the Many Icons of Manila fading away, Yes I am saddened, Maybe this the price of progress we have to pay, But the Romantic in me still cannot accept to see the change, I would not mind changing other parts of Metro Manila, but the Historic Place of Manila should be preserved, Thanks a Ton for sharing. Sad to say, but our leaders are bent more on preserving their political dynasty rather than preserving the richness of our cultural heritage. Unfortunately, local governments are short sighted – this place could have been a commercial center and still retain the external frontage. We had it all, good worker, English was spoken, We had one of the ten top Airlines, Don Andess Sorian ran PAL. Along with my mom and my dad we used to dine in a resto inside that building when i was still a kid. If Shanghai can preserve their art deco buildings, why can’t the Filipinos do the same?
At sa masang Pilipino na karamihan either walang pinag-aralan o di nakatapos and ergo mahihirap, ang kultura at kasaysayan ay hindi nakakain at nakakapawi ng gutom at kahirapan. Our dad would only pick us up from school on Fridays which automatically meant, having dinner in Plaza Santa Cruz at Moderna or Wah Nam (correct me if I am wrong) and two movies either at Capitol and Lyric or any two movies along Rizal Avenue.

Jai alai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA jai alai game is played in round robin format, usually between eight teams of . Jai-Alai Players and Baseball PlayersThere is certainly anecdotal evidence that certain jai-alai players are better than other players. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Latest ShowsIf you miss any of our shows you can find them all by following our Soundcloud link.
Check out that perfect mixture of succulent 90s R&B styled goodness and electronic future bass grooviness tailor-made for the dance floor.
The Manila fronton was erected in 1939 and with its sleek and streamlined design fashionable in the 1930s, the structure soon became an icon.  The games were formally inaugurated on October 17, 1940 by a team of Basque pelotaris and became an instant hit with Manila’s elite. The four story building was said to be one of the most beautiful Jai Alai frontons in the world, complete with gaming rooms, 4 restaurants, 4 bars, a roof garden and imported Spanish and Filipino entertainers. The vocal spectators watched on three levels behind a glass wall that lined on one end of the court.
According to some sources, the game was introduced to the Philippines in 1899 by a group of aficionados headed by the Elizalde brothers.
The game is played with wicket basket-like slings that are attached to one hand of the players. The Jai Alai palace was the only major structure in Manila to stand up under both the Japanese and American bombings. The floor also had a roof garden, solarium, auxiliary dance floor and a soft drink bar where the famous Sky Room formerly entertained hundreds every night with big name bands, featured artists and the finest food and liquor found in Manila. A service bureau, coffee shop, barbershop, checkroom, restrooms, first-aid station, lockers and showers were located on the first floor.
The spirited campaign to save the building was ignored by former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, who decried the structure as a reminder of gambling and other vices, despite the presence of numerous government-owned casinos in the city. They bring to mind the essence of the Jai Alai Building and perhaps how it might have looked today had it been saved. I have an emotional attachment to the Jai Alai building as it has been a prominent fixture of different important events in my parents’ life as welll as mine. Perhaps when people are made aware of the senseless destruction of our heritage, they may rethink tearing down a beautiful landmark for a parking lot when it could still be preserved and restored. Lahat na magbibigay alaala sa nakalipas gustong i demolish, kaya ang akala ng mga kabataan, wala tayong pinagmulang maganda… kasi ang kasalukuyang nakikita na lamang ay ang mga makeshift barong-barong na nakakalat kahit sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan ng mga tourists. A big factor that Manila became so ugly now is also because of the construction of the LRT in the 80s. My siblings and I all grew up in Horseshoe, New Manila but all six boys went to that green and great school on Taft Avenue. I would like to trasnlate it to Spanish and publise in our web site, of course mencionating the origin and linking here. I must admit though that I was not yet born (I was born in 1967) during most of the times you mentioned in your post.
I was a member of the Philippine AmateurPelotari Association of the Philippines from 1968 to 1976. Still remember watching their practice on morning Saturdays, drink some milk shakes on Sky Room.

He designed the original Los Angeles airport and many homes for Hollywood stars such as: James Cagney, Ceasar Romero and Robert Montgomery. Those stories abounded just like the boxing and wrestling competitions of the day – it was, after all, entertainment.
Using these baskets, the players are able to throw the hard sheephide ball at speeds that defy the imagination.
It was constructed so strongly and served so well as a shelter during air raids that it was used by the top staffs of both the American and Japanese Armies when they were in Manila. But I can relate nonetheless because I have seen most of the places you mentioned here when I was much older then, but these places were not the same as before as described in your posts. I came to know most the successful Filipino Pelotari in the field of Jai-alai and among them, Garmendia jr., Antonio, Jorge, Filipino, my late friend Eddie Meily and some Spanish Pelotari such as Prof.
Last time I visited Jai Alai was on 1986 and meet some veteran Spanish players, they where very glad to see me.
Look at all the one-of-a-kind examples of art deco architecture in the theaters like the Ideal, Capitol, Lyric, State and Avenue theater.
Sa Polillo, Quezon, mayroon doong simbahan na ginawa noong panahon ng Kastila, pero, mga ilang panahon ang nakalipas.. As a kid I used to be mesmerized by the bright and beautifully colored fruits of San Andres market.
One was even with the then innocent former first lady when she just arrived in Manila and was still known as Imelda T. I feel sorry to know about the demolished and think about my remembrance and feelings of this special place for me.
It was renamed The Roosevelt Club, after the late president, and was said to be the largest Red Cross service center in the world. I have strolled along Escolta and watched at Capitol then and shopped at Syvel’s but the street was already past its glorious days. I remember a one-storey Gabaldon-type school house near by that had graceful arches, overhanging eaves, and capiz-shell awning windows. It served about 40,000 military daily with every facility that can be offered by a first class hotel. Napakatibay raw ng winasak na lumang simbahan, parang ang pagkagawa ay hinaluan ng lupa ng dagat kasi may mga shells. Too bad Mayor Atienza did not see the potential of the place and just turned its back on its sad fate.
Our groceries were delivered at home then by the green model’48 Chevy trucks of Acme Supermarket. Even if it was a house of sin due to the gambling of the Jai alai, it could still be reused for other investments. Jai Alai is considered to be the fastest game in the world, with top players hurling the ball at .

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