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PPAPI plug-in incompatibility results in the Adobe Connect Add-in not being detected and launched in Chrome when invoked in a Connect Meeting. You can attend Adobe Connect Meetings without the Adobe Connect Add-in, however the Add-in is required for enhanced functionality like screen sharing and making offline recordings.
Turn off auto-upate in Chrome so that you do not upgrade to a version of Chrome that is problematic. Back in April I blogged about an issue I found with the Chrome browser where the Flash Player debugger wasn't working properly.
Somewhere along the way Chrome has added it's own PDF viewer plug-in that has taken over the browser. I think one thing you need to add is that for the change to take effect, you must close the browser and re-open. I don't think plugin issue is good for chrome, I used to download a plugin to chorme, it generate a lot of wrong codes, but firefox worked well. For me none of these solutions worked but here's one that did.My itunes was crashing too, it wouldn't open.

NETFLIX CANNOT LOAD SILVERLIGHT PLUGIN CHROMEScreen issue with most modern browsers silverlight. Even if the Add-in is installed, the meeting opens in the browser and not in the Connect Add-in. Adobe Connect servers that are not running one of these versions (or a later version) will need to be upgraded to the nearest later version to the one currently installed and then apply the appropriate Connect PPAPI patch. If you click on 'details' at the top right, and expand the Flash section (probably at the top of the list), you may have multiple versions of the same Flash enabled - disable one of these.
I had the same issues, went in and disabled the Chrome PDF viewer plug in and things started working immediately. The so-called error is INTENDED!I DO NOT WANT THE PLUGIN MANY VIDEO WEBSITES LOOK FOR, not under any citcumstances! I recently ran into a similar issue where viewing PDF files in Chrome caused the following screen to display. I did hundred times and hundred ways to find way to fix it ( Missing Plug-in ) but I failed.Luckily.

I have Google chrome and i went to my plugins, disabled all adobe and other video plugins, then I enabled all of them (basically refreshing). What i did was I enables it and it worked!So in case this doesn't work guys, try doing the opposite, maybe ? Went into the plugin able and disable and have tried everything everyone on every site has said. Should I disable all and restart, then enable only the Flash or the Shockwave?Also the ALLOW button.

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