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Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are a popular way to stay connected with friends and family. Avoid posting pictures of yourself in potentially compromising positions, like heavy drinking or partying. GPS-capable applications pinpoint your location and can include that information in your social media posts. Avoid using online games or sites that ask to access your social media accounts, to link to scoreboards or for general information. Tailor your social media accounts according to your needs and use them appropriately for your job, school or to stay connected with family and friends. Als Ausgangslage diente die kursive Frutiger, welche fetter gezeichnet und in diversen Details angepasst wurde. Pelican Post has obtained a recording of Matassa supporter, Dempsey Pendarvis, who takes the credit.

Councilman Aaron Lawler recently suggested redirecting some of the $8 million annual tax revenue dedicated to Ascension libraries. While social media sites can increase your circle of friends, they also can increase your exposure to people with less-than-friendly intentions. The Library of Congress keeps a record of every tweet and anyone on the Internet can view them, including family or potential employers.
Pendarvis’ readership and appreciate his confirmation of our humble reportage of these events.
Never include personal information, such as birthdays, addresses or phone numbers on public profile pages. Read the site’s terms and conditions to understand what data the site owns and the guidelines for how you should behave on the site. Even if you don’t communicate with the sock puppet, they can still access and use the information you post on your profile.

When using geo-location apps, like Foursquare, don’t check in or out at your dorm room or home. Set your security settings to always ask for your permission before posts, photo tagging or comments are made on your profile. If you keep GPS settings enabled know that revealing your location can have negative consequences.

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