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We've worked with the entertainment industry's most experienced producers, executives and estimators to deliver the tools and intuitive ease-of-use that will allow you to calculate the potential cost of any production. Identify qualifying expenditures, calculate then apply rebates based on percentage values, caps, minimum spend and other criteria. Work in all the ways you’re used to, but with many more tools and features at your fingertips.
Organize ancillary tools such as fringes and globals in a variety of ways… whatever works best for you! The onBudget program window offers all of your widely used function in one accessible function bar. The printed reports appear in a familiar, traditional layout and can be customized in various ways. ARulesXL™ is a new add-in for Microsoft™ Excel® that integrates decision support with computational analysis. Rules in ARulesXL are easier to write, less costly to maintain, more reliable, and, most importantly readily audited. The ARulesXL syntax is designed to model business rules for pricing, configuration, underwriting, approvals, benefits, workflow, advice and similar applications.

ARulesXL makes it easy to write and maintain rules and provides its own menu of operations including a full rule debugger that illustrates the dynamic pattern matching that underlies rule execution. A major accounting firm is one of the first commercial users of ARulesXL and is using the product for developing equity compensation analysis tools. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
This makes it possible to use business rules in spreadsheets for budget analysis, product configuration, workflow, advice, planning, pricing and more. Instead of difficult to read IF functions, rules are entered directly on the spreadsheet in a natural and easy to understand syntax.
The rule syntax is compatible with Excel and VBA, providing seamless integration between non-procedural, pattern matching rules and procedural spreadsheet calculations. The next release will include the ability to export rules for use in web-based applications.
Visual Data LLC, vendor of Office Practicum™ pediatric office software, is using ARulesXL for the development and testing of rules used in vaccination planning. ARulesXL has an introductory price of $99 per copy, and includes product maintenance and support for one year.

This makes it possible to solve a wider variety of problems with spreadsheets including budget analysis, product configuration, workflow, advice, planning and pricing. ARulesXL is ideal for Sarbanes Oxley compliant spreadsheets with easy to read and audit business rules that generate or verify results. User inputs can be gathered from cells or forms and the results can be displayed in reports or tables. ARulesXL supports multiple rule sets with objects, properties and inheritance to facilitate decomposition of complex applications.
It also provides facilities for dynamic document assembly which is ideal for legal and government regulations applications.

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