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The strategy for product mix pricing strategy is setting a products price often has to be change when the product is part of a product mix. The type of  product mix pricing strategy deals with setting the price steps between various products in a product line based on cost differences between the products, customer evaluation of different features competitors prices. Setting a price for products that must be used along with a main products such as blades for a razor.In the Captive Pricing Product Mix Pricing Strategies Producers of the main products often price the products low and set high mark ups on the supply. This particular type of product mix pricing strategy is setting a price for byproducts  in order to make the main products price more competitive.
While I was writing my last blog on the varying price based on geographical location of Starbucks’ lattes, I learned about PPP (Purchasing-Power parity). PPP is “the theory that, in the long run, identical products and services in different countries should cost the same in different countries. So the idea of the PPP and the Big Mac Index is that if Big Mac had the identical utility to every person on earth, than the prices of the exchange should converge to create identical PPPs for all Big Macs in all countries. So again, going back to my last blog, using this thought, all Starbucks lattes are identical therefore should  give to consumers the same utility everywhere on earth.  Keep mind that local markets can vary the outcome in this theory. SO the poor weather in Seattle encourages people to purchase more coffee increasing the demand for Starbucks lattes and therefore their price.
I have traveled for a living for the past 25 years; I am familiar with exchange rates, differences in prices and also products that are region specific. So, I found an interesting 2012 article from the Wall Street Journal discussing the various latte prices at Starbucks. As the table shows, “In countries where the currency is overvalued, a dollar doesn’t go that far…It would take more dollars to buy a Starbucks latte in a country with a strong currency, like Norway, than in one with a currency that has less buying power, like India”. Additional thoughts are how costs are higher in Starbucks where geographically, they had different skews, such as flavors, sizes and slightly altered packaging to reflect local preferences.  Those can run the costs up in that region as well if those expenses are not being distributed throughout the company line.

So, next time you order your latte in Oslo, you might want to think about how much you really want to spend for that specialty drink.  You can probably get a quicker, cheaper cup of coffee (maybe even for free) at your hotel.
Everything we do, like which agreements we set up with our clients, what we say, and what we agree to, defines the future of that specific relationship. This entry was posted in Business, Business Practices and tagged film career, freelance, freelancer, pricing strategy, video pro on May 15, 2014 by entrefilmmaker. I’m nearly ready to make the jump from producing free videos to starting a wedding and SIV business, and I really appreciate your videos. In the Product Mix Pricing Strategies case the firm looks for a set of prices that maximizes the profit on the total product mix. A great example of Optional Product Mix Pricing Strategies would be refrigerators that comes with optional built in ice makers. In the case of services this strategy is called two part pricing where the price of the service is broken into a fix fee plus a variety usage rate. Price bundling Product Mix Pricing Strategies can promote the sales of the products consumers might not otherwise buy, but the combined price must be low enough to get them to the bundle. Don’t forget to click the link below to get access in more detail information on the Product Mix Pricing Strategies. But somehow, my favorite treat, Starbucks’ lattes, has become a significant monthly expense, especially when I am in transit. Everything is agreed on and I’d get a phone call two days before the shoot and the client would ask: Can we have a break in between the shooting because the second interviewee isn’t ready till two hours after the first one is finished.
And once you set it up in a way that is to your disadvantage, it’s difficult to course-correct this after the fact.
I think the point I’m trying to make is that as an editor you are able to charge an hourly rate and you can handle multiple projects in a day.

Do you just give in, lose money, and set yourself up for this kind of headache in the future? Now, in this scenario, the client wants to change the shooting day and is demanding you drop the price or have parts of your day go unpaid because he feels that you are not rendering service during that downtime. As someone working on location it’s much harder to have lets say part day jobs that fill out your day. Anyway, after 4 hours go by, the client is VERY pressured the production, but my partner doesn’t care. With a wife and four kids I had to rebuild my film & video business really fast so that I could put food on the table. Through hacks and some cool entrepreneurial tricks that I found, I built a film advertising company servicing nonprofit brands. What can you do in order to prevent those situations that can cost you lots of money, or possibly a client? I owe a great deal to the American people who took me in with open arms, and inspired by that giving attitude, I founded EntreFilmmaker.
Here I share with film, video and media professionals my career and productivity hacks and how I bucked the "traditional" career path and as a result generated $93,752 within my first 7 months.

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