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The term product development strategy is much easier to understand as a piece of text, than it is to understand in real-life, when it has to be put to use. In the modern world, product development strategy means we’re creating new products, with new features and then marketing them to our already established customer base. I’ve created a diagram to try and display, how a simple strategy would be observed and executed under normal circumstances.
In this ever growing world, new markets are being populated by new and aspiring business people, every single day. Build these ideas, and think about them in long-term, take all of your resources and maximize the potential of realizing an idea before someone else does it.
Very important, failing to realize the potential of a market for your new product can be fatal, and not only to your paycheck – but your reputation. Begin by concluding surveys, and gather data about these big business, so it doesn’t happen that there are only ten real sites interested in the software, who can barely cover the incredibly overpriced costs for it. You probably need just a couple of friends from the industry, and a subscription to the major news outlets that report Android news.
These five tips will certainly amplify, and improve your product development strategy – guaranteed. The content written by this author is still frequently updated, but due to some changes in the past, all new content published by this author is being done so under a new username.
Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications. Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time. Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case.
I think it was late August, 2011 - Twitter finally decided to open-source the Bootstrap framework for front-end developers. Web scraping is as old as the web itself, it is a very widely known term in the programming world, and in online businesses in general. Top dumb mistakes to avoid with C++ 11 smart pointers May 15, 2016Ask HN: How long did it take you to get your first dev job?
All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company.
Here I give four examples of the commonly taught penetration, product development, market development, and diversification strategies. When marketers try to sell the existing product to the existing customers, they engage in penetration strategy. McDonald's introduced salads in their outlets in order to retain its existing customers, many of whom were becoming more health conscious.Salads are exactly opposite of what McDonald's is known for! Introducing an existing product in different markets is perhaps one of the most used strategies to extract full benefit of a successful product. When marketers introduce a totally new product to a completely new market, they engage in diversification. Product Marketing Strategy helps manufacturers with product marketing, product strategy, and marketing strategy to maximize profitability over the product life cycle.
Marketing your product can take you to a level of success while building your brand at the same time can take you to a higher level of success.
Procter and Gamble has long been the focal point for marketers as the standard for product and market strategy. As you look at the various posts on this website, you will find discussions about all types of strategies, but the one thing that is the yard stick for all of these strategies is the mission statement for your business.
Internet Marketing Strategies are an ever evolving world of opportunities that grow with every new advancement in technology. AHMA’s 2000 International Hardware Week Education Program was a tremendous success this year due in no small part to your involvement and the presentation you made to participants. As part of a successful product development strategy your role will require you to have a greater appreciation of a new emphasis placed on marketing. You may find yourself having to investigate and assess the use of new technologies, processes, and materials that would be needed to pursue this strategy. In the cell phone market, for example, phone models are being replaced every six months or so.
This is something that can be done by the marketing department in the form of customer questionnaires and user groups. If you are managing a team in a customer-facing role you will have the opportunity to gather data that may initially appear negative but which can offer your organization the opportunity to meet customers' needs more fully. For example, complaints about oil spilling over the customer's car engine when having to replace lost oil led to the addition of an integral funnel being added to engine oil packaging. This is a common method of launching a new product by using an existing brand name on a new product in a different category.

It is extremely difficult to predict what will work and what will not, and even with the benefit of hindsight it is sometimes hard to see why some attempts at brand extension succeed whilst others fail. A well-known success is the launch of a clothing range by Caterpillar, a company that makes earth-moving equipment. A well-known failure is that of the car manufacturer Volvo, whose launch of its 850 GLT sports sedan was a high-profile failure.
Whatever course of action is decided upon it must not create confusion amongst your customers. Within the fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) market the majority of product development follows the first approach of creating new products that are easily and closely associated with the existing product. Kit Kat's product development has been similar to that of Mars, but it has tried offering customers different flavors as part of this strategy.
Kit Kat's variable success with creating new flavors for their chocolate bars reflects how different cultural tastes can influence success or failure when using this strategy.
The second brand extension approach requires your organization to have a thorough knowledge of the purchasing habits of your existing customers. You may even exploit your organization's or your brand's image and reputation to achieve this by promoting and mirroring your existing brand image and its purchasing habits onto your new product. Marks & Spencer used their image of quality to expand their product range into food, encouraging their existing customers to buy from them rather than a supermarket. Virgin exploited their image of quality and offering something more exciting to persuade teenagers and young adults who bought music from them to buy soft drinks (Virgin cola), travel with them, and later to use their banking services and other financial products. The third approach to brand extension is to continuously offer a refreshed or revamped product. Razors, washing detergent, and cars are all examples of products that are continually 'refreshed' in this way, especially to stay distinct from the competition and gain market share. The consumer will buy a variety of these products to satisfy the different washing requirements of their clothes.
These new skills, especially in the initial stages, could be met by using outside skills and resources to control the cost and risk of such a venture.
Product development, especially brand extension, is a popular strategy because it is more easily accomplished within the organization than creating totally new products.
A product development strategy involves developing new products or services for your existing markets. This strategy requires continuous research & development as well as the ongoing assessment of customer needs. Many organizations outsource product development by simply buying in an existing product from another manufacturer and putting their own name on the packaging. You may also be interested in: Ansoff Matrix PDF, Introduction to the Ansoff Matrix, Market Penetration Strategy, Market Development Strategy, Product Development Strategy and Diversification Strategy. It’s purpose is to help us understand how to develop our products, and how to build a future for them. Continuous product development is an important part of any businesses strategy, and if you wish to create new clients, and achieve more – begin investing in product development. It can be, that a market itself plays a role in the decision making, but we’re trying to look at the big picture, suited for all market types. I’d love to hear your success stories, or how you think a strategy should be put together. They, just like you, are looking to sell their product to the masses, and they’ve got all the fresh and juicy ideas to back them up. It’s all about taking the time to know our priorities, and the priorities of the market.
As a development partner in Africa, my company Research and Development Africa Initiative serves great need to create revolutionary ideas in this area. However, regulatory pressures, changing consumer behavior, and negative media coverage forced them to introduce more healthy choices on the menu. A very common example is entering different geographical areas nationally and internationally. The mission statement is the keystone of the business and all strategies and tactics must support the mission.
Prior to the early 1980’s, internet marketing was pretty much limited to listing items and prices on the internet. Better computers and graphics capable software made the internet a viable marketing platform.
His guidance through collaboration and the educational materials he has developed has provided me the ability to better understand and grow my products and business.
This growth strategy requires changes in business operations, including a research and development (R&D) function that is needed to introduce new products to your existing customer base. Your organization may find that the lifespan of its products are longer, but few can ignore the necessity of continuous R&D.

However, customer needs can also be become apparent to people who are in customer-facing roles, as they often are the first to hear about problems or concerns with the product or service. Understanding what a customer's real needs are and how these can be interpreted in product development is essential to success when using this strategy. A company using brand extension hopes to leverage its existing customer base and brand loyalty. This seemed on the surface to be a logical brand extension, but it did not work for Volvo because the public could not be persuaded to buy a sports car from a manufacturer whose principal brand value is safety. These new products usually have strong brand awareness within the market and use this as their main vehicle to gain visibility in this highly competitive market. Its brand extension remained in the snack arena and started with different sizes, such as bite size and king size. If your organization operates internationally then part of your research and development should take account of cultural differences. Using this expertise you would then develop your products in such a way that they match these habits. This new product must convert your competitor's customers rather than simply cannibalizing your own sales. Companies started offering just one type of washing powder; this then progressed to one for whites and another for colors, then to liquid versions, and now to tabs or pouches. One key aspect of this strategy is that you as a manager are likely to have to develop new skills and specializations within your team or department to meet these new requirements.
Many organizations outsource this aspect of product development and simply add their name to the packaging.
It can also mean that we are taking our old products, and making them new again – which requires a new set of knowledge about the new market. You should take your experience to your advantage, and practice building new ideas, hence: being one step ahead. Take this observation to your advantage, and begin asking everyone in your market what they think is missing inside of the industry, and what could you do to help them. For example, by changing pricing, by adding minor features (new and improved!), changing the packaging (shampoo sachets), or highlighting alternative uses. With its launch Apple targeted a very large customer group, very different from its traditional smaller cult-like following. If your mission is to make the world’s highest quality lawnmower and a really great new concept in dishwashers comes to your attention, you must reject this concept as outside your mission statement.
Aided by credit cards and small package delivery options, Internet Marketing Strategies followed the path established by catalog direct marketers to start.
Robert's expert knowledge along with his thorough and calm nature is a breath of very supportive and valuable fresh air.
However, this is a high-risk strategy as success is impossible to predict and if a brand extension is unsuccessful, it can harm the parent brand. The United Kingdom has shown little preference for the new flavors, whereas in Japan flavors such as Wasabi, pumpkin, and toasted soy flour have become very popular. You want to avoid diverting your existing sales to the new product as this will simply maintain revenues rather than increase your market share.
In this commercial, we get to how Cadbury India is pushing for chocolates to be used as small gifts instead of more traditional sweets used during Diwali festival. In my opinion Apple's agreements with music labels gave them their unique positioning rather than the iPod hardware or iTunes. Can you even imagine someone grabbing a pencil and a laser printer to make notes in a class. To do otherwise would cause a diversion of resources and a loss of focus that would take the organization away from it’s mission and both endeavors will fail.
It was a matter of getting as many people as possible to see your offering and then tinkering with the offer to maximize conversions. Common sense would suggest that for brand extension to be successful there should be some logical association between the original product and the new one, but there have been many exceptions to this.
Steve Jobs and his team put a tremendous effort in creating contracts with music labels and artists.
We all recognize things that go together and things that just don’t make sense together. That doesn’t mean that a separate business might not be initiated with a different mission statement in order to capitalize on the new concept.

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