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According to Jack Gordon, CEO of AcuPOLL Research Inc., up to 95% of all new product introductions fail. 4 Products that sell themselves – What you can learn from companies that developed products and services with an eye towards quality and the consumer. The Steve Jobs guide to quality products - How the former head of Apple was able to influence his industry and the world. Identifying and targeting the early adopter – More than just new customers, early adopters are advocates for your business, products and services. 6 Secrets to conducting new product market research – Is the market ready for your product? Supercharge your product launch with a unique value proposition – Determining why your target audience should buy your new product and not your competition’s.
Product distribution channels: getting your launch started on the right foot – How do you get your product to the person who needs it most?
Your 10-part new product launch plan – Lock down these 10 important areas during your launch process. 10 Common product launch mistakes (and how to avoid them) – 10 Crippling areas that you might have overlooked when planning the launch of your new product or service.
7 Products ahead of their time – What can you learn from these 7 products that hit the market before it was ready for them?
A definitive 14-point product launch checklist – Don’t let critical steps in your launch fall through the cracks.
25 Marketing tips for a successful product launch – The 25 most important mediums to use when bringing a product or service to the market. 5 Ways promotional gifts can launch your new product – They’re not just for trade shows. 3 Critical pieces of promotional literature for your new product launch – Your business isn’t really a business, and you’re launch won’t be a hit without these 3 items. Using direct mail for a new product launch – Reach your target audience in one of the most budget friendly and effective ways possible. Press kits grab attention for your product launch – Looking for a great tool to get noticed by the media? 5 Tips to planning your product launch event – Spectacular product launch events don’t just happen, this is what you need to know to make the most of your opportunity.
Propel a product launch with a trade show – How trade shows can be exactly what you need for your product and clientele. 9 Stellar examples of the unintended use of products – 9 Examples of products whose use by consumers changed the way they were marketed and sold. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. The Redpath Waterfront Festival is a one-of-a-kind festival, positioning and promoting Toronto locally, nationally and internationally as a waterfront destination.
According to Cincinnati based research agency AcuPoll, as many as 95% of new products launched each year fail. Traditional advertising is an effective way to communicate your new product or service to your target audience.
With almost 99% of US households owning a television, advertising on TV is among the most effective ways to reach your target audience.
TV advertising that drives a new product introduction will shorten the time it takes for your product to become a hit.
Radio allows you to reach 93% of your local consumers every week, making it the most dominant out-of-home media in the US. In the business-to-business world, there is almost nothing better than getting your message out in your target audience’s trade publication.
By reaching people where they drive, live, work and play, you can deliver your new product in an inescapable way. Before you consider expanding into other areas of online marketing, you need a website or blog that can act as your home base.
A landing page is the first page on your site that a visitor will see, even before they reach your homepage. Pay-per-click marketing services from Google, Yahoo and Bing can boost awareness of your new product launch and put you in front of a very targeted audience.
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can all be used as a great way to inform current customers and contacts about your new product.
Social Media Influencers – Determine the most active social media users in your target market and begin to create a relationship with them.
Without the proper promotional literature in place to support your launch, your business is going to struggle to capitalize on any interest that is shown to your product. Promotional items are an excellent way to advertise your new product, they have many advantages that other marketing ideas can’t compete with. Journalists, bloggers, reporters and news editors all get press releases for new products all the time. Your press kit is a valuable public relations tool that can be handed out in both print and electronic versions. Businesses choose to launch their new products during conferences and association meetings because they give you exposure for your business. By meeting with other business people in the community, you can get in front of those who might otherwise not have been aware of your new product. Launching your new product or service at a seminar is a time efficient way to get it in front of as many clients as possible.
Instead of relying on a large budget, guerrilla marketing uses time, energy and imagination to get attention for your product.

Looking for a new advertising agency or marketing firm to assist us with a new product launch, plus other services. October 28, 2011 by Stephanie Meacham It’s your job to constantly crank out new, creative ideas for event marketing which is not an easy task! Mabel Margaret on 3 Simple Steps to a Stellar Inflatable Displaystephatto on Want Creative Ideas? Mind mapping is used to stimulate and challenge you and your team for brainstorming activities. This will open a New Document window where you will find a large variety of Business templates and Educational templates. See how promotional gifts can be the perfect way to raise awareness and get people talking about your new product. From award shows and galas to festivals and tours, the team at Krista Slack + Aylett live for a great event. This form of advertising is very powerful because it helps your new product gain instant credibility and puts you in the same realm as large companies in the mind of consumers. It reaches targets when they have less to distract them, so the percentage of people who are actively paying attention to your ad is the highest of any mass media. If gearing your new product to a more general market, newspapers are worth considering, due to the fact that they are consumed by nearly all segments of the population.
These publications are really targeted to particular industries and sometimes even segments of an industry. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Impression Study, the cost per impression rate of outdoor advertising is also the lowest in the industry at $0.003, making it a great value. Aside from containing useful information about your company, your site needs to contain information about your new product. A person can reach it by entering a URL or by clicking a link from an e-mail or another website.
Research the most widely read blogs and websites in your target market, and purchase banner advertising there. Placing your product on Amazon, eBay or Google Product Search puts it in front of people who are already inclined to buy. By placing your new product in the hands of those who can influence others by means of a product review, you can expand your reach.
Be familiar with their blogs, audience and content before providing them with any information about your product.
Other forms of marketing and advertising don’t create something that makes people remember your new product, much less motivate them to go out and buy your product.
By placing you in front of journalists and other industry insiders, they’re an opportunity to introduce or reintroduce people to your company.
A seminar allows you to build a case and vision for your product while you’re educating clients about it.
You want to get your launch off on the right foot by exceeding customer expectations, starting with their first impression of the product. Your campaign should be unexpected and interactive in order to generate a positive buzz for your business.
A sampling event is ideal to promote food and beverages, because it allows potential customers to interact with your product.
Preview launches create hype before the product is officially launched to the general public.
Pop-up exhibits are everywhere right now because they are economical and can be used at many different locations and even different events. You will discover some astonishing facts about your brain and its function, and take the first major steps on the path to freedom of the mind. Maybe, businesses don’t reach early adopters soon enough, or their promotional marketing programs don’t support their product introductions. The combination of the visual and audio sparks the viewers’ emotions, helping them to identify with your new product.
People also expect to find ads in their newspapers; they often buy them just to read the ads. They’re usually only of interest to people who are truly, fanatically obsessed with that particular field; these tend to be early adopters who are constantly up-to-date on the latest trends. Feature it on the homepage of your site and create a product specific landing page that features photos, videos, product descriptions and other content you want to share. There are many techniques to attract people to your landing page, including search engine optimization, social media, advertising, email, etc. You can offer a sneak peak of your never-before-seen product, pre-orders, or other exclusive content. Promotional products ensure that your product launch is memorable because they stick around. It lets you target prospects very precisely and gets your marketing campaign moving quickly, sometimes in the span of a few days. By providing journalists with a greater amount of information, there’s a better chance they’ll cover your item.
They’re a natural gathering of your audience ready to listen to your pitch, and are a proven method for finding business and making new connections.
They’re typically held at traditional meeting spaces like conference centers or hotels, and can also work in conjunction with major trade shows or industry conventions.
Group members won’t necessarily be a part of your target audience so you get a different viewpoint. It gives you a solid foundation from which to talk about your new product, while allowing smaller companies to appear larger than they really are.

Pass out promotional products and literature on the new product so that prospects have something they can take home with them.
It can be as simple as sending out a short thank you email or a follow up appointment request. These giant wonders will spice up your next event in a variety of unique ways that are all but guaranteed to get noticed. From small in-store tastings to large private parties, sampling events always need to impress. Invite influencers and stakeholders, and make it easy for them to write, blog, tweet, or post their rave reviews and photos by having impressive inflatable displays and inflatable giveaways. Music, dancing, and visual stimulation are perfect for getting  attention and spreading your message.  Use inflatable costumes to brand your mob, upload the awesome video to your social media sites, and no one will be able to stop watching.
Use inflatables as part of your exhibit’s structure, like an inflatable tent or arch, or use for great visibility, such as an inflatable product replica.
Typically, it’s a traditional event that utilizes technology tactics to incorporate people from different locations such as video streaming, social media, or webinars. For particular industries, it’s the best way to be seen by the important people, but it also means you need to have a stellar set up and an eye-catching booth. We’d love to discuss your event marketing or product launch ideas and how to kick it up a notch  with custom inflatables. Helping large and small businesses find affordable and clever uses for their inflatables is one of her passions. Packed with successful strategies, plans, tactics and information, it’s a great way to get your launch started on the path to the list of products that succeed.
Today, consumers get information from multiple sources; this requires multiple marketing channels to ensure the success of your launch. You’re reaching a large segment of your audience at a point when they’re highly engaged in what you have to say. But remember, the most important objective of your landing page is to convert visitors in line with your goals.
Send messages on a regular schedule to keep your product or service in the minds of your contacts. Or even worse, they may remember that they were very interested, but didn’t have a chance to investigate further. Even if you can’t find something that relates directly, you could always create a miniature replica of your product and attach it to key chains, pens, or other items.
Sales letters, self-mailers, statement stuffers, postcards and CD mailers all give you different avenues through which to target prospects depending on your product or budget.
There can be a lot of work involved in the planning of your trade show product launch, but they’re an excellent way to create anticipation and build excitement for your new product. Invite journalists as well as your target clients and make sure you set goals for the seminar.
Have someone dress up as your new product and mingle through the crowd passing out promotional items.
Check out our handy table to easily see which inflatables we recommend for the hottest product launch events right now. Some ideas: use an inflatable costume to hand out coupons or freebies or a 20-foot replica for photo ops.
Custom inflatables work perfectly to be seen in person, but also through different digital mediums because they are giant, colorful, and can have your logos all over them.
There are many options to incorporate inflatables depending on the size of your booth and the effect you want.
Because inflatables offer the complete package (a marketing "holy grail" if you will), they have been repeatedly proven to achieving exceptional results for those who use them. Second, magazine readers tend to be part of a better educated audience, making them more open to new ideas or products.
If your landing page is a product page and your goal is to get a user to order, your landing page is a success when they add the product to their cart. You need to continue to manage and communicate with your followers in order to build relationships. The cost per impression rate of promotional products is extremely low, at an average of $0.004, according to a ASI Impression Study. Your promotional item raises awareness for your new product and build anticipation for its launch. This gives staff time to network with potential clients, and shows how professional you can be. This helps you remember the names of people you might have forgotten, and the tags left over tell you who didn’t show.
They already target a very specific market, making it easy to line your market up with theirs. On the other hand, the majority of attendees probably don’t know you or your business, so you can get unfiltered responses to how your product is really perceived. This not only increases the strength of the group, but it promotes an exclusive audience for your new product with little to no competition. If your customer hasn’t seen any advertising about the product, this could be your only opportunity to connect with them.

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