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Matt Lauer said that the launch of Windows 7 was the most important launch Microsoft had done in ten years. But really, couldn’t Microsoft’s herd of press folks have come up with a catchier title? While writing the next book, I’ve been in speech analysis-mode, and have considered including an analysis on this speech as an example of what not to do… but I love PowerPoint too much to do that.
Below I’ve color-coded various sections of the speech, and included a poll so you can chime in at the end.
My first observation was that he refers to his audience as users, PCs, developers, and beta-testers. So today I get to say not only that I’m Steve Ballmer and I’m a PC, but I’m Steve Ballmer, and I’m a Windows 7 PC effective immediately.
What’s special about Windows 7 and the way it came together and why I think we have a little extra special secret sauce somehow in the making of Windows 7.
One of the favorite things that the development team did during the course of building Windows 7 is create this thing in one of the R&D buildings that they called The Wishing Wall. I talked about simplicity but I want to give you a little bit broader characterization of Windows 7 overall. Just for fun I decided to plug just the text of his speech into Wordle to see what would distill up to the top visually. Across the planet from Australia to Iceland (by east) – leaves Asia, Africa and Europe out. As a biased Mac-Maniac, I am thrilled with this bloated, apologetic, self-aggrandizing speech.
I think analysis of a presenter’s words can often distort the purpose and message of the presenter. If Steve Ballmer were to have his words scripted and polished up, he would begin to sound more like a politician than a CEO of one of the world’s largest software companies, and his natural flair, charisma and passion may well be lost to us all. Duarte creates presentations and offers training based on our unique VisualStory™ methodology, which applies storytelling and visual thinking to craft persuasive communications designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. That was Steve Jobs’ build-up to his Macworld keynote, where he would go on to introduce the iPhone.
Jobs continued, talking about how flawed, and difficult to use, smartphones were back then. Since then, the iPhone has, no hyperbole intended, revolutionized the way modern mobile devices look and function. The iPhone introductory keynote is considered not just Jobs’ best performance, but also, one of the best product launches ever. Of course, with Steve’s great presentation skills, Apple also had an amazing product.
This was Palm’s then CEO Ed Colligan, talking to the NYT in 2006, before the iPhone was unveiled, and when the hype about the Apple-phone was at its peak.
The leaders in the smartphone space right now, Google and Apple, weren’t even in this business five years ago. Interesting tidbit: During the keynote, when Steve Jobs made the first public phone call with an iPhone to Jonny Ive, he was using the Motorola Razr (as was Phil Schiller).
What a pity he is gone… Each of his product gave back life to other manufacturers in a form of challenge. If 5 years before the thinnest phone was the original iPhone with 11.6mm deep, I wonder how thin will the iPhone be in the next 5 years if right now its 9.4 mm deep?????? DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. ConceptDraw PROJECT’s powerful reporting engine lets you generate a set of tabular reports with just one click, or visualize your project as Radial Tasks Structures, Work Breakdown Structures and Resource Calendars.

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Please don’t let this speech discredit the folks at Vital Speeches, it’s a great publication. It’s available on new PCs, the upgrade is available, and it’s just out there for all to start, hopefully, to appreciate and enjoy as much as our 8 million beta testers have done. And it really came about from an intense collaboration between our own engineering organization and our partners, a group of about 50,000 partners, software vendors, hardware vendors, peripheral vendors, and our customers. It shows just how important perception is, and how there can be a vast difference between how speeches are written and how they are presented.
Jobs does not utter one word that is not thought out and not consistent with how they want to market their product. Steve Jobs refers to the iPad as magical, then spends 15 mins in a chair surfing the web at a keynote (“you can surf the web — extraordinary), and you think Ballmer is self-aggrandizing? Steve Ballmer has a very unique, almost tongue in cheek way of presenting, that whilst not being particularly polished, is certainly effective, believable and entertaining.
Palm, on the verge of bankruptcy, sold to HP, which subsequently dumped Palm’s main product WebOS in the open-source territory. Pretty crazy to me how you look back now and all of this technology was brand new, revolutionary. I never liked using the Mac Computers at work, as they were different to PC’s that I had gotten used to. It summarizes the tasks in your project and presents them graphically so you can easily view your progress. Things that they called technical feedback, emotional feedback, to try to really bring alive in the physical world all of that information that we were getting back in the virtual world to help us tune the product.
You want to manage the windows on your desktop, you want to find the documents you most frequently use. We’ll show you new approaches today to use Windows 7 PCs to power scenarios that are entertaining, that run on your television set. And so what I’d like to do now is to invite up on stage Brad Brooks, Vice President from our Windows Marketing Group, and Brad is going to give you a fairly extensive walk-through of the product that is Windows 7 and some of the new Windows 7 PCs.
The bigger problem that Microsoft has is that instead of positioning themselves as innovators, they’ve positioned themselves via their products and their behavior, as chasing the innovators. Microsoft, once a leader in the smartphone space, had to start from scratch with Windows Phone. Nokia abandoned its in-house Symbian OS in favor of Windows Phone. Now the iphone isn’t even good enough for most, because they want the iphone 5, and their phones to talk to them, to do everything voice activated. Looking back I would never had thought I would ever own four Apple devices, which are all capable of doing the same thing, with there own little differences. It allows to schedule a voluntary number of projects in a single Workspace document and lets easily share tasks and resources among them. Gantt chart's function is to show project tasks completion in a progress, and to make a project manager sure that project tasks were completed on time.

He made it sound like they’re all building a camel instead of a visionary or revolutionary product. And I’ll tell you, there’s not much that gets me more fired up than the chance to start selling, delivering, and letting customers enjoy Windows 7. We were trying to make the everyday usage of the PC better in the ways our customers wanted: Simpler, faster, more responsive.
Whether it’s all of the data that we get back from customers about how they’re using Windows and what they’d like to see different and improved, whether it’s the feedback we got from the 8 million beta test customers, all of that came together in a very unique blend. And to all of our customers who participated in giving us that input and feedback, I really want to have a chance to thank the beta test customers, and I want to thank all of our Windows users as we’ve gone over the last several years and literally hundreds of millions of new people have bought new PCs with Windows Vista and Windows XP. And so we continue to move down this path of allowing the intelligence and information that you expect to be across all of the devices in your world, at home and at work, giving you the information, the entertainment, and the socialization, in addition to the productivity that you would expect. It seems to me it would be delusional to present it any other way without the benefit of a Reality Distortion Field™.
It just shows you how much we actually just take for granted, Steve Jobs was a remarkable man, and do not think there will ever be another innovator of his caliber. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. And so for the billion people who use Windows, for the perhaps as many as 300 million people who may buy a PC during the course of the next 12 months, we want to give a chance for people to have a better and better experience and at the same time, enable a world of new opportunities, new applications to do new things that you’re going to have a chance to see and witness as you’re here with us today. 3,000 world-class engineers at Microsoft, 50,000 partners with umpity-ump engineers there, and then the 8 million customers.
They’ve given us a lot of feedback that has allowed us to build a product that I think takes things really to a very, very new level. We’ll have a chance to show you some of how this comes together in just a minute as Brad Brooks starts his demo. I think this speech could be turned into a great object lesson for college (or high school) speech class. 3, let’s enable a world of new things, new possibilities for software developers and hardware developers and for end users.
We needed to make those things work — simpler, faster, more responsive, leaner, less busy.
So you get a technology like multi-touch, which enables people to build new computers and new software. You had people stretching, if you will, from grandparents to gamers, people stretching from Australia to Iceland. You get literally, I would say, from an end user perspective, dozens or hundreds of new features. Across the planet, feedback coming in from people in all walks of life really helping us think about and improve and make Windows 7 and Windows 7 PCs what our customers, I think, will really, really want. And our experience throughout the beta test program is that everybody finds their own unique set of features to fall in love with. Media lovers like my three teenage sons—well, one of them is a little younger than that—my three sons, they really love the home group features.
And everybody finds, from an end user perspective, the things that delight them and we’ve enabled a whole new world of possibilities for the hardware and software community. Windows needs to be an incredible opportunity for innovation for hardware companies, software companies, and it needs to be a place that is simple and easy to use and opens up the world of diverse innovation for the end user in a way that is manageable and consumable by billions of people around the world. Windows 7 takes us a step closer to the vision that we articulate that focuses in around three different screen sizes—PC, phone, and TV—all connected and communicating across the cloud, the Internet backbone.

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