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In order to focus their energies on treating patients, doctors hire medical assistants to complete supporting tasks that keep an office running. Although the requirements for medical assistants vary from state to state, a larger number of employers are asking that medical assistants have a post-secondary certificate.
Medical assistants generally need to be familiar with electronic health records (EHR) software and have knowledge of patient privacy regulations, such as HIPAA.
Along with your coursework and certification, becoming a medical assistant also requires an attention to detail for accurately recording patient information, good interpersonal skills for working with patients and other healthcare professionals, and strong technical skills for taking blood pressure and assessing the patient’s heart rate.
Medical assistants can be found not only in doctor’s offices, but also clinics and hospitals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth for medical assistants should be much faster than average in the coming decade, at an anticipated rate of 31%. With the growing baby-boomer population and the increasing demand for preventative medical services, medical assistants will typically find their skills in high demand. Becoming a Veterinary Technician or Assistant: More Than Just Puppy Love It was many thousands of years ago when humans first discovered ways to domesticate animals.
Working As An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) You’ve pulled over and let ambulances, with their lights flashing, pass you by. The Boston University Metropolitan College Master of Science in International Marketing Management consists of eight required online courses including two required concentration courses.
The course examines the concepts and applied techniques for cost effective management of both long-term development programs and projects. Provides a detailed examination of how businesses can successfully use Internet and Web technology. This course considers macroeconomic factors of relevance to the firm: aggregate economic activity, cyclical movements, and fiscal and monetary policies. Addresses the specifics of new product and service development and fostering innovation and technology to increase performance.
Students are introduced to the latest requirements, techniques, procedures, and practices for successfully 'Doing Business in North America'. Through the use of an international business simulation, students develop the ability to manage in the shifting international environment by integrating finance, strategy, and marketing skills to expand their company globally.
Plus two additional Administrative Sciences level courses, with the advice of the Administrative Sciences Department coordinator.
Prereq: MET AD 630, MET AD 731 This course covers the nature and analysis of fixed income securities and an in-depth examination of some of the particular features of some major classes of fixed income instruments, valuation, sensitivity to risks, and management of fixed income portfolios. The following courses offered by other Metropolitan College departments are allowed with advisor approval. This course is designed to help students understand and apply the nature of computer crime in the criminal justice field.
This course will include a general introduction to the overt as well as underlying ideology, history, reasons and causes of terrorism. This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the principles, processes, and practices of agile software development. This course enables IT professional leaders to identify emerging security risks and implement highly secure networks to support organizational goals. The Web Analytics and Mining course covers the areas of web analytics, text mining, web mining, and practical application domains. More than just science fiction fanatics are gravitating toward the brassy appeal of steampunk design, which features the excessive ornamentation that was prominent during the Victorian era, combined with the period's fascination with future innovations. Steampunk Jewelry: Steampunk jewelry combines fine craftsmanship with the elegant style of the Victorian era. Steampunk Fashion: Readers of Steampunk Fashion are encouraged to interact with one another and exchange views on whether or not their own creations pass muster. Steampunk Costume: Steampunk costumes, fashion and art are among the focuses of Steampunk Costume. Depending on where the medical assistant works, they may perform a range of clinical and clerical duties. Vocational schools and community colleges typically have medical assistant programs, which usually take approximately one year to complete. While certification is not usually required by the state, most employers prefer certified medical assistants.
They typically work full-time hours in office environments, but some may work on the evenings and weekends or even overnight.
Join this dynamic healthcare profession by exploring campus and online medical assistant programs today.

Project management principles and methodology are provided with special focus on planning, controlling, and coordinating individual and group efforts. The course reviews the problems of decision-making relating to demand, production, costs, market structure, and price, and provides an analysis of the interplay between governments, economic systems, labor, and multinational corporations (MNCs). Includes goal setting and the planning process, rational models of decision making, evaluation of alternatives, prediction of outcomes, cost-benefit analysis, decision trees, uncertainty and risk assessment, and procedures for evaluation of outcomes. Students are exposed to the development of tourism and regional development plan, the basis for segmentation and target markets.
Emphasis is placed on managing in the most competitive business environment in the world; preparing, implementing, and maintaining sustainable international business transactions and operations.
By selling, exporting, or manufacturing in up to fourteen countries the simulation is intended to provide the student with a "real life" approach to international expansion, environmental stability, inflation and currency issues, financial operations as well as international sales and manufacturing issues. Several theories (both micro-level and macro-level) will be presented and will be analyzed in depth and applied to computer crime cases both past and present. Students learn techniques for initiating, planning and executing on software development projects using agile methodologies. Discussion of methodologies for identifying, quantifying, mitigating and controlling risks. The web analytics part of the course studies the metrics of web sites, their content, user behavior, and reporting.
Partnerships and people much the same are searching for the shortest track to fulfill the necessities to sit for the CPA exam. Also highlighted are numerous odd items that steampunk designers have crafted, including a chandelier made out of recycled bicycle parts, leather floor mats composed of leather belts and a mechanical iris peephole. This blog displays the work of a gifted steampunk jewelry designer, including necklaces, rings, earrings and cufflinks. The purpose of the blog is to examine the work of leaders in steampunk design, and provide tips and ideas to readers who aspire to make their own costumes.
Readers become familiar with ambitious projects undertaken and completed by talented designers. His blog documents his work, featuring photos and brief descriptions accompanying each project. Even if you aren't a devoted steampunk designer, this blog will certainly capture your imagination. Included among the multitude of photos are a steampunk mobile phone, fighter pilot mask, USB flash drive, Gameboy and home PC cockpit. Typically, medical assistants take part in patient examinations and may ask the patient general questions about their health.
Many colleges offer flexible course scheduling on the evenings or weekends, and online medical assistant programs are also available for those who would like to avoid the campus commute.
There are many certifying agencies available, including the Medical Association of Medical Assistants. Medical assistants can choose to specialize as clinical, ophthalmic or podiatric medical assistants. Key topics of focus include overview of modern project management, organization strategy and project selection, defining a project and developing a project plan and scheduling resources, project risk analysis, work breakdown structures, and project networks. Topics include comparison of e-commerce procedures, payment mechanisms, applications in different industry sectors, security, the challenges of starting and maintaining an electronic business site, as well as a comparison with traditional business practices. We begin with a description of driving forces and starting conditions for being a competitive and sustainable business enterprise including the role of the market integration in the NAFTA region.
The objective of the course is to offer an overview of the factors affecting global business operations in a stimulating learning environment that is enjoyable and challenging.
Students will see how major theories have been re-developed to be applied to computer crime, and by using these theories, students will both develop and explore different strategies for future law enforcement. Students will obtain practical knowledge of agile development frameworks and be able to distinguish between agile and traditional project management methodologies. Students implement a comprehensive IT risk management plans (RMP) that identify alternate sites for processing mission-critical applications, and techniques to recover infrastructure, systems, networks, data and user access. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on House Design Ideas Interior Design Programs In Ontario Home Accessories Course Online House Decor Ideas Free Program Deck Design Software Best Interior Schools Interior 3d Free Interior Programs Home RemodelingJoin the discussion on this House Design Ideas Interior Design Programs In Ontario Home Accessories Course Online House Decor Ideas Free Program Deck Design Software Best Interior Schools Interior 3d Free Interior Programs Home Remodeling using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Recent posts highlight a steampunk ironman costume and the scandal surrounding it, and head-turning steampunk bicycles. Those who are especially curious can explore the Technical Resource Links provided under the Main Menu.
Although the blog isn't entirely devoted to steampunk, it provides a look at some of the most eye-catching steampunk-influenced creations on the internet.

They also schedule appointments for patients and are responsible for maintaining patient records. A clinical medical assistant, depending on the state where they live, might be allowed to draw blood, remove stitches or prepare patients for x-rays.
MS Project will be introduced in this course to provide hands-on practical skills with the above topics.
This course additionally investigates the relationship between the interaction of national culture and development. Included is consideration of corporate market entry strategies such as import and export agreements and transactions, contractual agreements, strategic alliances, and direct foreign investments. Students will be presented with common types of fraudulent schemes, as well as several laws that have been enacted and developed specifically for computer crime.
Students will learn how to apply agile tools and techniques in the software development lifecycle from project ideation to deployment, including establishing an agile team environment, roles and responsibilities, communication and reporting methods, and embracing change. The text mining module covers the analysis of text including content extraction, string matching, clustering, classification, and recommendation systems.
Exploring campus and online medical assistant programs can help you join this fast growing profession.
Ophthalmic medical assistants may assist an ophthalmologist during surgery or instruct patients in proper use of contact lenses, and a podiatric medical assistant might make casts, take x-rays or assist during foot surgery.
Medical assistants can advance by becoming medical office managers or pursing further education in the healthcare field. Mastery of key tools and concepts introduced in this course provides a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Topics range from developing nations' rain forest and species management to pollution generated by developed nations.
Factors of risk management, business continuity management, and performance management (on project and corporate levels) are considered. In addition, causes, victimization, legal issues, control strategies, and societal costs regarding the "computer-crime" problem will be explored and evaluated.
We also leverage the guidelines outlined by the Project Management Institute for agile project development as a framework in this course. The web mining module studies how web crawlers process and index the content of web sites, how search works, and how results are ranked.
Culture, policy, and development are also discussed in relation to the impact of the business interactions (agriculture, fishing, technology transfer, etc.) among developing and developed nations. Regional policies, international trade development, opportunities in international trade development, and forward- looking challenges are examined. Application areas mining the social web and game metrics will be extensively investigated. All participants attend live online lectures, partake in discussion boards and complete a group term project involving business simulation.
The project is developed in stages (decision rounds) throughout the term and teams compete during each stage. Prerequisites: MET CS 544, or MET CS 555 or equivalent knowledge, or instructor's consent. This field of specialization sometimes works exclusively with seriously ill newborns in neonatal intensive care units. Great and positive attitude to work in a team is important for this position, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills for working closely with parents, doctors and other nurses.There are different areas of specialization for nurse practitioners and one of this is the Nurse Practitioner of Pediatric Nursing and like any other specializations it takes time to get a specialization. With the online pediatric nurse practitioner programs you can obtain your degree and pursue your dream career.Another online career opportunity is the LPN to RN programs which is a transition program for qualified LPN’s who aspires to become RN’s in a minimum time and the least repeat of course content and credits. After passing the graduates program they will be eligible to become RN’s after they pass the mandatory exam.So for everyone who likes to pursue their dreams for an Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs.
The opportunity to practice clinical decision-making skills and improve technical competencies is here. There is a full- time curriculum plan which lasts eighteen months and the part-time plan which will take two and one half years to complete.

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