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Miami, FL  (Restaurant News Release)  BURGER KING® Restaurants are kicking off the New Year with a new way to save.
The Bacon Cheeseburger is made with a BURGER KING® signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with smoked bacon and a layer of melted American cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Beginning today, the fast food chain will start selling 10-piece nuggets for $1.49, or about 15 cents each, the company said in a news release. A Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and a drink now totals about $7.50 at some Chicago locations, Bloomberg reports. The chain is testing technology that lets customers building their own burgers by choosing a bun, toppings, cheese, and more from a touchscreen.
McDonald’s is planning to roll out the new system in 2,000 restaurants by the end of this year, according to The Economist. Earlier this year, Burger King launched its biggest-ever menu expansion including fruit smoothies, snack wraps and new salads.A The items were intended to go after a broader audience of moms and families, a shift from the chain's previous strategy of courting young men with calorie bombs. Core menu items, such as French fries and the Whopper, have also been tweaked as part of the company's efforts to improve food quality.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The snack is an iteration of Burger King's popular chicken fries, which the company introduced as a permanent menu item last year. Chicken fries rings are available nationwide starting Monday for $2.89 for a six-piece order.
The company also announced Monday that it's bringing back its $1.49 10-piece nuggets promotion.

Burger King's chicken fries a€” or chicken nuggets in the shape of a french fry a€” have been wildly popular, according to the company.
Restaurant Brands International, the owner of Burger King, saw its profit soar in the third quarter last year and it attributed the growth in part to the chicken fries. The company said it decided to bring back the fries last year after seeing petitions, tweets, and Facebook pages begging for their return. As part of its turnaround plan, the fast-food chain is realigning around what it calls a "value platform," which essentially means the company is planning to offer more promotions. The promotion, which starts January 4, returns sandwiches to the $1 price point of the Dollar Menu. McDonald's reformulated the Dollar Menu two years ago by axing the $1 price ceiling and turning it into the "Dollar Menu and More" with items that cost up to $5. Around the same time, Burger King and Wendy's started offering more promotions, and both chains saw a corresponding uptick in sales.
Now McDonald's is back in the game in a big way, and Burger King and Wendy's will be pressured to offer more deals to compete. Wendy's, meanwhile, is offering a "4 for $4" meal that includes a junior bacon cheeseburger, four chicken nuggets, small fries, and a drink a€” all priced at $4. The rush of promotions indicates that despite lower gas prices and signs of an improving economy, customers are still demanding deep discounts from fast-food chains. At the end of the day, the winner of the battle between the three biggest fast-food burger chains will be the customers. Foursquare partnered up with Visa and MasterCard to give users more discounts when they shop.

Deutsch LAA hired Pam Scheider, the former head of production and operations at Google Creative Labs, as its new director of digital production. Mobile advertiser AmobeeA launched an exclusive partnership with four leading operators, including: Globe, Optus, SingTel, and Telkomsel. The burger is served with bite-sized crispy, juicy Chicken Nuggets, piping hot, thick cut salted French Fries and a drink, and then finished off with a warm chocolate chip cookie for a satisfying meal at an unbeatable value.
The world's second biggest hamburger chain is also launching several pork, beef and chicken sandwiches as limited time offers to go with the bacon sundae.The items are Burger King's latest push to win back customers with a revived menu and reverse sliding market share, an effort that started soon after the company was taken private by the private equity firm 3G Capital in late 2010. The company has struggled to engage advertisers at scale and monetize its check-in service. The makeovers by the hamburger giants come at a time when the traditional fast-food chains are seeing more competition from smaller players such as Five Guys Burgers and Smashburger that offer higher-quality food, and more health-conscious alternatives such as Subway.Burger King isn't the only fast-food chain that's trying to draw attention with unusual offerings. The new move is similar to what Foursquare did when it partnered with American Express two years ago. Taco Bell earlier this year introduced its tacos with Doritos shells and a a€?nacho burritoa€™ that includes corn chips.And bacon desserts are hardly anything new. But while the company didn't make any money off of the AmEx deal, it will get a fee for every redeemed offer. Many non-chain restaurants across the country offer some combination of ice cream and the salty, fatty meat, from milkshakes to sundaes and everything in between.

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