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Now, when you have got the dream job, prove yourself worthy of it rather make your employer realise that you have the capacity to handle more responsibilities. Sometimes, it requires more than just performance and skills so prove yourself a good employee. If you feel that there is a need of a new position then do not hesitate in sharing with your boss.
This is the time for sales and promotions around the world, from the madness of Black Friday to the January Sales that promise to give us so much more for so much less. In reading through the (limited) literature on the psychology of pricing and the impact of pricing on brands, I have found (at least) ten good reasons why promotions and sales are bad for brands and business.
However well you promote your offer, many shoppers may be unaware of it, even if they buy the brand. Sales and promotions have dubious ROI (return on investment) as often the hidden costs are higher than any benefit from the promotion (see the next point), and benefits only accrue from a very small proportion of the buyers. There are many hidden costs, and particularly the loss of profit margin from sales that would have happened anyway.

When you discount your price, the incremental sales needed to recover lost revenues are disproportionate to the discount offered. Shoppers don’t often know what they pay for products (in some studies more than 50% of shoppers were unable to say the usual price of a purchased product with reasonable accuracy, and the percentage was worse for infrequently purchased categories). Promotions just move sales forward, but do not increase total sales volumes, giving manufacturers a short-term lift but making sales and revenues more volatile and less profitable.
All of these arguments make it clear that promotions and sales do more harm than good to long-term brand building, and favour the retailer above the manufacturer. Convince them that this is for the betterment of company and you are the best man for the job. Research shows that only around half of shoppers actually know that items they buy are on promotion to sale meaning that the promotion had no impact on their behaviour (for example, at least 40% of buyers would have bought the item anyway, promotion or no promotion). In one study of 3,000 promotions cited by Sorensen (see below) only on-third of sales were truly extra sales, and two-thirds of sales came from the loss of margin from those who would have bought the brand anyway. For example, consider a brand sold at $1 with 25% profit – if a promotion offers a price of 90 cents (10% discount), this leads to a 40% loss in profit requiring a 67% increase in sales to cover the costs.

The evidence is clear and loud – if you want to build a brand, build based on the value of the brand not the price of the product. Well, then you should change your strategy as elevating the status on your job requires more than just talent and performance. Though, it is difficult to be in the good books of your supervisors but you can get the best by just following a few simple directions. Let the right person know if you want a particular job but do not give the impression that you are fed up with your current position.
While applying for job, make sure that your potential employer is offering you what you deserve.
Be the centre of attraction but it does not mean that you should make yourself an attention seeker rather earn all the respect.

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